Vincent River - 2022

by Dan Ellis in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Vincent River - 2022


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Green Carnation want to make quality LGBTQ+ theatre again! COVID almost broke us but we're bouncing back - and we need your help.

by Dan Ellis in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


Our Story

We are a Manchester-based theatre company dedicated to telling queer stories through quality theatre. We do this through productions, commissioning writers and creating digital work. We celebrate, challenge and explore queer experiences.

COVID-19 hit us. Hard. We were forced to close our first tour of Kevin Elyot's 'My Night with Reg' and were plunged into financial uncertainty. Yet we carried on and, thanks to funding from Arts Council England and National Lottery, we were able to commission and produce 4 new Queer All About It monologue films from new queer writers responding to LGBTQ+ issues.

However, the reality Is COVID really did affect us, and we lost almost all of our Income. We are desperate to keep on creating theatre and telling LGBTQ+ stories that deserve to be heard, but we need your support.

We have found the perfect production: 'Vincent River' a scorching psychological thriller by Philip Ridley, one of Britain's most renowned queer playwrights. We will be returning to Hope Mill Theatre, where our journey first began in 2018, turning the UK's hottest independent theatre Into a claustrophobic arena for an intense game of cat and mouse.

How Can You Help

Staging a show is expensive - from team wages to design costs; box office and license fees to marketing and rehearsals; it's not a cheap business and carries a huge financial risk. We run Green Carnation for love, not money, but we also believe in making sure we pay our team a fair wage and having the production values to do justice to the stories we tell.

Public funding for theatre Is getting harder and harder to receive, and there's a real risk that emerging theatrical talent Is getting crushed before it has the chance to flourish.

By donating to support us, you are helping us recover from a situation none of us could have predicted. You will be supporting emerging talent and ushering us back onto the stage to continue our journey to becoming one of the UK's brightest LGBTQ+ theatre companies. You will be championing a company committed to nurturing new LGBTQ+ writing talent. You will be investing in a new production of an electric thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat.

We have a big target: £3,000. And It's scary, we won't lie. But with your love and support, we believe we can get there.

Any donations received by you lovely, wonderful, generous, (may-we-say-beautiful?) people (are we overdoing it?!) will help to:

  • Expand our budget to work with new creatives and designers and realise our creative vision and potential
  • Market and promote the play so we can reach as wide an audience as possible
  • Invest in future Green Carnation Company productions, projects and outreach.
  • In addition to our ever-established commitment to pay our team a fair wage, both Dan Jarvis and I would love to be able to pay for *some* of our own time working on the production *digs out image of Puss in Boots with big eyes from Shrek 2*

So, with that in mind... let's talk about Vincent!

Vincent River

We are giddy to have secured the rights to produce Philip Ridley's gripping psychological thriller 'Vincent River' at the gorgeous and intimate Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester between 12-19 October 2022. 


Ridley's powerhouse of a script, set at the turn of the millennium, explores the themes of grief, desire and family, as two connected individuals meet for the first time, with devastating consequences.

We don't want to give too much away in a synopsis, as this edge of your seat play is filled with mystery and revelations as the dusk turns to night in Anita's new high rise flat, an unexpected visitor turns up at her door. 

Our production will be stylish, Intense, gripping and aesthetically stunning. You're In for a ride.

We are not eligible to gain Arts Council Funding for this project.  As a result, we have set up this Crowdfunder in order to allow you to support Green Carnation Company and directors Dan Ellis and Dan Jarvis in bringing their vision to the Hope Mill stage later this year. 

Our History

Green Carnation burst onto the scene in 2018 when we produced our debut play, 'The Pride', at Hope Mill Theatre. During this production, we both realised we lived and breathed our mission to tell queer stories through quality theatre.

In 2020 we took Kevin Elyot's 'My Night with Reg' on a fabulous tour, opening to sold-out crowds at The Lowry, Salford before taking off to Hull, Huddersfield, Durham and Coventry. Then Little Miss 'Rona reared her ugly head and sadly we didn't get to the finishing line…

However, from both of these productions, we have been overwhelmed with amazing audiences, brilliant feedback and stunning reviews: 

'TENDER, FUNNY HEARTBREAKING, WITH A GREAT CAST' Russell T. Davies on 'My Night With Reg' 2020


★★★★ ‘REFRESHINGLY FRANK AND VERY HUMAN – A DELIGHT’ NorthWestEnd on ‘The Pride’, 2018



It is this standard of high-quality production we wish to match...improve upon even... and can do this with your help. 

We think we can live up to these expectations… no… scratch that. WE CAN DO BETTER! (But only with your help!)

In Summary

Both Dan J and I are aware that times are hard at the moment, but any coppers or shillings donated to Green Carnation Company's production of Vincent River and the company's future as a teller of queer stories will be appreciated more than you can know.

Both of us will love you forever/give you the biggest hug when we next see you/leave you a lovely TripAdvisor review as a way of saying thank you!

The Dans
 - Green Carnation Company



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£100 or more

£100 Reward

As well as having our hearts, the Q&A session and credit, we will include a ticket and complementary programme to come and see Vincent River – the show you have helped to get staged – at a performance of your choosing

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You have our undying love and gratitude, and a massive hug when we next see you!

£25 or more

£25 Reward

As well as our love, you will be invited to attend a Zoom Q&A session held with Dan Jarvis and Dan Ellis, in which they will discuss working on Vincent River, Green Carnation Company in general, and answer (almost) any burning questions you may have for us

£50 or more

£50 Reward

In addition to our devotion to you and an invite to our Q&A session, we will give you a credit and a huge thank you both in the programme for Vincent River and on our website

£500 or more

£500 Reward

In addition to all previous rewards, you will be credited as an assistant producer of Vincent River, you will receive an invitation to attend a rehearsal which will include a performed preview of sections of the show, a meeting with Dan Jarvis and Dan Ellis over a coffee (coffee is on us!) and an additional ticket to a performance of Vincent River to a performance your choosing

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