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by Bristol Skatepark Collective in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

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It's time to improve Victoria Park skatepark. The current park is stage one of a two-stage project, the second of which was never completed.

by Bristol Skatepark Collective in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 7th July 2022 we'd raised £23,123 with 293 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The extra funding will get us even closer to our ultimate aim - which will enable us to maximise the potential of the area and provide even more opportunities for decent improvements to this space

This project is to improve the skate park facilities in Victoria Park, South Bristol. 

We believe free outdoor wheel park facilities in Bristol are not good enough and do not reflect the needs and demands of children, young people, and the local wheel park community.

Who are we? Bristol Skatepark Collective.

BSC has been actively supporting skatepark improvements in Bristol since 2015. We are a collection of local parents, skateboarders, and business owners. Our most recent project includes the successful fundraising and installation of the new section at Dean Lane skatepark known as The Slab. We have also supported Campus skatepark in the building of their indoor concrete skatepark, The Pool. You can find out more about our projects on our website:

What is this project about?

This is a neglected space that is in dire need of updating to safely accommodate increased users as we emerge from lockdown post-COVID-19. 

The park currently resembles a derelict piece of tarmac that holds excellent potential for dramatic improvements. 


What would the improvements look like?

Proposed improvements could include; resurfacing of the space with smooth concrete, re-purposing of some existing blocks and the addition of new equipment to create a better layout and more exercise options, and the addition of a transition element (ramp/bowl) to cater for more users.  We have some initial (not final) design ideas from various companies which show the potential the space holds. The final improvements we can make will depend on the budget we raise. 

How will we make this project happen and how much will it cost?

We have already raised £130,000 for this project - but we need to raise additional funding to really make a difference to the space.                                                            

The estimated cost of this project is £150,000/£200,000 This could include the following.                               

‣  Recycling and relocating elements of the current skatepark.                      

‣  Building additional modern features to complement the recycled features, including a transition element/ramp.                                                          

Current funds                               

‣  £60,000 raised via CIL funding.                                

‣  £50,000 grant application via Enovert.

‣  £10,000 grant application via Ibstock.   

‣  £5,000 quartet foundation


Frankly, we are getting left behind. Take a look at the other facilities in local cities and towns. Let's not forget that these places have far smaller demand with less wheeled enthusiasts, yet far superior facilities. As a proud Bristolonian, I am ashamed of this fact. We need to catch up.


 If you would like to find out more about our campaign, who would benefit and the very positive survey results please download our campaign pack here.     


This project offered rewards

£50 or more

Penfold artwork £50 Reward

Bespoke, one off 12" Penfold artwork. Print from an edition of 50 personally signed and numbered by Penfold. Once they're gone, they're gone! Check them out at:

£20 or more

£25 voucher for Wayland's Yard

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£30 or more

Bright Yellow DC shoes woman's size 4

These rad kicks are box fresh and ready to go. Thanks to Josh for the hook up:)

£40 or more

Pairs of tickets to see Dead Punk

Check out Dead Punk at a gig of your choice with a mate. 2x pairs of 2 tickets available. Hit up their website for dates and venues: RRP £44

£40 or more

£50 voucher for Wayland's Yard

That's right. Save £10, Get great food and coffee, and donate to a great cause. One of the UK’s biggest specialty coffee spots. Serving up beaut Odd Kin Coffee, our game-changing brunches, cakes & cinnamon buns to keep you going through these mad times. Can be spent on anything in our Bristol/Birmingham/Worcester stores. Find out more:

£40 or more

Skateboard print made from hand crafted deck

Flower girl studios have kindly donated 3 amazing skateboard prints. These are created using a hand-crafted skate deck. Check them out here:

£50 or more

DC Shoe Mystery Package (Woman's shoe size 8)

A selection of goodies from DC shoes including female size 8 kicks and some t-shirts etc. Will even through in a limited edition Bristol Skatepark Collective T-shirt.

£55 or more

Poetic Poetic Collective Deck, any size from 8-8.5

Pick your size of Poetic board thanks to Workshop distribution. Give them a follow:

£75 or more

Beautiful hand decorated skateboard by Claudia

Was £140 but now we are offering this amazing one off artwork for £100. You can view the piece on Claudia Gibbons Instagram page here:

£100 or more

Ultra Aesthetics 50cm x 50cm print.

We have 3x 50cm x 50cm individualy signed prints avaliable from Ultra Aesthetics online store. Simply check out his work, then select this reward and let us know which print you would like.

