Tynemouth Cricket Club - Improvement of facilities

by Tynemouth Cricket Club in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

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We would like to build a new terrace which is accessible to everyone, especially our members and the local community

by Tynemouth Cricket Club in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If you are reading this, it means that you the community have helped us raise our target of £15,000 and we thank you. We knew we had the backing of the local community but this is above and beyond.

Can we now go that extra mile and achieve our new target. This will mean we can update and improve our facilities even further. 

These improvements would provide more opportunities for our local community to participate in our sport and become part of our cricket family.

1704307244_img_4797.jpegWho are we?

Founded in 1847, Tynemouth Cricket Club is a warm and inclusive community club where individuals of all ages and backgrounds come together to indulge in the joy of cricket. With a commitment to fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the club is dedicated to providing opportunities for members to watch, play, and volunteer.



The club boasts an impressive range of teams, including five senior teams and six junior teams, two of which are exclusively for girls. This diverse offering ensures that there is a place for everyone, regardless of their age or skill level.


The club's extensive Junior section caters to over 150 junior players, starting from the tender age of 5. This comprehensive initiative aims to develop their skills and passion for the sport, setting them on a path towards cricketing excellence.

Why are we crowdfunding?

Our existing terrace has served us well but is starting to become unsafe in areas and is on several different levels

Our current outside terrace, which has been a valuable asset to our club, is unfortunately in a state of disrepair and requires a complete rebuild and to improve disabled access on to it. However, the costs associated with this project are substantial, and they have been further compounded by significant increases in energy costs and insurance premiums this year.
The financial challenges we face have been exacerbated by the impact of the recent pandemic. Due to restrictions and limitations, we were unable to operate at full capacity.

Despite these obstacles, we remain committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all members and visitors. We are exploring various avenues to secure the necessary funding and support, including engaging with local businesses, and organising fundraising events. We believe that with the collective effort and support of our community, we can overcome these challenges and breathe new life into our terrace, ensuring it becomes a welcoming space for everyone, including disabled individuals.



Support from Sport England's Active Together Fund

Sport England will contribute £4,500 to our £15,000 target, as long as we raise the other £10,500 ourselves with well over 75 contributors and within 6 weeks.

How we’ll spend the money raised

The fundraising for the rebuild of the Outdoor Terrace Area and improved disabled access at Tynemouth Cricket Club will be spent in the following areas to bring about positive changes:

1. Terrace Redesign and Renovation: Redesigning and renovating the Outdoor Terrace Area, this includes enhancing the overall layout, aesthetics, and functionality of the space. The funds will be used to create a more inviting and enjoyable environment for cricket club members and visitors.

2. Accessibility Upgrades: Another important aspect of the project is improving disabled access on to the terrace area. These upgrades will promote inclusivity and make the terrace area accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility.

3. Safety Enhancements: It is crucial to prioritise the safety of all terrace users. The funds raised will be used to implement safety enhancements such as non-slip flooring, handrails, and other measures to create a secure environment. These improvements will ensure that everyone can enjoy the terrace area without any safety concerns.

By investing the raised funds in these areas, we will be able to create a more welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable Outdoor Terrace Area at Tynemouth Cricket Club. The improvements will benefit not only the current club members but also attract new visitors, promote inclusivity, and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved in the cricket community. Your support and donations will directly contribute to these positive changes and make a lasting impact on the club and its members.


Community impact

We have over 200 players from the age of 5 to 60+ and with this, better facilities will benefit them all as well as also benefiting visitors and the local community

As well as cricket, we also host the following events at the cricket club:

Fireworks display attended by 3500+ spectators from the local community

Zumba, local schools who use the facilities for their sporting events, girls football and rugby tournaments.

We also host a number of parties, christenings, birthdays, weddings, meetings and training courses

During the Summer the ground is especially a place that the local community comes together to watch the cricket or to socialise



How you can play your part

There are four simple ways to help us reach our target, and make this project a reality.

1. Make a pledge. Don’t delay if you’re going to support us because momentum is key to our success!

2. Spread the word. Share our project on your social media pages and tell the world to get behind us! The more people we reach, the more support we will get.

3. Offer rewards. Get involved if you are a local business by donating things we can offer to our supporters. We will give you a shout out!

4. Fundraise for us. If you want to run your own fundraiser – maybe a sponsored activity or similar – use the 'contact project' button at the top of our page to let us know. Setting up your own page only takes a few minutes and you won’t need any bank details. Just a fun idea!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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Silver Buy a Tile

Silver Buy a Tile. By supporting the clubs “Buy a Tile” your name will be forever etched into the clubs history in the form of an honours board in a prominent location in the clubhouse.

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Family ticket for Tynemouth Fireworks Display

1 x Family Ticket for Tynemouth Fireworks Display RRP £15

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Match ball sponsorship

Personal or business will be assigned as a match ball sponsor for a senior game in the 2024 season. Displayed on social media posts before and after the game RRP £45

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Bronze Buy a Tile. By supporting the clubs “Buy a Tile” your name will be forever etched into the clubs history in the form of an honours board in a prominent location in the clubhouse.

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Boundary sponsor board for 2024. Price is per board per annum. RRP £200

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Gold Buy a Tile. By supporting the clubs “Buy a Tile” your name will be forever etched into the clubs history in the form of an honours board in a prominent location in the clubhouse.

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Boundary Sponsor Board for 2 seasons

Boundary sponsor board for 2 years. Price is per board for 2 years. RRP £400.

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Ground hire for a cricket match

Hire our Ground for a Private Cricket Match! Would you like to host your own cricket match for your friends? Or perhaps you are a local business who would like to run a corporate cricket day? You hire the ground, we provide our facilities. Subject to date RRP £600

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Platinum Buy a Tile

Platinum Buy a tile. By supporting Tynemouth Cricket Clubs “Buy a Tile” your name will be forever etched into the clubs history in the form of an honours board in a prominent location in the clubhouse

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Bottle of Prosecco

1 x Bottle of Prosecco over 18's only of course! RRP £10

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Pizza from Trully Madly Pizza

1 x Pizza from Trully Madly Pizza food van when they attend the Cricket Club in May RRP £10

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Parmo from Parm-O-Rama

1 x Parmo from the Parm-O-Rama food van when they attend the Cricket Club in May RRP £10

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Bird and Fox Voucher

£15 voucher for Bird and Fox on Tynemouth Front Street. Vintage and pre loved shop RRP £15

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2 x Yard House Glasses

2 x Glasses From Yard House Craft Beer shop in Tynemouth RRP £16

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Allards Voucher

£20 Allards voucher, Tynemouth RRP £20

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Playing shirt

Tynemouth CC playing shirt Size M RRP £26

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T20 Match Ball Sponsor

Match Ball Sponsor for one of our T20 home games Displayed on social media posts before and after the game RRP £30

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Bottle of Moet

1 x Bottle of Moet Champagne over 18's only of course RRP £43

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