Virtual Doorstep OneCan Food Bank Challengue

by Natasha Somers in Marlow, England, United Kingdom

Virtual Doorstep OneCan Food Bank Challengue

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To raise money from the safety of our homes to feed the growing amount of people going hungry in our local area.

by Natasha Somers in Marlow, England, United Kingdom

It is Easter and whilst many of us arrange our video calls with family over a nice lunch and tuck into those yummy Easter eggs, families in our community are in need of our help. The amazing OneCan trust in Wycombe put a call out on the 9th of April, their demand has doubled! yes doubled, that is so sad and shocking, but I know we can help. If you would like to know more about the OneCan trust, check out their website

So with the heartwarming community spirit already seen in Marlow and the surrounding communities,  the virtual doorstep challenge is to reach out beyond our own doorstep and and pop something on some else's in need. How much can we raise?

So what can we do?

We need to raise money in order to get One Can what it needs. It needs tinned food, fresh produce and bags to deliver food in. That is what any money raised will do. The raised funds will either enabled the purchase and delivery of food to One Can or the funds will directly go to the trust. This will depend on what they prefer at the time of this fund ending.

Any donation will help and it so gratefully received. So it is simple, please donate this Easter and share our food.

Thank you, stay well and stay safe xxx

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