The Ledward Centre Cafe Lounge

by Christopher Gull in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th May 2022 we successfully raised £11,598 with 174 supporters in 56 days

We´re creating a safe, social space for the LGBTQ+ community..The Ledward Centre.

by Christopher Gull in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The Cafe-Lounge is just the first phase in creating The Ledward Centre. The pace at which we fit out depends on the pace we raise funds, so please keep helping and spreading the word.

We´ve spent the last four years working to acquire premises, consulting with our diverse LGBTQ+ communities to incorporate the wants, needs, ideas and suggestions into our planning, and we´re ready to start constructing  this amazing resource.

Our first project is to raise the funds to fit out the ground floor to create the reception, a small LGBTQ+ bookshop and library, and the central hub of TLC, the cafe-lounge, a comfortable, welcoming space to drop into, or to attend the events that will be held here.



is our first fundraising campaign, and the idea is simple. We´re going to create a progress rainbow flag in our reception space, 6 metres long and 3 metres high.

When you watch the virtual tour video you will see exactly where the flag will be, and what it will look like.

The flag will be created out of individually hand made tiles, each personalised with a thumb mark. and/or a signature or message. We´re asking you to donate a minimum of £20 to "buy a tile" and to Make Your Mark.


Your tile will be a part of a lasting community project, your contribution to bringing this exciting and important project to life acknowledged in a meaningful way. 

You will choose the colour you want your tile to be, and assigned a place in the "stripe" of your choice. Each tile will have a grid reference to make it easy to find, and we´ll ask you to write a bit about yourself, and your story, to add to the physical book next to the flag, and on the website. A record of the lives of our LGBTQ+ communities.


If you´re donating from a place that makes it difficult or inconvenient to come to the Centre, first of all thank you for helping, and secondly, you will just need to let us know what you´d like to be written on your tile, which stripe you´d like it to go into, and a bit about yourself and/or, if you´re dedicating your tile to the memory of somebody else, a bit about them.

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