Educate students with Universal Simulation

by James Markey in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th September 2020 we successfully raised £4,053 with 129 supporters in 28 days

Raising money to help dental students to benefit from haptic and VR simulation without waiting for advanced haptics to arrive.

by James Markey in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • 2500 will cover one haptic device
  • 4000 will cover two haptic devices

If we raise more money:

  • Additional VR headsets for students to prototype VR simulations
  • Develop the customised handpiece for the haptic and get multiple pieces 3D printed

1st place in the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Challenge

Hi there! 

My name's James and I'm on a mission to go from employee to employer and make a positive impact on the world. I started up Universal Simulation with £100 back in November, just before COVID hit, with an idea for a universal desktop "flight simulator" for dentists and DRs. We're not letting a pandemic slow us down though, instead, we're coming up with new products, like the Model L (the world's first portable haptic / VR universal simulator for dentists and DRs) to help universities get going again.


So, what is the Universal Simulator?

The Universal Simulator is our haptic and VR simulator that can be used to train students is dental and medical subjects at university.


1598186059_portable_haptics_flip.pngYes, haptics! Like the vibration on your phone when you get a notification - only this is a lot more high-tech. Loads of little motors inside a 'haptic arm' which help replicate the sensations of what's happening on the screen.

"Touchable, virtual, reality!"

1598185991_simulation.png Start drilling a tooth, or giving local anaesthetic in the simulation and you'll feel like you're doing it in real life, too.


1598190661_1598190661443.pngWe've just made our first sale

We've just sold our first 6 Model T's and 2 Advanced Model T's to a university in the EU (will be announced publicly soon!) and we can't wait to see students benefiting from haptics and VR.

⚠️ But there's a problem...

The two haptics for our Advanced Model T won't be delivered until the end of the year. This means that we will deliver the 8 simulators at the start of October, but only 6 of them will be usable for the start of the school year.

1598190707_1598190707257.pngThere's hope... With your help!

If we can raise £5,000, we're going to be able to deliver the Advanced Model T's with two of our standard haptics for free to the university. This means that students won't miss out on the opportunity to practice their skills whilst waiting for our advanced haptics to be made. 

The gift that keeps on giving

With the two additional standard haptics that are delivered, the university will be able to store them after the advanced ones are delivered and then they have two backups in case any devices get damaged. Securing student's education to be uninterrupted.

1598190735_1598190735494.pngOpen and Honest

Every penny from this fundraise will be accounted for on our website and with updates to all our backers. None of it will go towards our salaries or any other funny business.


Bronze Tier

1598186932_1598186932105.pngDonate £20+ and get your name (or someone elses) on our supporters page on the website. You'll also get an early-access link to any future fundraising.

Silver Tier (2 options)

1598187051_univrsal_cap.pngEverything from bronze tier and get the "UniVRsal" supporter cap in your choice of colour OR a 3D printed tooth with your initials on it.

Gold Tier

1598187155_t-shirt.jpgEverything from bronze tier, silver tier + get the supporter's polo in your choice of size + colour.

Corporate Tier (limited to 4)

1598187248_portable_haptics-logo2.pngEverything from Bronze, Silver, Gold tiers + get a transparent sticker on the side of one of the haptics you're helping fund with your logo + business details.

Philophropic Tier

1598187350_model_t_-_front_page.pngEverything from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Corporate for you and one of the first Model T's to the university of your choice.


About Universal Simulation

Universal Simulation is on a mission to revolutionise the training of future dentists and DRs around the world. Using off the shelf hardware, we want universities to have the choice of building their own haptic and VR simulators (and saving money) or purchasing pre-built simulators that are guaranteed to work with all the simulations available on our platform.

About Model T

1598186669_model_t_-_front_page.png The world's most afforable haptic and VR 'flight simulator' for dentists and DRs. Robust and built for the future, we're working with the world's leading simulation software companies to provide a library of simulations to choose from. This allows universities to have a mixed simulation suite which can be used for multiple subjects.

About Model L

1598186536_suitcase_simulator.pngThe world's first portable haptic and VR simulator for dentists and DRs. Helping universities support students who are in quarantine, or who need to shield.

Prize draw T's & C's

For a free entry, please send a signed postcard with your phone number, email, and D.O.B to our registered offices: Office 4 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, England, W8 6BD. The winner to be announced on 30/9/20 at 12pm by email.

Enter by choosing the relevant reward. Competition run by Universal Simulation Ltd. Please contact James Markey [email protected] for any queries. The winner will be asked for a delivery address to send the prize to.


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Corporate Sponsorship

Your name / business (including logo and link) on our supporters wall on the website. You can also submit a logo or message to be put on the side of one of the haptic devices you will be part-funding for a university. (We can provide an invoice for this if required)

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NEW £2 Prize draw

New prize draw for 5 limited edition 'supporter' T-Shirts. Limited to 50 tickets! They will be a white polo with a small Universal Simulation logo on the left side showing your support.

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New prize draw for 2 limited edition CUSTOMISED simulator parts. Limited to 50 tickets! They will be 3D printed with your initials on (we will email you to clarify).

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Donate a Universal Simulator (Dental)

Donate a Universal Simulator (Model L / T) with lifetime software licenses to a university of your choice and help them join in on the haptic and VR revolution. We can add corporate logo and messages to the machines, if required. List price: 25,000. We won't charge the university a penny for installation, setup, training etc.

£1 or more

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Prize Draw

Thank you! It all helps and your name will go on the supporters wall on our website. Prize draw for 5 x Universal Simulation caps!

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