Vital funds to continue running Heritage Trams.

by Heritage Tram Tours in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

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Heritage Trams have been part of Blackpool's history since 1885. We need funds so we can continue to run and maintain our historic trams.

by Heritage Tram Tours in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th July 2021 we'd raised £11,105 with 273 supporters in 55 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The story

The Heritage Tram Depot is important to Blackpool, not just because our vintage tram operation and restoration takes place here, but because it is an important piece of national transport history in its own right. This is the last working first-generation tram depot in the UK and one of only three working historic tram depots in the world built for double-deck trams.

In 2012, Blackpool's famous tramway was upgraded to accommodate modern light-rail trams. Since then, a Heritage Team, largely led by a team of over 60 volunteers have continued to operate a fleet of around 20 vintage trams for residents and visitors alike to enjoy year round. 

The challenge

There are plans in the near future to regenerate Rigby Road bus depot to repurpose it for modern bus technology. This creates a pressing need to move some of the heritage engineering facilities very quickly into one facility and in the medium term, all of the other heritage engineering facilities must follow. We cannot do anything meaningful towards these looming deadlines until there is at least a roof that does not let in torrents of water and we have regenerated the building to give it better structural integrity and eventually a new set of doors to keep the worst ravages of the winter weather out!

Right now, putting a new roof on is key to halting the progressive deterioration of the structure and providing us with a starting point for the gradual restoration of the building. This is our single biggest expense in a series of works that will enable us to establish an all-new visitor attraction for Blackpool within a building that has provided a home for the nation's historic tram fleet for 86 years. 

We have to do it now because the tram-shed roof isn’t going to wait much longer! If we are to continue to supply the town with one of its most high profile heritage attractions, which includes the iconic and high profile illuminated feature trams for the annual Illuminations displays, we have to act fast or we will gradually lose our ability to maintain and operate the fleet, which would be unthinkable.

Our Big Ask

We are looking for a million pounds to replace this roof! Therefore, we’re seeking a million people around the world who will all donate a pound.

Can you help us to raise a million and raise a new roof! If you haven’t a pound to spare, please share this message with your friends, maybe they can help. 

What if we don't reach our target?

Well, come rain or shine we must find a way to replace our degrading roof. However, £10,000 would allow us to replace all of the guttering and provide a short term solution to the ongoing damage being caused by inadequate and damaged guttering. Thereafter, every £100,000 we manage to raise will contribute to a portion of the roof itself. It is made up of 5 apexes, and replacing even half of each one of these at a time will slowly go some way to preventing further degradation of the building.

Should we fail to reach our target, donations will be spent in contribution to repairing the roof or other much needed improvements to secure the future of the building and our Heritage Tram operation.

The bottom line however is that we just do not have time to waste! We need to act now! Any help whether that's monetary or by simply sharing the word is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


This project offered rewards

£150 or more

First to ride a Heritage Tram to Blackpool North

Be one of the first to ever ride on a Heritage Tram to Blackpool North Train Station. The extension of Blackpool's Tramway to Blackpool North Station will be complete by 2022. This reward will secure a seat on the first EVER Heritage Tram to operate to the train station.

£10 or more

Prize draw to win an Illuminations Tour Ticket

Gain entry in to a prize draw to win an Illuminations Tour Family Ticket. Draw will be made on 31st July 2021. 5 winners will be chosen.

£50 or more

Heritage Tram Tour Family Experience

Receive a Family Pass to use on any of our Heritage Tram Tours throughout the year.

£50 or more

Thank You Certificate

Donators will receive a unique certificate of thanks for contributing to the restoration of our tram building.

£250 or more

"Be Part of the Buildng"

Have your name inscription on a special decorative structure which will be placed inside the new Heritage visitor centre in future years.

£500 or more

Exclusive behind the scenes tour

Receive an exclusive behind the scenes tour of both our Rigby Road and Starr Gate tram depots. This tour will take you on an all access tour of areas not typically available to the public, guided by a member of our Heritage Team to answer any of your questions.

£1,000 or more

Exclusive Hire of a Vintage Tram

Get your own personal access to one of our Vintage Trams for up to 3 hours. You'll be able to travel along Blackpool's famous coastline in VIP style with up to 20 friends or family.

£3,000 or more

Vintage Tram Driving Experience

Get behind the wheels of a Vintage Tram and experience what it's like to drive one! You'll receive a full-day driving experience with a member of our Heritage Team. Eligibility criteria applies: you must hold a current and valid full UK driving licence, be no older than 70, meet the car driving eyesight standard and be physically fit. A medical declaration must be signed by participants and there will be a simple eyesight check on the day.

£20 or more

An exclusive Heritage Tram pin badge

Receive an exclusive, limited edition pin badge of one of our Heritage Trams.

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