Uniformity Project - Free School uniforms for All

by AIM Northwest in Leigh, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Uniformity Project - Free School uniforms for All
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The Uniformity Project is a uniform recycle project, providing free school uniforms, supporting schools across Leigh and surrounding areas.

by AIM Northwest in Leigh, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The stretch funding would go towards the development of space that can be used for community engagement.

Examples of what this space will be used for include: 

1. Repairing repairable uniform..

2. Therapeutic art and craft family sessions for those experiencing domestic abuse, making use of scrap fabric from donations.

3. Space for arts and craft sessions, for the community in general to engage with. Making use of scrap fabric. Getting children involved in fabric scrap projects is a wonderful way to teach them about sustainability while also letting their creativity shine. Simple projects like stuffed animals, dolls, or even fabric scrap necklaces are great for younger children. 

We aim to recycle 100% of the uniforms that get donated to us, those in good condition will be donated as uniforms, uniforms that are damaged and cannot be repaired will be used for art and craft projects for the benefit for the community.

The figures...

The cost of school uniforms in 2023 were calculated to be an average of £230.40 per child. This is a whopping 21% increase on 2018 figures and it will be no surprise with the cost of living crisis that the cost of uniforms are set to rise again!

As parents we know this average is off the mark, when you add the cost of coats, shoes and other essentials, such as lunch boxes, stationary and scientific calculators the cost is ramped up even more. 

Education is free, but ultimately uniform is a compulsory costs of education. Placing incredible financial burdens on families.

In terms of the Environment it is estimated that 1.4 Million wearable school uniforms are sent to landfill each year. In a world where we need to think about being sustainable why can we not recycle some of this uniform to help our planet and to help ease the financial burden on families with the cost of school uniforms.


The impact...

This is what The Uniformity Project will do. We provide free recycled uniforms supporting partnered schools in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Golborne, Lowton, Leigh, Tyldesley and Atherton. 

For the last 2 years we ran a pilot in Golborne and Lowton through pop up stalls in the community and this year we want to help many more families across a wider area.


We have secured a base to set up The Uniformity Project as a shop. Parents will be able to come to the shop as you would an average uniform shop, take what you need from off the shelves and go to the checkout. The only difference at the checkout the cost will be £0.00.

Anyone can access the project, no questions asked. Whether you visit the shop for a financial need, or you simply like to help us by recycling, we do not need to know the reason.


What will the project provide?

The project will provide the below recycled items. The items available will be dependent on items that are donated.


How else can we help?

We will be on hand to provide advice an guidance for anyone who needs support with applying for benefits, budgeting, understanding local authority support or signposting to debt relief support.

An advisor will put the kettle on and provide you with time and a confidential space to discuss your needs.

Last year with the helped over 100 families by signposting them to additional support.


A sneak Peak.....

1709762982_thumbnail_1000022777.jpg 1709763041_thumbnail_1000023559.jpg 1709763000_thumbnail_1000022797.jpg

These photo are the space currently and the 3D image is the plan of how this space will be laid out once renovated.

How can you help?


Making a donation no matter how big or how small, will make a big difference, you can help the vision come to life.


As a 100% volunteer led charity  we rely on the gift of time. If you are interested in voluntary opportunities with the uniformity project the please visit www.aimnorthwest.org.uk

Attend our opening event: Saturday 16th June 2024  at 11am - here you can meet our Uniformity Mascot 'Mikey' and we will be running free taster art sessions throughout the day, come along and join in the fun!



Use this community resource, and offer any donations of unwanted uniforms via your school, you can also donate children's clothes between the ages of 3 - 16 years of age.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

4 of 100 claimed

raffle entry

Every donation above £5 will be entered into the Easter hamper draw. for every additional £5 you will receive an extra entry to the hamper draw. £5 = 1 entry £10 =2 entries £15 = 3 entries and so on. Valid only for donations made before 28th March 2024

£5 or more

raffle entry

Every donation above £5 will be entered into the Easter hamper draw. for every additional £5 you will receive an extra entry to the hamper draw. £5 = 1 entry £10 =2 entries £15 = 3 entries and so on. Valid only for donations made before 28th March 2024

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