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by Tom Thomasson- personal coaching in Wivenhoe, England, United Kingdom

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I want to cover my fees so that I can offer 3 free online workshops per month to the public on getting more playful, mindful and creative.

by Tom Thomasson- personal coaching in Wivenhoe, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 24th December 2020 we'd raised £155 with 11 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Raisng £600 would allow me to offer 12 online sessions for free to the public. This is an amazing 4 months worth of sessions ( based on running 3 workshops per month at a cost of £50 each).

I am keen to support people on low incomes and benefits especially given the challenging times we live in so providing 12 would be wonderful. My ultimate goal is to provide the free  online sessions on an ongoing basis whilst acquiring national reach. 

Welcome lovely humans, I'm Tom .

Here's what I do

I provide to one to one coaching workshops  that enable adults from all walks of life to live more playful, creative and mindful lives. Using my background as an actor and reiki practitioner I offer others the tools and encouragement to begin to make the personal changes  that really matter to them. I help people to build lives that are a true reflection of who they feel they really are on the inside. (For more on this please see : What Does A Workshop Involve?). 

How I plan to use crowdfunding

 I wish to use crowdfunding  to cover my fees so that I can offer  3 free online  workshops per month  to individual members of the public on an ongoing basis. Preference will be given to individuals in financial hardship who are able to provide official evidence of their benefit  or welfare status.  A maximum of  5 free workshops in total  will be offered per person to enable a fair rotation of my services.  This will allow me to assist as many people as possible whilst also providing each person with time to really connect with the help I  offer.

 The amount of funding I require

My fee for each one hour session is £50 GBP

I am aiming to raise a total of £150  per month to cover the 3 free sessions .

What does a workshop involve?

Each workshop I run  is unique and structured to a client’s chosen goals after a free consultation. Depending on their requirements , a sample workshop may include  any of the following  for example:


Tips and discussion on holistic self care such as how to  create sustainable and balanced  routines

Goal setting 

Writing affirmations for the mind, body and heart.

Reiki treatments

Exploring playfulness and flow through creative exercises . These exercises may include:

Improvisations exploring movement, sound and words.

Free association writing

Monologue creation

Character/ story development

Vocal warm ups and acting technique.

Brainstorming and journal creation

What makes my project worth funding?

My workshops are unique.

I create one to one workshops tailored to each client so you won’t find anything else like it.

The sessions enable participants to begin to explore key questions  about what makes them genuinely  happy, such as:

How can I do more of what I really love and be more authentic?

How can I allow more space in my life  for the things, people and places I love?

What does living more playfully and creatively mean to me ?

Why is living with more joy important  to me and what actions can I take that support my happiness ?

What does artistic/ creative flow actually feel like when it’s really working inside me?

My work is holistic 

Each session is holistic meaning that  the mind, the body , the heart and the spirit all gain something from the hour inorder to create balance.

Reiki training allows me to offer people the chance to connect to  the unique energetic flow in their bodies. This includes talking through ways to balance and free up energy so that we have the opportunity to feel more grounded, present, and in touch with our ability to create.

I have experience in my field 

I  have a creative background of over ten years as a freelance actor .  During this time I toured nationally with well established companies such as the Graeae theatre company so the creative tips I offer are centered in experience.  I was also successfully awarded arts funding in 2015 and 2016 by the Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund and Arts council England respespectively (to participate in a short course with a dance company in 2015 and to run a script development project at The Mercury Theatre Colchester in 2016) so I am able to manage projects and finances well.

I have extensive  experience supporting people with disabilites.

I have also run drama workshops for people of all ages with a very wide  range physical and sensory challenges. I use a wheelchair myself as I have cerebral palsy and find walking more than 10  to 15 minutes at a time challenging. I encourage anyone who may be nervous about engaging in workshops because of a disability  to get in touch.  I would really love to assist you in getting the most from my work.

The Future of my business- what I hope to acheive

I aim to provide free online workshops every month to people who need my assistance for as long as I am able. To support this work I have very recently begun a youtube channel allowing me to share  self care tips, creative exercises and mediations on a weekly basis. I would like to continue to expand my youtube channel and my workshops so that my reach is national. 


“Had my first creativity session today, went really well, began with meditation clearing chakras, really grounding, then looking at ways I express playfulness, more today around finding words that express this. Hope to move into sound and movement with confidence. Also stretching exercises to help breathe deeper to work on sounds, I look forward to my next appointment. I really recommend to anyone reading this.”



This project offered rewards

£3 or more

£3 Reward - My Secrets to Creative Flow PDF

Donate £3 and get my Secrets to Creative Flow PDF. This contains some of my best tips for optimising your ability to create. It will also assist you with leading a more peaceful and mindful life day to day.

£15 or more

£15 Reward 25 minute coaching phone/video call

The call is centered around your needs. We can discuss ways to boost your artistry, tips for opening out to more playfulness, mindfulness and relaxation, or simply discuss your lifestyle routine and any changes you wish to make. The week before the phone call I will send you a brief email to get the ball rolling. I look forward to helping and connecting with you.

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