URGENT: Help Ukraine's Children

by Robin Jowit in Richmond, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Children in Ukraine are suffering and so is their education. Schools have been hit by missiles. They desperately need your support

by Robin Jowit in Richmond, Greater London, United Kingdom

We are now at £46,500+ which includes gift aid and donations sent directly to Rotary plus a contribution of £1,000 from the Rotary Club of Kew Gardens. Children and their education in Ukraine are suffering. Schools and communities are hit or damaged by missiles.  Please can you help us get to £50,000?

Robin Jowit was concerned that the tragic war in Ukraine is seriously affecting children’s education and mental health. He decided to find out if he was right.

He went to Ukraine with no insurance and at his own cost to see the impact of the war on children and their education. Having returned he is determined to raise money to help the pupils – who are the future of Ukraine..

Helped by Rotary, an international charity (as well as your local club of which he is a member), he was able to visit schools in and around Kyiv.

Robin is an ex-mayor of Richmond and met the deputy mayor of Kyiv who was keen to develop relations between schools in Kyiv and schools in Richmond.

His Rotary host took him to six schools. Three were on previously occupied territories to the west of Kyiv; two in the city of Kyiv and one to the east in Borspil.

All schools had regular power cuts, up to four hours a day, often unscheduled and at three of them during Robin’s visit. All suffered missile alarms daily and three of them had alarms during his visit. He joined the children in the bunkers (just small underground rooms) as teachers attempted to continue teaching. In many areas children are forced to be taught at home avoiding the danger of unexploded mines on the way to school.

Alternative power is needed during the power cuts and children need to be able to study at home. Often from poor families they need help and the father, the main breadwinner is away at war..

What can you do?

At all the schools Robin visited there was need for:

⁃ Power generators in addition to those already supplied by Rotary and other charities, and funds for fuel.

⁃ Renewable energy sources especially solar

⁃ Note-books or tablets for pupils and teachers to enable more home and online schooling. Typically these can be sourced for £150.

⁃ Internet connection for low income families or those who have lost everything.

⁃ And YES - sports equipment – often all was destroyed

Help us address these needs.

Please give generously for these Ukraine Children and their teachers and parents. They URGENTLY NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE. 

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