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Help us provide innovative and long-term water-services for 6000 people. Support sustainable development and end plastic pollution!

by véwater in Haiti

No more water scarcity and plastic pollution!

véwater and DESPRI Haiti are launching a campaign to set up our pilot project for a new and innovative approach to delivering water services! The solution will provide clean and easily accessible water for the 6000 people in the villages of Atrèl and L’Abre in Anse-Rouge - Northern Haiti whose citizens have not had access to a local source of clean water for more than 2 years. 


With your help, we will set up our solutions in Atrèl and L’Arbre. Each solution consists of robust and tested technology for extracting and cleansing the water, placed inside a pylon with an interactive kiosk interface, a mobile platform, and cards for each citizen to manage their personal account. véwater and DESPRI Haiti has made agreements with the local mayors to provide a public service that makes sure the citizens of these villages have access to stable and long-term services for the future!   


More than half of the population of Haiti or 6 million people is currently without access to a safe source of water. This cause problems with waterborne diseases, lack of education and stagnant development. When no local source of safe water is present, the only other safe option is to rely on plastic bottles, which are highly polluting and very expensive for local communities. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global challenges for climate protection, while access to water is one of the biggest hindrances to development. With our solution, we can solve both problems - provide a sustainable and long-term source of water and fulfil the most basic human need, while also protecting the planet for future generations - creating a better future for everyone.

Technical innovation for development

The technical solution is developed and designed by véwater, while DESPRI Haiti is making sure everything is order for the local organisation to be successful! The solution is designed to be placed upon the existing infrastructure of old and broken hand-held pumps and contain innovative sensor technology that allows it to operate despite poor internet connectivity and send automatic technical reports to a central organisation. Thereby, we can make sure the solution is always functioning perfectly and does not break down which has been the case with past solutions.


How are we going to spend the money?

Every solution cost 13,000 pounds and can provide water for 3000 people locally. That is less than 5 pounds per person! Included in this amount is:

  • Sourcing and securing all technical components 
  • Building a robust and durable solution.
  •  Shipping it and driving it to the local village.
  •  Installing it and setting everything up.
  • Training our local maintenance team.
  • Making sure our solution is able to serve water daily for up 20 years.
  • Taking steps to ensure the water is always safe and clean to drink 

We provide access to our water services - but to be able to run our organisation and make sure our solution is always working, we still have to charge a fee for the water. We do our best to keep this as low as possible and are proud that we can offer the water up to  87.5 times less than bottled water! To remove this cost completely, we have added the option to help a family or a school child cover their costs of water and provide them with a re-useable plastic container to minimise plastic pollution.


Help us change lives by providing water

We are driven by the desire to create sustainable development through providing solutions for those that no one else targets with affordable, long-term and innovative solutions. Creating real impact happens one step at a time. To get started on our journey, we need your help provide water for 6000 people in Haiti. But we hope that this is just the start and that we will soon be able to provide water for marginalised people everywhere in the world. 


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