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Warnham and the wider Community are fundraising for an AV1 Robot for Toby who is receiving a Kidney transplant from his Dad in November 2021

by Toby’s Titans in Horsham, England, United Kingdom

Toby is in Year 6 and on his 11th birthday in November 2021 he will undergo a Kidney transplant operation in London.  

Toby is currently having dialysis for 10 hrs a day and is on a restricted diet in preparation for his transplant. Ten days before the operation Toby, his mum, dad and younger brother Max must isolate as a family completely with no contact from friends or family.   Isolation for Toby and his mum is then continued further for many weeks after the operation when they will be relocated to a hospital in Southampton where Toby will be start his recovery journey.  This could be for a period of 3 months and over the Christmas period.

Toby's Titans are on a mission!  We would love to acquire an AV1 Robot and corresponding software so that Toby can 'virtually' be in the classroom participating in lessons, lunchtimes and break times with his classmates during his isolation period. The beauty of this system is that the user cannot be seen. After Tobys transplant when he is hooked up to multiple tubes/machines and he is ‘not looking his best’ he can still join in with the class lessons and conversations.  The AV1 Robot enables the child to hear and speak to their friends. It allows Toby to follow the same work as his classmates, which otherwise would not happen. A company called No Isolation have developed the AV1 Robot and ensured it is as user friendly as possible.  They would be on hand to offer full support and guidance throughout Toby’s time in hospital and we have heard first hand how brilliant this piece of equipment is. A local child in Horsham has used this robot in both in a primary and secondary school setting and it has had a huge impact on her life. In her mums words ‘she has been able to join in things I never dreamt she would’. More details on this story will be shared soon.

The AV1 Robot costs around £4000 plus an additional annual subscription fee for the use or the software.  We are campaigning to have this fee reduced to a monthly basis - making it much for financially viable to operate.

Finally, our mission doesn't end here.....Toby’s Titans think EVERY child who has to isolate for whatever reason, should have access to these incredible resources. Therefore Toby’s Titans will be offering to loan the AV1 Robot to the wider community for any child who is having to isolate for long periods of time.  In addition to this we will also be pursing West Sussex County Council to purchase additional AV1 Robots so that more than one child at a time can have access to remote learning and their family and friends.

1633784169_44b92b7a-fdbb-4996-b9dc-e9ccc3783fb1.jpegPlease donate now to help Tobys Titans ensure that Toby and other children in West Sussex have access to this technology when they are going through some really tough times. 

A number of fundraising events have been organised between now and Christmas where Toby’s Titans will take part to raise money.  Anyone can become a Titan and all are welcome to take part in any of the events. Details can be found on Toby’s Titans Facebook Page.

This is a great opportunity for the Warnham Community to come together and achieve for their dear friend Toby.

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