by Pawel Meryn in New Malden, Greater London, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is to bring happiness into the lives of families that who have fled the war in Ukraine.

by Pawel Meryn in New Malden, Greater London, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Pawel Meryn, and I have a desire to help Ukrainian refugees that have fled to Poland, to escape the war in the Ukraine. With your help, our passion and time, we can help families in desperate need of accommodation and support for their children’s education. I will personally distribute the funds and share photographs and feedback from my visit on the website. I have no staff, office, or hidden costs. Every pound received from this Crowdfunding initiative will reach the families in need.

Building on the success of our last tournament we have organised a second tournament in September, with the aim to raise money to provide accommodation for specific families as well as stationery (notebooks, pencils, markers, etc.,) for at least 20 children. The amount of help of course will depend on the amount raised at the tournament and funding received from this Crowdfunding initiative.

Karina is a very good friend of mine who works for a Polish charity devoted to help Ukrainian refugees and with her knowledge we can target those families that have the greatest need.   

One such family of 4 is Julia and her daughter Liza, Julia’s mother Natali and sister Liuba, who recently fled from the city of Mikolayev in the Ukraine, which is still being bombed today. Their house is damaged beyond repair, so have no home to go back to. Julia and Natalia are finding it difficult to find work despite being qualified pharmacists with master’s degrees. They can`t do this in Poland as they currently don’t speak Polish. To survive, one of them helps in a kitchen, the other cleaning. The youngest child Eva will go to school in September.


Rent for a 3-bed flat is around £400 a month, excluding gas, electricity, and water. We would like to provide them with at least 10 months’ rent £4000. If our funding allows, we will pay for the gas, electricity, and water supplies. Also, to help them look for better work and cover their daily expenses.


Another family is Olga and her son Jaroslav who is autistic who currently live in 3-bedroom flat with 12 people. We would like to provide her with funds for a 1bed flat until June 2023

If through your generosity we receive more than we need for the above families, we have a list of others who are also in desperate need of our help   


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