Three Pound Coin Theatre's Charity Fundraiser

by Three Pound Coin Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We're hosting a 24-hour radio fundraiser for LGBT Youth Scotland, LGBT Health & Wellbeing and to get our company off the ground!

by Three Pound Coin Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 26th February 2021 we'd raised £2,079 with 88 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our company so far! We have been so astounded by the amount of love and support we have seen from everyone!

With half of our income  going towards LGBT Youth Scotland and LGBT Health and Wellbeing, the higher our fundraising total, the more we will be able to give to help in their important work.

If we are able to raise £500, we will be able to lay the foundation for our company's next project. We will be creating a call out for young queer Writers, Producers, Directors, Techies and other theatre makers to bring together a 'Talking Heads' Style monologue show. This will help us expand our ability to create opportunities and and  pay our future theatre maker collaborators.

If we are able to raise £2000, we will be set up to start plans for not only our monologue show, but also work towards a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. We will be able to hire equipment to record podcasts, create a 'Queering Edinburgh' series where interview various members of the queer community locally to showcase just how vibrant the community is. With £2000, we would have raised £500 for each of our charities, and ensured the financial stability of our upcoming projects, not only getting our company off the ground, but launching us into the sky!

Mojo Flips The Coin


To take Three Pound Coin Theatre off the ground we will be holding a 24-hour radio show in collaboration with MoJo Edinburgh to raise funds for LGBT Youth Scotland and LGBT Health and Wellbeing. We will be hosting our launch event with a set list of prominent queer artists, activists and independent artists including Nick Hytner , Gina Maya, David Gedge, Mark Gardener & Peter Holmström. This partnership of Indie music artists and queer theatre makers is a much needed celebration of unity within the arts, particularly after the difficult year that all of us have experienced.

The event will be held online from 5pm on Friday 19th February 2021 for 24 hours. We will be showcasing three plays, all by queer writers, one of which is an original piece of writing by very own Artistic Directors. We will be interpersing these plays amongst interviews with members of both established and rising Indie bands such as: The Wedding Present, The Dandy Warhols & RIDE as well as interviews with community leaders, artists and charities in the Edinburgh queer community. 

Our goal is to raise funds to kickstart Three Pound Coin Theatre. We will be splitting a 50% of the funds raised with LGBT Youth Scotland and LGBT Health & Wellbeing to support the wonderful work that they do. During the show we will be holding a Prize draw with a bundles of gifts donated by music artists, local businesses and charities. To take a look at what we are doing, have a peek at our socials for more info on how you can get involved and support us!






Prize Draw

Flip the coin and take a chance on our Prize draw. 

Together with MoJo Edinburgh we have been collecting various prizes to be bundled and awarded to winners of our on-air Prize Draw. 



* Signed Hardback Copy of 'Go Out and Get 'Em Boy - Tales from The Wedding Present: Volume 1' - Comic Book Autobiography of David Gedge (The Wedding Present).
* Signed Copy of Neil MacLeod's 2019 EP 'To Unfold' on Vinyl.
* Signed Copy of Lewis McLaughlin's 2019 EP 'Paper in the Rain' on CD.
* Copy of THE VACANT LOTS's 2020 LP 'Interzone' (2nd Pressing on 12" Ultra-Clear Vinyl with Black Spatter) & Cold Cave's Remix of 'Into The Depths' (7" Single on Vinyl) - Donated by Fuzz Club Records (Not Pictured).
* 2 x Felt Re-Releases (2018) on 12" Vinyl - 'Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty' & 'Ignite The Seven Cannons' - Donated by Cherry Red Records.
* Signed & Framed Original Handwritten Setlist from the 2nd ever MoJo Edinburgh Radio Show.
* Signed A1 Copy of the Inaugural 'Diamond Dogs Sessions' Poster.
* Limited Edition MoJo Edinburgh Tote Bag.
* Hardcover Edition of 'Jim Marshall: Show Me The Picture: Images and Stories from a Photography Legend - By Amelia Davis' - Donated by Josef Weinstein.
* 12" Vinyl of 'Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul' - Donated by Milo Hynes.

Prize Bundle #2


- A bundle of 4 beautiful books donated by Lighthouse - Edinburgh's Radical Bookshop (Pandora's Jar by Natalie Haynes, Fabulosa by Paul Baker, One of Them by Michael Cashman & Memorial by Bryan Washington.)- A Cocktail Masterclass for 4 with Bar Soba Edinburgh- A £50 Voucher from Tony Macaroni- A £20 Voucher from Bross Bagels

- An annotated copy of 'So... What Happened Last Night?' by Ben Fleming & Emily Oulton

- A Three Pound Coin Merch Bundle

- A personalised poem from our very own Artistic Director Emily Oulton

How to enter: 

To enter the prize draw and be in the chance of winning one of the amazing bundles soon to be released, please buy a ticket listed in the 'reward' section. 