£270 or more

3 Hour Tattoo session with Dani @Tattoo Time

Fresh ink from the amazing at Tattoo Time on North Street.

£1,000 or more

SickBoy decorated mini weelie bin

This is a collector's item, donated by SickBoy to help raise funds for the cause. Big u mate. Collection only from Bristol.

£2,000 or more

Custom wooden bench with engraved plaque

Help make a significant difference to your local community by pledging £2000 and as a thank you will will build and install a wooden bench with your name/company name for local users to enjoy for years to come.

£10 or more

Nothing Meaner £10 Reward

A copy of limited addition Nothing Meaner (The story of Dean Lane skatepark) DVD. The film that started these fundraising projects.

£10 or more

Gallery skatemag issue 1

Pick up a copy of Bristol-based, transition-focused Gallery skate magazine created by James Collins.

£30 or more

Andy Guy Robinson limited edition print

Amazing artwork by local artist Andy Prints are inkjet 40cm x 40cm signed and framed. Each print is from a run of 5.

£30 or more

Aardman goodie bag

A bag full of Wallace and Gromit goodies donated by Aardman studio. This is an ideal gift for any Wallace and Gromit fan, full of mugs, books, key rings and loads of other great merchandise.

£35 or more

Skateboard sculpture

Handcrafted from old skateboards. Made with recycled boards. Check them out at:

£36 or more

Fierce and Noble mixed beer case

Enjoy a selection of Bristol brewed beers from Fierce and Noble. Collection from the brewery only. ID will be required. RRP is £36 so you are making a donation and getting face value!!!!

£40 or more

Dinner and Drinks £40 Reward

Dinner & drinks for 2 people at Southside Bar and Kitchen in Totterdown

£40 or more

Fierce and Noble brewery tour

Go for a complete tour of the Fierce and Noble brewery in St Werburges with you and 3 mates.

£45 or more

DC Hoodie (Medium but fits baggy)

This hoodie is sick, its got a massive hood and a face cover, just in case that pesky covid comes back.

£50 or more

Wylder Naturals goodie bag

A selection of soaps and treats from local business Wylder Naturals.

£50 or more

Signed Art Ninja skateboard used in the TV show

This is a one-off signed board donated by Ricky aka Art Ninja himself. Ricky has been a part of our skatepark improvement campaigns since day one and his passion for the projects has helped put the projects in motion.

£55 or more

8" Only Fools cruiser board. Brand new

Local board company and all-around scene supporter Only Fools and Skateboards have thrown in a rad board. Get it while you can.

£55 or more

Magenta skateboard deck. Any size.

Rock Solid distribution have donated 5 magenta boards. Simply select the reward and let us know what size you ride.

£55 or more

8.5 Primitive skateboard deck

Fresh wood thanks to WalkerWalker. Big up the donation. This board would rip!!!

£65 or more

Santa Cruz Deck 8.5 plus Independent goodies

This package includes fresh Santa Cruz wood 8.5" plus an Independent Beanie, Socks, and belt. Provided by the good man Nick at Shiner.

£70 or more

£70 Volcom Mystery Package

This is a lucky dip but if you are into Volcom gear you're not going to be dissapointed.

£100 or more

Bear Care Package

A box of goodies from Bear Myles, it's a lucky dip!!!

£100 or more

Don't Believe Everything You Think ARTWORK

A4 Black and White artwork, comes with stickers, notepad and pencil. Thanks to D.F.T.E

£100 or more

Backbone cruiser boad

Amazing for bowl sessions or simply hanging on the wall. Available in 8" and 7.5". Uk delivery only. Check out more at:

£100 or more

FORCAST lucky dip care package

A goodie bag including deck and other bits from Tidy at

£100 or more

Recycled skateboard sculpture

A full sized hand crafted skateboard sculpture by local artist and skater @mobiusmaples The reward will be similar to this:

£100 or more

Medium recycled skateboard sculpture

Medium Recycled skateboard sculpture A medium sized hand crafted skateboard sculpture by local artist and skater @mobiusmaples The reward will be similar to this:

£250 or more

Custom surfboard thanks to Spiro surfboards

Help design and shape your own custom surfboard with Jon at Spiro surfboards. Construction will be EPS foam core with fiberglass shell and FCS 2 plugs. No limitations with shape or artwork. Find out more at:

£300 or more

Half day Tattoo session @Tattoo Time

Get some fresh ink with Katy Howarth at Tattoo Time on North Street in Bristol. Katy has a rad neotrad style and has always had an affiliation with the Bristol skatescene.

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