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With your help we can keep our choirs and programmes running and continue to support marginalised communities through this difficult time

by Together Productions in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 23rd January 2022 we'd raised £30,090 with 247 supporters in 43 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Any additional funds raised will allow us to keep running Together Productions on a more secure footing while we establish longer term funding pathways, build and grow our choirs and further develop our programmes.

It has been more important than ever to keep our choirs and projects going for our community during the pandemic, but it has placed a huge demand on our resources and now we are struggling to stay afloat.  Your donations will help us to survive whilst we secure ongoing funding support.

With your help we have raised over £30,000 to keep our team together and continue supporting marginalised people and local communities across London and the South East through our activities this Winter and Spring.  
Further donations will help us to achieve our stretch target and secure our long term future.


WHAT do we do?

Together Productions brings together people who may never otherwise meet to connect, collaborate and create. We use music and the arts as a catalyst to break down barriers, reduce isolation and enhance well-being. We produce high quality artistic work that is grown through creative collaboration, participation and experimentation. 

The work of Together Productions at its heart is to create families and communities in the unlikeliest of situations. Our arts projects are so much more than choirs and singing – we give people the space to ask difficult questions, to meet people they would never normally encounter, and to build friendships and bonds of affinity that make our world just that bit more compassionate and beautiful.

WHO does it benefit?

Anyone can become involved in our work, but we focus on including those who are marginalised or excluded, such as those who are:

  • Displaced or seeking sanctuary
  • Facing mental health challenges
  • Elderly
  • Financially disadvantaged
  • Socially excluded or isolated

Through our work we build unique communities of creativity and friendship that can powerfully impact on people’s health, well-being, confidence and connectedness.


“They are my family, my people”

When one of our singers lost everything he owned recently in a fire at his Home Office accommodation his first call was to the choir: “They are my family, my people”. So many of our community have reported how we’ve helped them through lockdown; as Kate says: “What would I have done without the Sing for Freedom Choir during the pandemic? Fallen apart, been really isolated and started to feel old!”.

WHY do we need your help?

We are under resourced at a time when our work is needed more than ever:

The ongoing migrant crisis has seen people arriving here with inadequate and inept provision, dependent on voluntary orgs and charities. Meanwhile, the UK is struggling to recover from Covid with increased isolation, anxiety, division, and mental health problems on the rise.   

We rely on income from ticket sales to support our work, but the current climate means we have been unable to produce live performances for over 18 months. 

We successfully fundraised to keep our projects going through lockdown, but the increased demand on our resources was huge, and like many others we were sadly unsuccessful in our last application to the Culture Recovery Fund which would have helped us make up this shortfall.  

HOW can you help?

1. Donate 

Your donation is SO important to us, and every penny will help us to survive and thrive.

2. Follow Us

Help us raise awareness by following our social media pages and sharing the campaign with your followers. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, plus you can join our newsletter to keep up to date with our happenings.

3. Spread the Word

PLEASE do tell your friends about us, and encourage them to support.  A personal recommendation or explanation about why you think our work is worth supporting can make all the difference.

WHAT will the funds support?

Your donations will allow us to keep the Sing for Freedom Choir and Mixed Up Chorus singing, as well as to begin work on the next exciting phase of Singing Our Lives which brings displaced people from around the world together with local UK communities to build bonds and create music and art as a community   Crucially, your donations will help us keep the Together Productions team going.  As well as our brilliant Musical Directors we have a Creative Producer and Head of Programmes who work hard behind the scenes to keep things running and secure ongoing funding, as well as an Engagement and Pathways Coordinator who provides the vital additional support that the vulnerable groups we work with need.  


A little more about our current projects:

Singing Our Lives

Bringing displaced people and sanctuary seekers together with local UK communities to create together and build life-changing bonds of friendship and empathy.  During lockdown we have built partnerships around the globe, and the next phase will see exciting performances in 2022 at the Union Chapel for Refugee Week and the Tilbury Carnival in July, as well as the development of an Internationally co-produced opera exploring the global stories that connect us all.

Sing For Freedom Choir

This life-affirming choir brings together Survivors affiliated with Freedom From Torture along with other Londoners who share the joy of singing and spread a message of hope and resilience.  Their joyful performances have inspired audiences everywhere and during lockdown they have become an even more close knit community of support.

The Mixed Up Chorus

"There are no wrong notes" is the motto for this choir bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to sing music from around the world drawn from a global repertoire.  Since 2013 the choir has brought joy to hundreds of members and audiences across London and the UK

Singing For Our Minds

A brand new development programme produced by Together Productions with our partners the Mind and Soul Choir at the Maudsley Hospital.  This training, specifically for ethnic minority groups currently under-represented in the arts, will enable even more arts leaders to promote mental health and well being through their practice.  The programme is funded by the Baring Foundation, but funds raised through this appeal will allow us to develop the model further and offer the programme to practitioners across the UK.   


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

A Special Thanks

Donate £10 or more and receive a thank you in our programme for our Refugee Week concert at the Union Chapel in 2022

£20 or more

A Special Thank You on Film

Always wanted to see your name in film credits? This is your chance! When you donate £20 or more, we'll include your name in the credits for our next Together Productions music video.

£30 or more

A Silk Screen Printed Sing for Freedom Tote Bag

Bags of Joy! Show your support with this eye-catching Sing for Freedom tote bag as a reward. They're 100% cotton and 110% awesome!

£40 or more

A Silk Screen Printed Sing for Freedom T Shirt

This is the colour of music! Show your support with this Sing for Freedom t-shirt as a reward. They're 100% cotton and 110% awesome!

£100 or more

A Night Out to Remember

VIP Tickets to our Refugee Week concert and meeting the singers and musicians afterwards

£500 or more

Find Your Voice

Always wanted to sing but never taken the plunge? Or perhaps you want to improve your singing voice? A donation of £500 or over will bag you a private singing lesson and voice coaching assessment with one of our amazing musical directors! Also includes all of the above rewards - thank yous, a bag, t-shirt and VIP package to our concert!

£5,000 or more

Pimp your Party!

Planning an event and needing some extra special guests? Donations of £5000 or more get you an exclusive live performance with the Sing For Freedom Choir and the Mixed Up Chorus! (Subject to Covid-19 safety risk assessment). Also includes all of the above rewards - thank yous, a bag, t-shirt, VIP package to our concert and a private singing lesson!

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