UK Border Management Press Conference

by British Ukrainian Support in Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom


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To fund a presentation for the press, politicians & public on how to secure & manage the UK's borders & address cross-channel migrant boats

by British Ukrainian Support in Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom

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The British people are rapidly losing confidence in the ability of the Government to successfully address the movement of migrants across the English Channel. 18,000 migrants have crossed so far in 2021. This constitutes a huge administrative burden and cost, risk to life and, because we cannot verify the identity of many of these people, or their stories, a national security concern. Indeed, there have been reports, taken seriously by Border Force and the Police, that some of the migrants may be carrying firearms. 

For a multitude of political, security, human and cost related reasons reasons, it is imperative that the problem is addressed urgently.

This project will enable Henry Bolton OBE, a recognised world leader in the development and implementation of national integrated border management strategies, to present his recommendations for the securing and management of the UK's borders to the press, politicians and the public. He has previously offered his advice to Downing Street and the Home Office, but has received absolutely no response. His credentials? Over a 20 year period, he:

  • advised numerous foreign governments on national reform and reorganisation of their border management
  • guided numerous countries, their government ministers and border agency heads in developing successful national strategies to addressing irregular migration, people smuggling, trans-national organised crime and cross-border trafficking of illicit and prohibited goods, including weapons of mass destruction for terrorist purposes. 
  • advised the United Nations, the EU, NATO, the OSCE on these issues at Executive Director and Secretary General level.
  • founded the international border management staff college.
  • Chaired ministerial level conferences and negotiations on border threats and cross-border cooperation.

The money raised by this crowdfunding camapign will be used to fund a press conference in London, to which all national media print and broadcast media, and relevant national parliamentarians will be invited, along with, if enough money us raised, members of the public.

At the conference Henry will present what the Government must do to end the cross-Channel movement of migrants and properly secure and manage our borders, with the aim of providing the Government and Home Office with a suite of practical, legal and operational solutions.

Henry has concluded that only by projecting these solutions through the national media and to the public as a whole, will the Government listen. 


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£10 or more

Invitation to the event, if £11,500 target reached

An invitation to attend the event if the larger target of £11,500 is reached, enabling the press conference to be opened to the public. If that target is not reached, the event will be limited to press, politicians and 15 higher category Reward winners. The higher target will enable the event to be expanded to include a Q&A based open discussion between Henry Bolton and the audience

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Post-conference drinks

Invitation to post-conference drinks with Henry Bolton, immediately after the event. Plus an invitation to attend the event itself if the higher target of £11,500 is reached, enabling its expansion.

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Invitation to the event and to post-event drinks

Invitation to attend the press conference and post-conference drinks immediately after the event

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Invitation to attend the press conference, post-conference drinks immediately after the event, plus an invitation to a private dinner with Henry Bolton and up to two other beneficiaries of this reward.

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