Trillium House Plants

by Emma Gunn in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

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My aim is to set up a bespoke house plant business in Newquay, Cornwall, where I can prescribe the perfect plant for you.

by Emma Gunn in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With the extra money, I could kit out my new shop, buy a wider variety of plants and pots and attend markets around Cornwall selling plants to a wider audience.

Trillium House Plants

What if I told you I could prescribe the perfect plant for you? Whether your living room is a suntrap or your home is a dark basement flat, I can diagnose precisely the right plant therapy thanks to more than two decades of experience.   

My background

I'm Emma, founder of the newly established Trillium. My business idea came to me when I was made redundant from the Eden Project after working there for 22 years. I’d been responsible for designing and tending to the indoor plants all around the site, as well as taking care of in-house floristry, and creating show gardens and displays for the Eden Sessions and other events.

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All of that said, my story has a happy ending since redundancy gave me the push I needed to create Trillium. I’d also noticed how much I missed being around plants during lockdown so, as soon as the garden centres re-opened, I couldn’t help but visit them and fill my home with as many beautiful plants as possible. 

Soon I realised, why not set up an indoor plant business? Plus I had plenty of time on my hands, so I began to compile plant care information for as many house plants as I could find, discovering some amazing facts along the way. 


Extreme Greens

Did you know that plants can get homesick when they move to a new house? Or that we couldn’t actually survive without them? They give us oxygen, they clothe us and feed us, and provide us with medicine. More than that, they nourish our soul and create a calm environment. This is where plant therapy comes in. 

The connection between plants and people is deep rooted. Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a long walk in nature? Better yet, when we bring plants into our homes, they help to clean the air, and the soil they grow in contains natural bacteria that stimulates the serotonin levels which make us happy. What’s more, the colour green has a soothing effect on the nervous system. 


My love of plants

Plants are truly amazing, which is why I’ve spent the last 20 plus years of my life working as a forager, garden designer, florist and indoor plant specialist. In fact, I’ve loved plants since I was a child. My family lived in different countries when I was young, and many of my memories revolve around the wide variety of plants I discovered as we moved from place to place. 

I remember seeing sugar maples being tapped for syrup in Canada, scrumping rambutans from a neighbour’s garden, picking limequats from our own garden, and tickling the sensitive plant (which grows like a weed) while waiting for the bus in Singapore. 


The Aim

With all this in mind, the funds raised through this project will support me in setting up my own shop in Newquay and online so I can supply people and businesses with beautiful bespoke plants to suit their needs - and the plants’ needs too!

"Emma is the best in the business when it comes to plants. Her knowledge of plants is second to none. I can rely on her for advice on plant choice, situation or aesthetics, knowing she puts the customers needs first. 

A plants-woman of the 21st century through and through." Rob Love, founder of Crowdfunder 


        Terrarium          Desk plant and pot


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£12 Christmas workshop

Christmas is just around the corner... are you stuck for ideas? Why not join my Christmas workshop where I will demonstrate how to make a selection of plant based Christmas gifts, such as pot-et-fleur, a bulb pot or a kokedama, inspiring you for your plant-loving friends and family. The workshop will be held in Newquay

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£15 Desk plant and pot

A lucky dip of one of these air purifying plants to make 'working from home' a more pleasurable experience! Spider plant, Areca palm, bird's nest fern, peace lily or something similar. I will include a care card for your new plant. Delivery within Cornwall only

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£15 macrame hanging pot

An elegant cream or black macrame hanger and white pot for you to show off your favourite cascading plant! Dimensions 78 x 13 x 13cm Please state which colour you would prefer

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£20 Medium sized lucky dip plant

A lucky dip of one of these striking plants... Livistonia palm, Ficus 'Ginseng', Zz plant, ponytail palm or something similar. Pot not included. Delivery within Cornwall only

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£40 succulent wreath

Here's your very own handcrafted eco-friendly succulent wreath! The best thing about this is you can propagate these succulents after Christmas and keep as house plants, and re-use the woven wreath again and again!

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£50 Consultancy

Are you struggling to find plants that you can look after or just don't know where to start? Let me help! I can guide you with the best plants for your home or office and the best plants for you. Cornwall only or via email/video chat discussion. Can be redeemed up to 3 months after purchase.

£500 or more

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£500 consultancy and plant dressing

Let me guide you with the best plant choices for your space! I'll install them - up to the value of £500. Aftercare not included, Cornwall only. Can be claimed up to 3 months after purchase.

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£30 glass terrarium

A beautiful, spherical terrarium ready-planted for you to give to someone as a gift or keep for yourself! Cornwall delivery only

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