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by Turning Point UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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This fundraiser will help provide essential fundraising to TPUK to ensure we can continue our vital work.

by Turning Point UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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In just one month, hundreds of thousands of students will be beginning life at university. British universities are known to be among the greatest hotbeds of left wing radicalisation in our country. They are breeding grounds for anti-British Marxist ideologies and the main recruitment ground for far-left (often extremist) protest groups. New students, particularly those who are vulnerable, are targeted, groomed and quickly molded into left wing radicals by their overzealous lecturers and ideologically puritan peers. They are away from the school friends they have known for years, and in many cases this will be the first time they have left home. They are bullied and gaslit into becoming leftists in exchange for a secure social life. We saw the effects of radicalised students over the last year: the flag on the Cenotaph being burnt, statues being toppled and vandalised and even attacks on the police. This cycle repeats every year, and it will continue until we can intervene and provide a sensible alternative.

This is where Turning Point UK comes in. We have been combatting the left on campuses since we launched in 2019, and we are determined to break this cycle. We have established a network of chapters at universities across the UK, who are there to remind students that it is fine to be patriotic, a Brexiteer, to believe in Britain and to stand up against leftist lecturers and bullies. Our chapters put on regular events where members can talk about politics away from the omnipresent intimidation tactics of woke campus activists. We also produce a range of online content in the hope of restoring common sense to the national political conversation. 

But for all of this to continue, we need your help!

We maintain a small team to coordinate our national operation, and we need funds to produce and distribute campaign materials, hire rooms for events with first-rate speakers, and continue to push for common sense conservative ideas in the national discussion.

We are a grassroots movement, and we rely on small donations from people like you to continue our vital work. The left wing press says we are funded by billionaires and “dark money”. It sounds spooky, but it’s not true. Our donors are normal people like you who are sick of the power that woke activists have over them.

We need to raise a minimum of £20,000 to cover our campus relaunch and are relying on you to help us do this. We are happy to keep standing between you and the mob, our activists have been tackled, spat on, chased and verbally abused countless times, but we do this to protect you and our great country. We are happy to keep risking our health and future employment, so you don’t have to, but we need your support to do this. Help save Britain and end the radicalisation of British students by supporting TPUK.

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