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To help the TOTSUP® Big Red Bus reward chart and iOS app on the next stage of it's journey

by Sally Marks in Somerset

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INTRODUCING THE TOTSUP® RED BUS - 'The Reward Chart Tots Love Lots'

Created by a Mum to make good behaviour more fun! The TOTSUP® Big Red Bus is a great motivational parenting tool, which can be used at home, in the classroom and with the iOS app when out and about... for the journey towards better behaviour.

The friendly passengers are waiting on the bus stop to board the bus each time a child earns a reward. Perfect for potty training, better bedtimes, early waking, table manners and fussy eating, to name but a few, the Big Red Bus is interactive, engaging and great fun. The iOS app allows the good work to continue outside of the home, wherever you are.


Above: The TOTSUP® Big Red Bus 3D, magnetic reward chart is colourful, highly engaging, simple to use and very effective. 
Below: Combined use of the reward chart and iOS app, allows continuity of praise and reward to be maintained wherever you are.



87% of parents believe reward charts positively impact on behaviour. However, star and sticker charts often lose their appeal and remain confined to the fridge door. The Big Red Bus is a high quality, 3D, free standing design which can be used in conjunction with the accompanying app to allow encouragement, praise and reward wherever you are.

Alongside encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour, the Big Red Bus can be used to help develop emotional literacy by talking to your little one about the destination of the bus, who the passengers are and where their favourite places to visit are - encouraging them to talk about their feelings and experiences.



'Research has shown that encouraging positive behaviours with fun and timely rewards can have a remarkable effect in many children. Particularly between the ages of 2 and 6, when little ones are often having to learn repetitive tasks that to grown-ups might be obvious and necessary, but to children seem terribly dull.

Acknowledgement and praise is therefore crucial, and these positive messages can be aided by using a reward chart like the TOTSUP® Big Red Bus. When I first saw the red bus, I just knew it would work.’

Emma Leigh Chartered Educational Psychologist BSC (Hons), MSc, PGCE, C.Psychol.




The first combined reward chart and app of it’s kind, the TOTSUP® Big Red Bus makes rewarding good behaviour more effective and more fun. Children move the passengers from the bus stop on to the bus, working towards a pre-agreed reward.

It’s simple concept is easy for children to grasp and understand and unlike charts which have rows and columns for specific tasks, the red bus can be used to address whatever behaviour you wish to work on.

Throughout testing it has worked successfully for parents tackling their little one's potty training, fussy eating, bedtime routines, teeth cleaning, tidying, playing together/sharing toys and early waking.

The red bus has also been trialled in schools, on a one to one basis and in classroom settings, all with highly positive feedback.




'I have used the TOTSUP® reward bus as a tool for good behaviour in school. As a supply teacher, having a short term achievable reward system that works is essential. The red bus has ticked all boxes and has really delivered. What I love is that I have used it from nursery up to year 6 and even the older children adore it. It's bold, visual and so, so simple to use. The children take control with loading people on the bus and the privilege to do so is a real treat. Well done TOTSUP®, I love this product!'

Mrs A Munro, Supply Teacher.



We were sent this wonderful little reward system just before Christmas! It has transformed both the way we manage our toddler's behaviour and how he reacts to his emotions. It's very easy to use and very simple! Our 2 year old gets so excited about behaving well, so that he can put a passenger on the bus and work towards getting a reward. It has helped our toddler have less tantrums and has helped us with putting him to bed. We are very grateful that we have been able to get our hands on such a brilliant reward system!

Ethan & Joanna Wilkinson





Thanks to some incredible support and technical expertise the TOTSUP® Big Red Bus has been expertly developed. (I was very fortunate to work with a project manager whose patience with my lack of understanding of magnetic polarity (?!) was limitless!)

The bus is approx 290mm x 210mm. It is easy to assemble and made of rigid, hard wearing foam PVC, the red bus is wipe clean, lightweight and robust. The passengers are 35mm square magnetic pieces. Each window on the bus is numbered 1-10, which also means you can encourage your child's number recognition. The bus comes with adhesive letters so that it can be personlised with your child's name.

Throughout development, the bus has undergone rigorous testing by hundreds of little fingers and many helpful parents and has received a resounding thumbs up!



The concept for the Big Red Bus originally came about some years ago when I worked with a child with Autism, using a behavioural intervention therapy. Encouraging positive behaviour using a reward chart, was fundamental to this. As the little boy I was working with began to tire of sticky stars, I devised a series of alternative charts, based around things he loved; as a Graphic Designer this was a labour of love and the fact they worked really well was only a bonus.

Fast forward several years and my first born was in the throes of potty training. As I stood cheering at his success, there was a familiarity from the work I had done previously, when cheering, whooping and filling a reward chart went hand in hand. I ressurected the designs, which my son loved, and as he and I celebrated his achievements an idea emerged.

The red bus became a firm favourite in our house and the passengers were my best friends as we battled bedtimes, bath time tantrums and mealtime meltdowns. After a couple of friends complimented the charts, I saw the potential of the idea.

Intensive research followed (as did another baby boy) and prototypes were created and tested extensively. Whilst in a supermarket queue I had a ‘eureka’ moment, realising that the addition of an app would allow for use of the reward chart anywhere and began working on this.

I have been very fortunate to have had lots of input from early years educators, helpful parents and an educational psychologist to develop a product that is almost ready for launch.

Above: My little helpers (the red bus worked wonders with 'Hank' the dinosaur too!)



A South West based, UK manufacturer for the Big Red Bus and packaging has been identified and I am delighted that TOTSUP® has been approved by the Made in Britain campaign.


The design has been registered, the TOTSUP® trademark secured and with the manufacturing process in place there are already other designs in the pipeline.

In order to take the next step and launch the TOTSUP® Big Red Bus and iOS app, I need your help and support to raise £6000 which will be used to develop the app and produce the packaging for the red bus. 



Your generous pledges will be used to fund the next stage of the app development and the packaging and will mean TOTSUP® is ready to launch this summer.

Anything over and above this target will help to fund development and prototyping of an exciting second design.


Above: Specially designed for this campaign the TOTSUP® animal passengers are bound to be a big hit with little animal lovers everywhere.
Below: Perfect for princesses - a pink TOTSUP® edition with some very special passengers.


So to join the Big Red Bus journey and help bring TOTSUP® 'the reward chart tots love lots' to life, please pledge and spread the word.

Help bring better bedtimes and tamer toddlers to family homes everywhere!

Thank you x







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