Trump ice-head Trays

by scottandben in London, England, United Kingdom

Trump ice-head Trays
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All profit from the sale of Trump Trays will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).

by scottandben in London, England, United Kingdom

It’s getting hot in hurrrrrr.

2017 was the hottest non-El Niño year on record.
Droughts are leading to wildfires.
Melting polar ice is raising the sea level.
Warmer seas are causing angrier hurricanes.

Our best defence against global warming is the Paris Agreement – and fortunately every single country in the world has signed up. Unfortunately, one man has vowed to withdraw the United States.

Trump burying his head in the sand won’t help.
Ironically, burying his head in the freezer will.

Trump Trays are 100% recyclable, silicone ice-cube trays that make four golf-ball sized ice-heads at a time. Each a perfect 360° replica of the 45th President's head

They’re perfect for global warming!

All profits from the sale of the trays will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). A charity working to protect the natural environment – and the people and wildlife that depend upon it.

Cool down while the planet heats up!

How you use your heads is up to you. Add one to your favourite drink, make crushed ice with your nearest hammer or recreate one of our signature cocktails below.

It took weeks to find a company that could mass-produce such a detailed, complex mould. Then we found ToolCast. With a combination of experience and electroforming technology, they’re going to create two half-head food-grade silicone pieces. These will be ‘push fit’ and the water (preferably distilled) will be poured through the hole in the top of the tray. After freezing for 2.5 hours, you'll have four crystal clear ice-heads.

However, mass production setup costs are expensive - running to nearly £10,000 before a single tray is made. To offset that and raise over £20,000 for charity, we need to sell 5,000 trays. Help us, help you, help them.

Not in the market for a tray? You can still help. Sharing is caring.
To complain, make a retail enquiry or for PR, email us: [email protected]


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100% recyclable, silicone trays that make four full ice-heads at once. Fun for the whole family!

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