Ukraine Trauma First Aid Project

by Tim Simpson in United Kingdom

Ukraine Trauma First Aid Project

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To supply and deliver trauma medical equipment and pre-hospital trauma training to support the Ukrainian citizens.

by Tim Simpson in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If the financial target is exceeded then the money will be used to purchase and deliver a greater amount of medical equipment to deliver to Ukraine 

This is a NOT FOR PROFIT project run by FLUID MIND LTD

All funds raised will go directly to the procurement of medical equipment and the ongoing delivery of the equipment and training to Ukraine or other recognised delivery points.

Our team of expert medics have many years of experience delivering training in hostile environments and conflict zones across the globe. We aim to provide the best possible equipment available coupled with the best possible training.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible in order to buy pre-hospital trauma care equipment for Ukrainian fighters and the civilians who have been caught up in the violence.  Please note it is expected that anyone in need of medical help should receive treatment, no matter on what side of the conflict that they find themselves.

The first shipment of medical equipment has already been successfully dispatched.  However, the consumption rate for this life-saving equipment is exceptional as the demand is so high.   The second shipment is due to leave by the 21st of March.  We need to raise as much as we can as soon as possible to help provide as much equipment as possible for those in desperate need.

Those bravely defending their country will be facing the possibility of gunshot and shrapnel wounds, blast wounds, burns and all of the related issues that these can cause. The aim is to provide life saving equipment and training. The specialist equipment will help the Ukrainians people deal with catastrophic bleeds, airway management, breathing, burns, severe breaks, spinal damage and exposure to the elements.

There is a narrow window of time once someone has received a life threatening injury, this is known as the 'golden hour' which is the period immediately after a traumatic injury has been sustained during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for this cause!

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