- Each entry will give you the chance to win one of our Prize Bundles, consisting of an array of amazing prizes. 

- Each entry costs £3

- Multiple entries are included in our named reward packages, please see the 'Rewards' bar on this page for more information.  

- In purchasing a Prize Draw entry and providing your email, you will be automatically be entered into the competition. 

- You will only be contacted by email if you win. After all the Prize Bundles have been awarded, all personal information provided for purposes of the Prize Draw will be deleted. 

Terms and Conditions:

- Entrants must be 18 or over 

- Entrants must be UK residents 

- Entries will be accepted between 6pm GMT Friday 22nd January 2021 and 3pm GMT Saturday 20th February 2021.

- Entrants may enter as many times as they wish

- Entrants can pledge to this campaign without entering the Prize Draw 

- To enter the Prize Draw without pledging, please send an email to --- 

- The winners will be chosen at random during the final hour of the 'MoJo Flips The Coin' radio event. Winners will be contacted before Monday 22nd February 2021. They will be contacted by email with information on how to claim their prize. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours of the initial email being sent, the winner's prize will be forfeited and the next winner will be chosen at random and emailed within 1 week. 

- Prize Bundles are limited to one Prize per person. 

- Prize Bundles are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash or credit alternative is offered. 

- The Promoters decisions regarding any aspect of the Prize Draw are final and binding. 

- In entering into this Prize Draw you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. We retain the right to refuse entry to anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

LGBT Youth Scotland


Scotland’s national charity for LGBTI young people, working with 13–25 year olds across the country. They also deliver the LGBT Charter programme to schools, organisations and businesses. LGBT Youth Scotland's goal is to make Scotland the best place to grow up for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex young people. They play a leading role in the provision of quality youth work to LGBTI young people that promotes their health and wellbeing, and are a valued and influential partner in LGBTI equality and human rights.

LGBT Health and Wellbeing


Established in 2003, LGBT Health and Wellbeing works to improve the health, wellbeing and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland.

They provide support services, social events and develop resources so LGBT people can address the health issues that impact their lives and connect with their local communities. LGBT Health and Wellbeing address health inequalities with a wide range of partners to ensure LGBT people have access to quality healthcare that is inclusive of their needs.

Introducing the Teams


Our Mission

Three Pound Coin Theatre is taking up space. We are creating a presence within and outwith the Edinburgh Theatre Scene that is unapologetically queer.

Queer in:

The vision we see for queer art.

Telling stories by and for queer people, that are not just queer in content, but also in form. 

The stories we hear.

Nurturing an environment free from fear, judgement or limitation to ignite conversations about what it means to be queer and creating in Edinburgh. 

The voices we uplift.

Providing a platform for young queer creatives to discover art that is real, personal and important. 

Who we are


We are an independent theatre company, formed by a collective of queer creatives living in Edinburgh. After experiencing a lack of theatre companies with a focus on queer stories, we decided to create ‘Three Pound Coin Theatre’. It was founded to showcase queer art, create an open space and to encourage young writers to engender what it is to be young and queer in Edinburgh. We are working to bridge the gap between student life and professional life for queer creatives living in Edinburgh, to provide open and experimental spaces free from taboo, and to showcase art that is unapologetically queer.

Like many creatives over the past year, isolated from our communities and with cancelled future projects, we have had a lot of time to reflect upon our work.

For the co-founders of Three Pound Coin, it has become clear that when it comes to empowering queer voices in theatre, the time is now. We have all experienced a lack of representation in the arts both in the stories that are told and in who gets to tell them. Not only this, but we realised that the theatre that brings us most joy, is theatre that celebrates queer experiences that we can see ourselves in.

In the summer of 2020, we came together in a collective decision to change the landscape of theatre within and outwith the Edinburgh scene. To propel complex and compelling queer anthropologies onto the stage, moulding the theatrical mainstream in our own image. We have ambitions to nurture a thriving creative community, producing new, exciting art that isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

Three Pound Coin takes its name from the derogatory phrase ‘queer as a three dollar bill’. We’re doing things differently. We’re here. Get Ready.

Emily Oulton - Artistic Director


"Emily is Artistic Director and co-founder of Three Pound Coin. As long as she can remember being interested in theatre, she’s been drawn to productions exploring queer identities, sexualities and expression. From ‘Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties’ to ‘The History Boys’ to ‘The Vagina Monologues’, as well as several pieces of new writing, Emily has been involved in all aspects of the theatrical process both within the theatrical student community and beyond. She is especially interested in gender-bent productions and how it can lend new (and crucially queer) meanings to established texts. Emily is a writer as well as director and wants to write the Next Great Bisexual Epic as well as a play about lesbians that is set after the invention of electricity."

