To My Beloved Sister

by Callum McClelland in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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Our film aims to bring us back to a time in our childhoods where our overactive imaginations takes over, this film is the bump in the night.

by Callum McClelland in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Two sisters share a strong bond as they're tested over what is lurking within their home, a cannibal shadow monster.

Set during the mid 19th century, where classes were divided and businesses were ruthless, two sisters raised in Southern England by their father struggle to maintain their upper-class status. Inez, 16 years old takes a job at the local cotton factory, to which the combination of Inez’s exhausting shifts and her all-consuming worry for her sister’s welfare takes a toll on her mind.

In To My Beloved Sister, we follow alongside the perspective of the older sister, Inez as she enters a distorted reality that ultimately traps her within an endless maze of eyes. It is up to Inez to protect her sibling Amelia from what is within the shadow. Inez faces the truth about the monster and understands sacrifice is essential for the one she loves.

We are staying true to the fantasy horror genre, by exploring surreal elements. Through unraveling what it is to be afraid, stripping it back to when we were children frightened under our covers shutting our eyes hoping that the shadowy figure is nothing more than something on our door frame and our overactive imagination.

With rational thinking taking president over our thought processes today we still can't help but resort back to our childlike state when we hear the wind pushing up against the window or a cat shimmering past while walking alone home at night. this is something we want to focus on, that exact feeling, but rather than simply thinking past these thoughts, the films traps us to face up to this overactive imagination. Our vision is to emphasis the distorted reality through playing with these ideas.

Jiyoung Park is the director of To My Beloved Sister. She has spent 4 years within Arts University Bournemouth refining her craft in both production design and directing. Jiyoung has put in a lot of time perfecting the script, making sure it stays true to personal experiences while also using the filmic codes to engage the audience. Ji wants to work alongside the actors and get the best from them, to strengthen their relationship offscreen to then bolster onscreen performances.

Arnas Pigulevicius is an aspiring filmmaker and founder of a production house Palinoia Pictures. He has experience in directing, producing as well as sound design. He has produced 5 short films, one of which titled, OCCASUM has won several awards in cinematography and sound. Now Arnas studies at Bournemouth Film School in his final year.

Callum McClelland is the Co-Producer for To My Beloved Sister. Throughout his 3 years within Bournemouth Film School has produced a myriad of both fiction and documentary short films. With his dedication to the craft of storytelling in all types of genres, he wants to focus on what aspects in Horror genuinely get under your skin. From crewing to casting and locations to script development, Callum has been working hard alongside Arnas and Jiyoung to produce an excellent short film for a number of festivals.

Valentina Elia is a passionate filmmaker whose interest resides in Production Design. In the last three years, she has refined her practice by working on various short films, making her experienced in both location shoots and set builds. By exploring different genres, she has perfected her skillset, enabling the stories to carry visual and moral significance by playing with colour, patterns and shapes, hence developing a sense of mood and tone for the pieces. She is eager to embark on To My Beloved Sister, which sets a creative challenge that she wishes to fully bring to life in the eyes of the audience.

Thomas Caminada has a passion for cinema, specifically coming from a photography stand point, allowing him to improve constantly in terms of composition and framing. Thomas has been developing his skills in storytelling through the eye of the lens, working hard alongside Jiyoung to encapsulate her vision. He has been extremely enthusiastic to work on a horror as his interest lies within thriller, horror and film noir where suspense is key.

Monica Fuentes Vicedo is the editor of To My Beloved Sister. Monica is an experienced editor that has worked on an ample variety of projects, from drama to science fiction and documentary. Parallel to this project she is also involved in the editing of a documentary, ‘Ascending Ballard Down’ and a project meant to be showcased at the Kodak/Nahemi Commercials Competition. She believes that this film presents a great opportunity to experiment with how people interact with the characters and environments on the screen, through the creation of an atmosphere and rhythm that sucks the audience into the world of the characters. Though teamwork and dedication she is sure that this film will crush any expectations and become a greatly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Otto Hussain is an experienced sound designer with a fascination with horror movies. His experimental style uses an experience in music to orchestrate soundscapes which make the audience feel the film. He is inspired by the work of Johnny Greenwood, Richard Vreeland, and Krzystof Penderecki. He believes this project will be an amazing chance to test his creativity and will do everything in his power to scare you.

Fiona Currie is the costume designer of To My Beloved Sister. She has collaborated on many different projects, dealing with different styles and period of film. Fiona is confident that her previous experiences coupled with the knowledge she has gained from her University degree would make To My Beloved Sister her most successful film yet. However, it is the most challenging of the films she's undertaken so by immersing herself in the Victorian-esque era and thinking outside the box to create the distorted figure.

To My Beloved Sister has been under development since April 2018. since that time we have;

- developed script

- finalised budget 

- worked on small-scale production together 

- advanced lighting plans 

- matured production design plan

- built prototype animatronic eyeball

- weekly screening 

- developed costume designs  

The crew are working hard behind the scenes to fundraise our target amount. However, to give each department the support they need to fulfil their vision for, To My Beloved Sister we need outside support from you.

Thank you so much for viewing our page, we hope you can be apart of our production.


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