Ukraine Crisis Appeal - Donations urgently needed

by Robin Jowit in United Kingdom

Ukraine Crisis Appeal - Donations urgently needed

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Please help the refugees from Ukraine. EVERY PENNY you give goes directly to those in need. Rotary is matching the first £10,000.

by Robin Jowit in United Kingdom

Who is Rotary?

A truly international; voluntary organisation helping people in their own communities around the world.  Support is being given by Rotary from many nations including Israel, Georgia, Belgium, Italy, France, Turkey, USA, Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic as well as the UK and Ireland.  

How is Rotary helping?

Inside Ukraine, local Rotarians are supporting displaced refugees on the move westwards. These people need housing, food, medical supplies, clothing and even shoes. With frequent power outages following cyber-attacks and air strikes over 2M refugees are fleeing west and south in winter temperatures of -8C.  The UN predicts 5M refugees as homes are destroyed and innocent civilians killed.   

Rotary is also working to help the displaced people arriving daily in the countries surrounding Ukraine.  We have volunteers at the borders of Ukraine with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova 24 hours each day.  Each support group is achieving amazing things to make the refugees feel welcomed and safe.  

Your donations go directly to our trusted colleagues in the Ukraine and all its bordering countries.  They are able to identify the real needs of refugees in each country – medicines (especially dressings and pain killers for adults and children), warm socks, thermals. food, bullet proof vests, blankets, sleeping bags, first aid kits, dressings, Hygiene products, toiletries, woman pads, nappies, wet wipes, torches, batteries, candles, laptops, phones, tablets with good batteries and much more.  

As an example, Rotarians in Moldova 

-the poorest country in Europe – have established a 200-bedroom hotel at the border for a short rest-break stay (1-2 days), before refugees relocate to other accommodation either in Moldova or moving on to other countries. Similar is happening in other countries.  We in the UK have been working with the people of Romania and Moldova on projects for many years and have a strong trusted network there.  

Here are some of the organisations Rotary has developed over time to respond to emergencies such as now:  

Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals 

Has activated its network of volunteers to deliver healthcare and provide medical items. Colleagues there are dealing with war causalities (including children) and at the same time doing their best for patients with other medical emergencies. There is a critical shortage of medical supplies including oxygen. A list of supplies urgently needed is available - including dressings, bandages, syringes, needles, surgical instruments, dressing packs.


ShelterBox - is opening up a location in Poland to address the expected needs over many months. 

Many Rotarians are frontline workers with Shelterbox. Aid Europe is already taking in truckloads of goods from the Czech Republic

Rotaract Europe, which is primarily young Rotarians, is actively involved including helping students to come out of Ukraine.  They have created a really useful webpage.  UNITED FOR PEACE – Rotaract Europe

We need to finance all these activities.   

Please donate generously.  

Remember we will match the first £10,000 of donations.

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