Ben Fleming - Artistic Director


Ben is Artistic Director and co-founder of Three Pound Coin. Since moving from Manchester to Edinburgh in 2018, Ben has been involved in a diverse range of productions with Bedlam Theatre and Big Mind Theatre in both direction and performance. Through working alongside other queer creatives at Three Pound Coin he hopes to explore the breadth of queer experience, projecting new stories onto the stage that are compelling, shocking and sexy. Previously, Ben has looked at masculine expression when directing a production of Luke Norris’ ‘So Here We Are’, examining how patriarchal, small-town mindsets can harm sexual expression and identity. Outside of theatre Ben is reading History & Politics and has a background in political activism, as a founding member and former COO of YouthPolitics UK.

Doug Stephenson - Executive Producer


Doug is Co-Executive Producer and Co-Founder of ‘Three Pound Coin Theatre’. Doug is a British/Filipino theatre maker focusing on the impact, outreach and community that our unapologetically queer theatre can make. Having come from a low income and rural background as a young carer, it has been a long journey for Doug to find their footing within the queer community. Discovering how their love of art, theatre and science can create a free, supportive and experimental space is one of the most wonderful projects they have undertaken. With experience in theatre finance, administration and Biomedical Sciences, Doug will bring their unique perspective to Edinburgh theatre and use our company to help uplift marginalised voices.

Issi Ladd - Executive Producer


Issi is co-executive producer and co-founder of Three Pound Coin Theatre. Growing up in Newcastle, she credits her love of theatre to productions by Northern amateur groups and independent theatre companies. Since her move to Edinburgh, Issi has built a diverse producing portfolio within various Edinburgh University theatre groups. She previously held the position of Marketing Manager at Bedlam Theatre and is currently the Producer of Edinburgh-based improvised comedy troupe ‘The Improverts’. Alongside producing queer art that is bold and adventurous, Issi is committed to youth outreach and education. She is determined to provide young, queer creatives with the means to tell stories that are both original and familiar. Issi is known for being “efficient and friendly”, which is a reputation she is determined to uphold in her role with Three Pound Coin Theatre.

MoJo Edinburgh:


MoJo Edinburgh began as a conversation about David Bowie in a lecture theatre. A radio show ensued and J&M’s famed tête-à-tête was born. The rest, as they say, is history. 

With their show ‘The MoJo MixTape’, J. Oscar Weinstein & Milo Hynes have broadcasted on a myriad of streaming outlets including FreshAir & Vault Radio. A proud proponent of local talent, J&M continue to curate gigs (the infamous ‘Diamond Dogs Sessions’) and host live in-studio sessions with young Scottish artists in order to showcase the crème of the Edinburgh music scene. 

Find us at:

Facebook: @MoJoEdinburgh

Twitter: @MoJoEdinburgh

Instagram: @MoJoEdinburgh


This project offered rewards

£100 or more

The Three Pound Note Package

This is the one for businesses and patrons! This reward will grant you a golden ticket into our theatre company. Take your choice of any and all of the gifts listed above, and gain a free ticket to all Three Pound Coin Theatre's future shows! There are only 10 of me, so snatch me up while you can!

£3 or more

1 Prize Draw Entry

Just want a chance at our big bundle of music artist goodies, collectables and signed merch? Then take a chance on me!

£5 or more

The Penny Package

Our Penny Package is the smallest and most humble of our rewards! Pick me, and you'll get • 1 Prize draw entry • Written thank you from the team! • "6 x 4" Artwork Print

£15 or more

The 50p Freddo

Remember when a freddo cost 2p? Well, get ready for an even better deal, The 50p Freddo Package will land you all some pretty sweet rewards • 5 Prize draw entries • A written thank you from the team! • "6 x 4" Artwork Print • An A3 Poster of our artwork.

£25 or more

The One Pound Coin

It is time to ~Pound~ the alarm! With this pack, you'll receive • 15 Prize draw entries • "6 x 4" Artwork Print • An A3 Poster of our artwork. • Video thank you from our team!

£50 or more

The Two Pound Coin

"Two, who?" Only the biggest coin will do for this reward... You'll net an amazing package of gifts • 25 Prize draw entries •"6 x 4" Artwork Print • An A3 Poster of our artwork. • Video thank you from our team! • A shoutout on our radio. • A Three Pound Coin Theatre 'Artwork' tote bag

£60 or more

The Three Pound Coin

It's time for change... and we coined it here first. • 35 Prize draw entries • "6 x 4" Artwork Print • An A3 Poster of our artwork. • Video thank you from our team! • A shoutout on our radio. • A Three Pound Coin Theatre 'Artwork' tote bag • Director’s copy of “So… What Happened Last Night?”

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