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by Patrick Huston in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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Lets make archery HUGE! An Archery gaming activity and 24/7 access facilities to train in target or extreme archery #BigThings #moretocome

by Patrick Huston in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I am trying something very big here guys - to create an archery based game to bring loads of new people into the sport, then make those 24/7 facilities available for regular archery clubs. There are many more elements to this. #moretocome 

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Please donate as much as you can to help me start this! This is the phase one and you're chance to be in at the start of something revolutionary. You guys will get to see what I do with this money too.  Every donation will get a reward, either a piece of memoribilia or an Urban or UrbanX sessions. 

Please be part of the #UrbanArchery movement so we can achieve the true potential of our great sport. Check out #UrbanArchery the game and #urbanXarchery the competitive sport.


#UrbanArchery is a real life version of a video game. Running round a warehouse with  bows and foam tipped arrows shooting pop up enemies while going round an 'urban' assault course. I'm developing a variety of other games too! Gonna be so awesome! You can shoot people with these bows and arrows too... so loads of fun to be had! #moretocome

There are five current games being developed which you can enjoy or compete in:

  • TimeTrials - get round the course with 75% hits in the shortest time.
  • AccuracyTrials - get round the course with the most accurate score. 
  • KingOfTheHill - fight your friends with bows and foam tipped arrows in order to capture the objective! 
  • ReactionsRoom - stand in a room with squares that light up in random sequence and shoot them as fast as possible. 
  • StopMotion - 12 lit time windows with 12 targets to be shot in decreasing times.

These #UrbanArchery games can be shot with a variety of equipment levels as detailed below.

  • Club Package - fibreglass bows, UrbanQuiver and foam tipped arrows 
  • National Package - metal recurve bow, basic leather quiver and foam tipped arrows 
  • Elite Package - top end recurve bows, MasterCraftsman BritishMade leather quiver and foam tipped arrows
Some more possible extreme shots in #UrbanArchery

I'm going to start in Manchester in January but hopefully you will be able to enjoy #UrbanArchery in your area as soon as we can! There is an awful lot more in the pipeline with this guys but the funding is needed to get #UrbanArchery off the ground! I'm also working with a production team to see if we can get on TV! #BigThings

#urbanXarchery is an extreme version of a current style of competitive archery - basically extreme industrial field archery. Crazy angles and serious tricky shots to test your abilities. I have view to set up a #urbanXarchery Pro Series to be featured on the Television shows I'm exploring! Imagine how much higher your archery standard would be if you could regularly practice shooting extreme up and down slopes. The targets are going to be WA style but in fluorescent colours. #BigThingsThe types of crazy shots you will be shooting with foam tipped bows and arrows in #UrbanArchery

I am Patrick Huston or Robin Hood 2.0 - 20 year old British Olympian Archer, widely acknowledged motivator and someone who loves to help others improve! I became a Double World Champion in 2013, adding another title in 2014 and a World Record in 2015. I then was the first Brit to qualify for the Rio Olympics at the Europeans in Nottingham with the best support I could ever have asked for! Archery is my life and my passion, hence Robin Hood 2.0

Become an Urban Archer and lets see what Robin Hood 2.0 can achieve with his Merry Men! #TeamFlatcap #BigThings #moretocome #archeryontv #questionmark #dotdotdot


I have started my  Archery in Northern Ireland.  Since 2014 I worked closely with the Performance Unit and Archery GB. I have learnt a huge amount and moved forward a very long way. I know how our Society runs and where it could improve. I hope through the recreational game of Urban Archery we can develop a whole new generation of archers and revolutionise our wonderful sport!

Aims and Objectives:- 

Short term goals- Start with one Urban Archery (UA) Centre and hopefully expand quickly across the country to kickstart process of bringing archery to the population of Manchester, then Telford and another location. Massively increase the number of archers in those areas. This will mostly involve university sports clubs, youth community outreach and corporate team building. To have large scale media engagement through social media, print journalism and hopefully a television show. #moretocome

Medium term goals- to run and manage between 10 and 25 UA centres across Britain, providing flexible employment to a generation of professional archers. To have over 50,000 people engaging regularly in either recreation UA or more formal competitive UxA  #moretocome

Long term goals- A very specific goal of mine is to be able to offer a development pathway from absolute novice to international standard performance within the UA environment. Available to each and every member of the community, regardless of background and circumstances. Over 50 centres across GB and Ireland hugely increasing the population, profile and standard of archery in each region. Multiple Urban Archers competing successfully on the international circuit being financially supported by their UA-ProTeam. We can beat Korea at their own game. #BigThings


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£7 or more

£7 Reward

#UrbanArchery Skyscraper statue enscription - all other rewards include this

£10 or more

£10 Reward

5 #urbanXarchery target faces - WA style but in fluorescent colours

£13 or more

£13 Reward

Urban Archery Arrow Puller

£15 or more

£15 Reward

ReactionsRoom, StopMotion & AccuracyTrial

£22 or more

£22 Reward

Urban Archery Founder T Shirt

£30 or more

£30 Reward

#UrbanArchery - Club Level Package Experience

£30 or more

£30 Reward

#urbanXarchery experience - competitive target face or zombie attack style

£35 or more

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£35 Reward

Olympian's Archery Hacks - technical video detailing training, technique and more to help you achieve you potential

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

1 hour coaching with Kieran Slater, European Games and European Champs silver medallist

£50 or more

£50 Reward

#UrbanArchery National Package

£90 or more

£90 Reward

2 hour coaching with Olympian Patrick Huston

£120 or more

£120 Reward

Annual membership of Urban Archery - redeemable when there is a centre near you!

£144 or more

£144 Reward

#UrbanArchery Elite Package

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£200 Reward

Invitation to Urban Archery Launch - January

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Lifetime Urban Archery and Urban X Archery membership. VIP sessions with Patrick and other coaches. Major feature on the Urban Archery Skyscraper

£4,500 or more

£4,500 Reward

VIP lifetime membership, automatic entry, unlimited sessions and a massage from patrick;)

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