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by Unst and Yell Tunnel Action Groups in Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

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Welcome to our Unst and Yell Tunnel Action Groups funding campaign!

by Unst and Yell Tunnel Action Groups in Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

We are on a mission to transform the transportation landscape, foster inclusivity, and drive sustainable development by connecting the islands of Unst and Yell to mainland Shetland through subsea tunnels in Yell Sound and Bluemull Sound.


Our campaign is driven by the spirit of community. Our vision is to work in collaboration with Shetland Islands Council and other public bodies, businesses, and residents to forge ahead with the development of financially sustainable, low carbon emitting transport links. These links will not only bridge geographical divides but also enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of our island communities.

Why subsea tunnels? Connection by tunnel has the potential to breathe new life into the islands of Yell and Unst. These tunnels will provide greater accessibility irrespective of weather conditions, eliminate geographical barriers, and open up endless possibilities for economic expansion and social integration. Additionally, this initiative will, in the long term, significantly reduce carbon emissions, promote environmental sustainability, and help to preserve the natural beauty of the islands.


But we cannot embark on this journey without your support. The funds raised through this campaign will enable us to carry out vital geo-technical, socio-economic and environmental investigations, a crucial step towards assessing the geological conditions, social, economic and environmental impact, and engineering feasibility of these tunnels. They will provide essential data and insights to move this vision forward.

By contributing to our cause, you will be playing an important role in shaping the future of Unst, Yell, and the entire Shetland community. Every donation, big or small, will take us a step closer to fostering economic growth and social wellbeing, preserving our environment, and improving the quality of life for our islands.


Your support will also send a powerful message to our local authority and national government, demonstrating the collective urgency and desire for positive change. It emphasises the need for investments in projects that will empower our communities, enabling them to thrive and prosper.

We are very grateful for your contribution, which will help us to secure the necessary resources to conduct the investigations that take us one step closer to realising our vision. Join us in bringing this project to fruition. Together, we can make a difference.

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