Sedna Tone of the Heart Event

by Soesen Edan in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Sedna Tone of the Heart Event
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Tone of the Heart. Collectively raising vibrations for the globe with a very special sound meditation event, featuring the Sedna gong.

by Soesen Edan in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Dear friends,

My name is Soesen Edan and I am a certified Sound Therapist, based in the Midlands, UK.

I have been working all over the globe with sound & music for over 20 years. I work with all ages, backgrounds and forms of dis-ease. As well as running regular monthly sessions and retreats for the public, I specialise in working with people with severe complex needs and autism. I also work regularly in prisons, running 1 day workshops in sound therapy, vocal toning & meditation - work I find particularly rewarding and learn much from.

I am writing to you to ask for your support and generosity…

For over 10 years I have been wanting to add a Sedna gong to my tool kit.

This specific gong has been precisely tuned to the frequency of the dwarf planet Sedna.

I am at a stage in my career where I want to go much deeper with my work. It goes far beyond earning a living. My soul purpose is to impact as many people as possible through the power of sound, to deeply heal and transform.

My wonderful kit of healing instruments have brought much healing, harmony and balance to many across the country over my 15years of practicing Sound Therapy. I have reached near to 10,000 people so far on my beautiful journey as a sound therapist and its been as beneficial to myself as the people I work.

It's now time to take things to the next level and I am asking for your generosity to help me create expansion. With the Sedna gong I will be able to bring more power and effectiveness to my work as well as being able to reach larger groups.

Bigger gong = bigger power = more extraordinary sonic journey = deeper healing!

Sedna is the Norse goddess of the ocean, and her sound is deep, nurturing, warm, yet watery. She is the purifier: her sound helps to clear toxic emotions, cleanse the thyroid, and open the heart chakra to increased love.

Sedna echoes a global perspective, enabling compassion and forgiveness, expansion and transformation.
Sedna expands and challenges our ideas and assumptions about the very nature of the cosmos, opening us to new paradigms, providing us with access to the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious.

In a time when our world and its inhabitants are going through great shifts, both on ground level and astrologically, Sedna, more than ever, seems so timely, necessary and potent.


What I am offering:

The best way I can help people in need is by offering my services as a sound therapist. Once I have acquired the Sedna gong, I will host 2 very special events. The events will be held in Birmingham, the heart of the England, and it will take place on February 14th, not only a symbolic day of love but also World Sound Healing Day.

The event will be a gathering of conscious minds, taking part in breath-work, toning meditation and sound therapy. We will collectively raise our vibrations, elevating our chakras to the next level, in particular that of the heart, and spread a deeply healing loving energy to the far reaches of the globe.

I feel a deep call to organise these large events with energy potent enough to send deeply healing energy to all the people in need on our planet and the planet itself.

Here is the link to the first of these events.

And if you are unable to make this date, there will be another in September - date & venue tbc.

We are vibration. We are energy. Raising our collective consciousness really does work. It is so easy and we can do this, together.


Thank you for considering donating to a cause that will benefit so many.

I am asking for your kindness and generosity in helping me purchase a Sedna Gong to be played at these very special events.

The price of the Sedna is £2749. The carry case alone is £129.
£3500 will pay for the gong, its carry case and costs towards a large venue for the events.

I and anyone else involved in hosting the events will be giving their time and services for free. The events themselves will be free of charge to anyone on a low income and anyone that's made a donation. For anyone else wanting to attend the events, tickets will be sold on a donation basis. I would like to make these events accessible to as many people as possible.

Any profit made from the events will be donated to Medicine Sans Frontiere.

The more minds and hearts we gather as a collective vibration, the greater the awesome power will be created and the ripple effect will be beyond measure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Soesen Edan, Edan Sound.



"My husband and I came to see you for a group session.... Well, my goodness... I didn't know that sound could heal so well! Within a few days all my pain had gone completely and I felt just like my old self again. Both my husband and I loved the session! Everything about the time we spent with you was mesmerising and felt so healing. I was so surprised at how much better my body felt after; I felt a huge weight lifted and all the pain gone. Being a music therapist I do appreciate how healing sound can be but being on the receiving end is a very different experience. Biggest thank you Soesen, you are truly magical."

"Thanks for the most amazing experience today. I am eager for more... it made me feel intensely relaxed yet with heightened sense. An immensely refreshing experience; the base of my spine has unfurled and I feel taller. For three hours after the session I was more energised than I have been in the last twenty years!"

"I’ve attempted hypnotherapy, meditation and lots more previously, however my mind has always been too ‘active’ for me to fully allow myself to relax. This was so completely different, and just what I needed at the moment. I felt as though I’d spent the day at the spa having treatments, and felt so much better for it afterwards."


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