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We are the UK's oldest independent advocacy charity, empowering vulnerable individuals to express their needs, understand their rights, advocate for their interests, and access appropriate services at a time when they are most vulnerable. This December we celebrate 35 years of service. Our services are in high demand due to the lasting effects of the pandemic and increasing cost of living pressures. This has resulted in a surge of mental health referrals. We are also seeing a huge rise in cases surrounding physical health impacted by long waiting lists for medical procedures, resulting in prolonged pain and stress. As we celebrate our 35th Anniversary, we recognise that we can only continue this incredible service with your help. Please support us to ensure people have a voice and that they are at the heart of the decisions that impact them.

1713782947_5d.pngVITAL's vision of the is to have a society free from judgement, isolation and discrimination.

A huge number of vulnerable people are not legally entitled to advocacy. This means that unless individuals are being detained in hospital, they can struggle to get advocacy support.

VITAL works within the local community with an average of 200 service users per month. However, through the ripple effect of these interventions, we estimate that we are able to reach four times this number by improving clarity of communication with health/social care professionals, families, friends and the wider community.

For many this service is a lifeline at a time when they feel so isolated and alone.





Carol Greenwood
21st May 2024 at 9:58am

Donations from our event in Broadway. Very much appreciated

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