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Vitamin C needs to be recognised both for prevention and treatment for COVID by all governments, health authorities, media and the public.

by VITAMIN C 4 COVID in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 19th January 2021 we'd raised £9,294 with 125 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We stand for public health and healthcare policy to be based on science with the aim of saving lives. We are calling for:

  • The government and its public health and nutrition agencies to thoroughly assess the evidence and fund studies of this inexpensive and safe nutrient.
  • The government, NHS, health care and medical associations to recommend to all citizens to supplement vitamin C during this viral epidemic, based on the available evidence.
  • 'Vitamin C for COVID-19 or corona' no longer being classified as false information in both digital, broadcast and print media.
  • GPs, doctors and nutrition practitioners to be allowed and actively encouraged to recommend vitamin C supplementation for anyone with cold symptoms or coronavirus infection to reduce duration and severity of symptoms as an allowable health claim.
  • All COVID-19 patients to be tested for vitamin C status and treated accordingly.
  • Vitamin C to be given to all COVID-19 patients as early as possible on hospital admission.
  • Intravenous vitamin C to be trialled as a standard adjunctive treatment for all critical COVID-19 patients in Intensive Care Units.

By supporting this campaign, you will allow us to:

  • Publish and circulate review papers supporting the use of vitamin C for COVID-19. With randomised controlled trial (RCT) evidence that vitamin C reduces hospital stay, ventilation time and mortality as well as shortening duration and severity of viral infections in the early stage.
  • Build and maintain an educational website to spread this life saving message internationally collecting sign ups from doctors, health experts and scientists. 
  • Maintain an outreach team to get the message in print, broadcast and digital media and raise global awareness around the importance of vitamin C in COVID-19 and all viral infections with the goal of changing policy in public health and teaching people how to support their own immunity.

An overview of the evidence...

Our first paper highlights the results of an RCT in critically ill COVID-19 patients showing 68% less mortality with vitamin C vs placebo. There are 45 registered trials on vitamin C and COVID. There is also evidence that overt vitamin C deficiency, as seen in scurvy, is remarkably common, estimated to occur in 4% of all over 65 and possibly in up to 40% of those in care homes. There is also evidence that all significant risk factors - age, sex, race, co-morbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure – share one common attribute namely low plasma vitamin C. This low plasma vitamin C not only predicts severity of COVID-19 but also mortality in Intensive Care Units where the majority of patients being tested have low vitamin C if not overt deficiency. Many have undetectable levels as seen in scurvy. Those ICUs now using vitamin C appropriately are effectively reporting no deaths except in those over 85 with end-stage disease.

(In case you wonder, we love vitamin D, zinc, good diet etc too but this is a very specific ‘arrow’ with hundreds of supporting studies, impeccable rationale and 45 ongoing clinical trials. Launched properly, with your support, this is an arrow that will be hard to stop reaching its target. A big success for vitamin C has the potential to change the whole paradigm for natural medicine.)

Twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling put the C in colds in the 1970's. We believe it our responsibility to put the C in COVID.

Vit C deficiency driving COVID care home deaths?

A new study, VitaC4Care, will test how much vitamin C is needed to achieve normal levels in care home residents. 

One of the most vulnerable groups susceptible to COVID-19 is older people. In the UK, almost half (47%) of all COVID-19 deaths in the first wave were in care homes. In the US the Covid Tracking Project estimates a third (34%) of deaths were in care homes. 

Read more about it here:

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