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by Tasha Olive Wolf in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Tasha Olive Wolf in London, England, United Kingdom


"Turning The Tide" is a new project brought to you by enthusiastic creatives who have teamed up to give life to a show that will help share voices of the hospitality industry at a time when they need hearing most. The last few months have been incredibly difficult for pubs; probably some of the hardest they have ever faced. We feel these stories need to be shared through a contemporary media, and with expert voices to bring about greater understanding of the struggles of people working in these industries. The show documents past or occurring events whilst offers a unique opportunity to share what will be future new normals for the industry. 

"Turning The Tide" began as a passion project and up until now, has been entirely self-funded. It is currently made up of five episodes of (roughly) 25 minutes each. We have great plans in motions for other episodes and are continuing shooting to cover the struggles of pubs and beer destinations in London as the pandemic carries into 2021. The show has huge potential to serve historical and contextual purposes. It puts the selected pubs featured on the map, raising their profiles. Watching it offers an expert and unique insight on British public houses, and explores how much the London pub culture is at risk during and post-pandemic. 


Gabriele, the founding member behind this historically poignant venture and production, is a beer guy based in London. Not only does he make hugely valuable contributions to the London beer scene, he holds equally valuable titles amongst his peers in the industry. Gabs is an Accredited Beer Sommelier by The Beer & Cider Academy, a member of The British Guild of Beer Writers, has been recently awarded Silver Prize for the "Best Citizen Beer Communicator" award, and also is founder of the digital community "What's In The Glass?". 

Our core team has a wealth of experience that we are drawing on to realise this miniseries. We are striving to really make it count to our beer community, and all those who tap into our beer and pub culture. Our work offers both an opportunity and a voice to these pubs coming to us, to share their individual journeys during these unprecedented times. We first shot the show in the Summer over 25 days, travelling to different locations in London during COVID-19. At a time when every member of the industry that is lost means a cultural and economic loss, the impact of a project like "Turning The Tide" is real and significant. The first parts of the show have since been edited and are currently in final stages of post-production. We have already started to look at shooting more episodes, distributing the media and marketing to wider audiences. We're in need of a boost to ensure something as huge and as significant as this happens. 


We are now at a crucial point where we need help to have the first episodes of the show reach its fullest potential - we currently need some extra funds to complete the final touches on post-production and promotional materials. We also have plans to start visiting more pubs around London and perhaps the UK (when the government allows), to find out how they are keeping, and listen to their experiences. 

We strongly feel that what we are doing has significance in anthropology, sociology, history and public interest. As well as releasing this miniseries, we've tied in opportunities to sponsor, support and hold events in associated pubs. We're working hard to ensure that promotion of our project extends to promoting those featured also. Despite looking for financial support, this remains an endeavour to back our industry and not line our pockets. We cannot wait to share what we've been doing up 'til now and appreciate your interest in supporting us in our efforts. Please see our donation or reward offerings, and consider backing us. If there are any other ways you envisage in supporting us, we would appreciate it that you got in touch.


Be part of our journey by supporting us! The show is set to be featured across pivotal social media (magazines, websites) and will be promoted amongst crucial individuals within the hospitality and beer sector. As part of your sponsorship, we are prepared to include tailored content in the show to help promote specific values that are supported by organisations and communities, at the heart of what we stand for. So far, every guest, venue and part involved has large followings on socials. We are generating a lot of buzz within the industry and beyond on what our project is doing and what it stands for. Our partners and supporters, which would include you, will benefit from being part of the band which has enabled all this to materialise. Every participating and supporting member will be credited. Our crowdfunding campaign serves to offer anyone, who loves beer and the pub as much as we do, to have just as important involvement. Our endeavours and this show afford front row seats in witnessing how the industry will turn the tide.

Let's turn this tide together!


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