Turning PPD Into A Real Life Shop

by Kayleigh McDonald in Broughton, England, United Kingdom

Turning PPD Into A Real Life Shop

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Help me fulfil my dream of turning PPD into a real life shop. The shop will be full of quirky gifts and stationery and offer craft classes.

by Kayleigh McDonald in Broughton, England, United Kingdom

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On the 21st May 2021 we'd raised £16,708 with 1013 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The initial goal is to cover the cost of fitting out the shop. I know I am asking for a lot so I don’t expect to go over the target but if by some amazing miracle I do then anything over the target will go directly into buying more stock from other local businesses so I can support local artists and makers in my community. It will also help to pay other crafters to come in and offer craft workshops and I will be able to provide the space for people with chronic illness to come in and run coffee mornings for support. I would love to be able to offer this to other chronic illness support groups without cost to help them get up and running so your extra donations will enable me to be able to do this. 

1619131053_be01d95b-338f-490a-899e-a9cd4a6e8bf2.jpegHi I’m Kayleigh. I run Pocket Perfect Designs, my speciality is creating fun stationery and quirky gifts with a few swear words thrown in for good measure. I do create cute things too, like this Chronic Pain Tracker. I have a chronic illness and created this after an operation in January as I wanted something I could use to track the pain and show my Consultant post op

The more time goes on without the money to fit out the shop the more I realise that one day I’m going to have to walk past it and try not to cry because it went to someone else. You’ll all be pleased to know I’ve finally given in to your peer pressure and I’m going to give crowd funding a go.


I’ve been really struggling to write this for the last few days because it’s admitting defeat I guess. I pride myself on my honesty and showing you the reality of running a business and not just the filtered insta worthy side so I feel like it’s important to share this whole shop journey with you. 

In September I realised there was a shop round the corner from my house for rent. I went to look at it and it’s a complete shell so going to be expensive to fit out. Everyone I spoke to told me not to do it for obvious reasons but I love a challenge and a little pandemic won't stop me. In fact I even have a pen for that! 1619132115_409174e9-e197-4d7b-936b-5f3266ea688d.jpeg

What I want to bring to my local community is something that we don’t currently have and I think now is the perfect time for that. My idea for this shop is to have a little mezzanine where all the PPD products will be. I’m not at all ashamed of my style and I’m proud of how much I’ve built it up however I appreciate not everyone wants the C word in your face everywhere you look. This way it’s optional for you to go up the stairs and see it. 


Downstairs will have all of Lazy Llama stock, this is my other business if you’re not aware. It’s a child friendly PPD basically. It’s full of quirky stationery like mermaid pens and flamingo planners. I want to support my local community in a few different ways and help to build up the economy post Covid. 


I would absolutely love to source locally produced stock from small businesses in the Milton Keynes area and purchase directly from them and sell in my shop which will support loads of local small businesses. 

As well as this, I want the PPD shop to have a large crafting table on the right hand side of the shop where people can go to the coffee shop round the corner and then pop in and take a seat and work on whatever they’re currently crafting. Whether they’re finishing a knitting project or they want to bring their child in to do some painting, if there’s a space at the table then they’re welcome. The craft table will also host various craft sessions in the evenings where I would like to hire someone to come in and teach an hours session. This will not only support a local crafter, it will teach others in our local community new skills. I’d love to offer kids craft parties too. I would also love to have a chronic illness meet up, I have severe endometriosis and haven’t been able to find anything local to Milton Keynes that offers support. I would love to host things like coffee mornings at the shop where people with endometriosis can meet up and get support whilst having fun and crafting. I would welcome other people that have chronic illnesses to get in touch if they wanted to host their own one at my craft table. There’s little support out there for people with chronic illness and I would love to play a part in that changing.   

So why do I need funding? I’ve mentioned it before that the cost of the shop rent isn’t an issue. I can understand that people might think if you’re asking for money before you’ve even got it then how will you afford the rent. The unit comes as a complete shell there’s no plaster on the walls or a proper ceiling. The money I am looking to raise is to pay for the fit out of the shop with the basics such as a kitchen, back office etc. I have had confirmation that a toilet should be being built in before moving in at the landlords cost so that is one less worry!

With all high street banks only providing Covid related lending I applied for a business loan with a not for profit organisation in my local area. After passing initial checks they decided that I would be a “reputational risk” as they felt the sweary nature of my business would cause huge complaints. 

I have the most amazing customers that have been behind me 100% and have been trying to persuade me to do crowdfunding. I was really against it because I felt like people would think it’s really beggy but it’s got to the point now where my pride needs to be put aside as I can’t bear someone else to take my dream shop! I’d love to send you a reward in return for your money though as a thank you. At the moment the rewards include UK postage only. Unfortunately due to Brexit it’s caused huge international shipping issues. I would absolutely love you to donate but please contact me first if you’re not in the UK so I can let you know how much shipping will be.  


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Mini Affirmation Pack

I’ve created a mini pack of affirmations based on my journey to getting a shop experience. For your pledge you’ll receive a pack of 5, each with a different saying on.

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Let’s Be Pen Pals!

If you can spare a fiver I will send you a pack of 4 PPD A6 Postcard Prints out in the post. Stick them on your desk, put them in a frame and hang on the back of the toilet door or wild suggestion - go old school and actually write on them and send them out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. The possibilities are endless with these postcards but your fiver is gratefully received.

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It’s A Mystery

Grab one of our best sellers, a PPD mystery pack. In exchange for your kind donation I’ll send you the same value or more in PPD products out in the post or you can collect from the shop when it opens if you’d prefer.

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Gift Voucher For The Shop

You’ll get a £25 voucher that you can spend in the new PPD shop when it opens. A real life voucher to spend in a real life shop, pinch me!

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Did Someone Say Exclusive Access?

We’ve all seen the queues at Primark this week but I know your time is precious. I’m giving you exclusive access to the brand new PPD shop before anyone else. You’ll be invited to the shop at a VIP launch and get to spend your £100 pledge in store before the grand opening.

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A Mystery Pack A Month

Want a PPD surprise in the post every month for a whole year? Of course you do! As a thank you for your generosity I will send out a mystery pack per month to you for 12 months.

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A Little Letterbox Treat

If you can spare a tenner then I’d like to send you a little thank you gift through your letterbox. Spoiler alert: it’ll probably be sweary!

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Pack Of 5 PPD Pens

Who doesn’t love a PPD Pen? It’s what we’re known for after all! You will receive a mystery pack of 5 PPD pens. This reward is limited though, so get them while they’re on offer! These can be posted out or collected from the shop when it opens if you prefer.

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Pack Of 4 Washi Tapes

You will receive four different PPD washi tapes. Perfect for your craft projects or wrapping presents.

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