Big vegan advert for mainstream UK TV Jan/Feb 2021

by Tom from Miami Burger in Ascot, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd February 2021 we successfully raised £2,503 with 103 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to raise significant funds in order to air our vegan advert on UK TV, making it as big as possible to reach millions of people.

by Tom from Miami Burger in Ascot, England, United Kingdom

Like many of you, I believe human animals are on this planet to care, love, and protect non-human animals, not to slaughter and enslave them. 

All sentient beings deserve compassion regardless of trait (appearance, size, intelligence, strength).

I am spending significant funds on adapting and airing the successful Israeli Vegan Friendly advert for British Television with the plan to air in Jan/Feb 2021.

Prime time advert slots are super expensive but can make a huge impact.  For us, it will help evoke mass awareness that animals are not products but innocent living beings that have no voice and no way to defend themselves.  We want help to create the 'trigger' many people need to make the connection.

Please help us make this advert as big as possible.  Help us awaken millions from the cognitive dissonance slumber we humans have found ourselves in.   

The more money we can raise the bigger this can be.  

From empathy comes compassion, respect, and love.    

I hope this will be one of several pro-vegan adverts we can fund in the UK throughout 2021.

many thanks,

tom x


-All funds raised will be audited by Vegan Friendly and the UK media agency to ensure 100% of it goes into buying TV ad and social media slots for this pro-vegan advert).

-I am investing enough funds to ensure an adapted version of this advert will go on UK TV regardless on how much is crowd raised.  The Crowdfund money is there to make it's impact bigger, across more channels and on super prime Ad slots.

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