Tim Crosland's Court Fine

by Lola Perrin in London, England, United Kingdom

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I need your support to help Tim Crosland pay his £5k fine for contempt of court after he protested the extreme dangers of Heathrow expansion

by Lola Perrin in London, England, United Kingdom

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In addition to the fine of £5000, Tim is also responsible for paying the Attorney General's legal fees. In the event that the crowd funding campaign raises more than is required to cover the fine and the legal fees, any extra funds will be donated to Plan B.Earth, a registered charity.

I am a composer, pianist and piano teacher - and the mother to two sons in their twenties. I'm deeply concerned about the climate and ecological emergency. I know that airport expansion is not compatible with legally-binding, Paris Agreement goals.

In 2018, the UK Government told the public that Heathrow expansion was consistent with the UK’s climate change obligations. 

In fact they knew that wasn’t true. 

Their own evidence showed that Heathrow expansion would breach the Paris Temperature limit of 1.5˚C and they knew that would mean disaster for all this country’s young people and for people and the life on the frontline of the crisis all over the world. But rather than jeopardise the £14bn project by making that public, they chose to conceal that information from the public. Consequently expansion plans were approved.

The charity, PlanB.Earth, brought legal proceedings against the Government and was successful at the Court of Appeal. But in December 2020 the Supreme Court overturned that ruling on the basis that the 1.5˚C limit was not Government policy, giving the greenlight for expansion to proceed. 

In protest against that decision and to shine a spotlight on the suppression of evidence, Tim Crosland of Plan B Earth, a lawyer of 25 years standing, and the former Deputy Director of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, disclosed the outcome of the judgment to the press, 22 hours before it was due to be made public.

The Government applied to commit Tim to prison. On 10 May, he was tried and convicted of contempt of court and fined £5,000 and ordered to pay the Attorney General’s legal costs.

Tim’s action to expose the Government’s climate hypocrisy and the extreme dangers of Heathrow expansion, was an action on behalf of us all.

The case raises matters of global interest and concern ahead of COP26, as it demonstrates the Supreme Court’s and the Government’s blatant disregard for the Paris Climate Agreement temperature limit.

Tim Crosland - “The real story here is that the Government concealed from the public the evidence that Heathrow expansion means breaching the Paris Temperature Limit of 1.5˚C, on which our collective survival depends. Breaching the Paris Agreement is a death sentence for the young people of this country and for so many in the Global South."

Tim Crosland will appeal his conviction and fine (although the appeal is back to the Supreme Court!) and if he is successful, the funds raised here will instead go towards the case being supported by Tim and Plan B, Young People vs the UK: Right to Life and the Paris Agreement, which also exposes the government's breach of international, legally-binding climate targets and consequently the right to life.


Letter of support for Tim from Caroline Lucas, Sir David King and others:

BBC Interview with Tim

Thank you so much for any support you can offer!

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