Supporting Family Carers - the Hidden Front Line

by TherapyAid Therapies for Family Carers in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


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Supporting family carers with massage, reflexology and other holistic therapies. This is making such a difference - help us to continue

by TherapyAid Therapies for Family Carers in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the money we can finance our potential Well Being Centre bringing more support to local unpaid carers with groups, workshops etc as well as giving treatments.  All therapy related and all with their mental, emotions and physical health in mind

Our network of therapists can also grow and we can cover more of Norfolk, right into the isolated areas.


Our lovely family carers are on their knees - j

24 hour care does that to you. 

If everyone read this and gives just £20 it would make more difference than you could know.

We support carers by giving them massage, reflexology and such like treatments to help alleviate their pain, anxiety and despair.  It really does make a difference, and we need your help


Our Aim

We give a free course of five supportive therapies such as massage and reflexology to unpaid carers in Norfolk, who often neglect their own health whilst giving tirelessly to their cared for

We are also looking to open a wellbeing centre which would mean we could then provide therapy workshops and related support groups, such as a *book club, meditation.  We can teach them massage, reflexology and any number of therapies that appeal to them and also teach them how to give treatments to their cared  for whilst also being encouraged to look after themselves.  

The centre will be great for our voluntary admin – putting carers with therapists in Norfolk  or arranging for a therapy at the centre itself if they are happy to travel to Norwich

We are aiming to be sustainable and so make aromatherapy products Centre to sell to the public in order to help with our funding.  The Centre would enable us to create from there.

  • We use and buy for them Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s health and wellbeing books.  At the moment we are running the book club via Zoom and we are looking at his book called Feel Better in Five.  

What will it achieve?

The opportunity to meet in an upbuilding and positive atmosphere to learn something they can take home with them.  We can also help with the relief of isolation and loneliness experienced by unpaid carers, promoting wellness by giving them the time to de-stress and rebalance and give relief from anxiety and pain

Giving unpaid carers some dedicated time to de-stress and rebalance means that they will be in a better position to care for their loved ones, and are more likely to stay in better health themselves and relieving the local GP and health services from the pressure of appointments, prescriptions  etc


Who can have these treatments?

The carers may be as young as 8 – there is no upper age limit.

The service from TherapyAid will be available to any unpaid carer supporting a Norfolk resident who is affected by a disability or long term health condition. Carers will be entitled to receive up to five treatments free of charge from participating therapists. 

The treatments may be carried out in their home or in a nearby clinic as TherapyAid have a network of therapists throughout Norfolk.  The well being centre would give an added dimension to what we can achieve in isolation.

TherapyAid also visit care groups throughout Norfolk to offer therapies during their meeting. 


Who are we?

We are a group of professionally qualified complementary therapists and carers who want to make a difference. 

We have a huge network of therapists who are insured and  DBS checked throughout Norfolk so the carer, who maybe already short of time, doesn’t have to travel and can even have treatments in their home.

The therapists are paid for their life enhancing work for 4 treatments and they also donate a free treatment to each carer.  

Why Unpaid Carers

81% – 93% of unpaid carers lead a lonely and isolated lifestyle, driven by looking after their loved ones in often difficult and trying circumstances (CarersUK) Quote from our Pilot: “Having an autistic child affects the whole family, I had no headspace and couldn’t think.”

Unpaid carers are kept in poverty by their circumstances and selfcare is off the agenda as well saving the UK approximately £132 billion a year (Carers UK) and Norfolk services £1.6 billion a year (Carers Matter), and they do so without thought to their own well-being and mental and emotional health. Often their only complaints are a few aches and pains, but we know from experience that it goes much deeper than that.

Our services will benefit the public healthcare services by allowing carers to continue to provide their unpaid work

Sir Norman Lamb is our Patron- see his words of encouragement below


“The service that you can provide through this organisation for unpaid carers, could make such a difference to people in our county. I’ve got enormous admiration for people, who often give of themselves enormously; total unsung heroes. People who don’t shout about what they do but just get on with caring for a loved one often in quite strained and difficult circumstances, and the traditional services don’t always respond effectively, to meeting their needs

What you can offer I think can be life changing and can in a way make life really worth living for people so I strongly endorse what you are trying to do through this project and congratulations for getting it underway.“

Sir Norman Lamb 18th May 2019

 Nicki Price, Carer 



“As a mum with a child who has autism and a carer for my mum who has dementia, I have struggled to look after my own health and wellbeing. I met Jackie through the charity I run for SEND Families and saw what a fantastic difference alternative therapy makes to carers and this then has a positive effect on the whole family. Due to Covid-19 I only had 1 reflexology treatment but felt so much less stressed and anxious after it and had my best nights sleep for years! Throughout lockdown the team have done a fantastic variety of online videos and continued their support to carers through bookclub and podcast discussions. I also attended a bach remedies course which was not only facisinating but also allowed me to learn how to make remedies for friends and family. Jackie and the team are ambitious and determined and are really championing the needs of carers in Norfolk and I'm so grateful for their continued support and care.”

Hayley Huckle, Carer


"I was very lucky to be on the pilot scheme for TherapyAid. 


I am a mum of 3 my youngest has autism so I’m his full time Carer. Life for me trying to get things my son needs is constant fighting and I’m under lots of stress. I had course of reflexology which helped me to manage my stress levels and the results were amazing, I just felt alot calmer and more in control and able to deal with things. I would of never tried reflexology if it wasn’t for TherapyAid. 


I did carry on having treatments as they helped me so much. I was so fascinated with reflexology and what it could do from just those few treatments.I am now going to be studying it.


 During COVID therapy wasn’t allowed but TherapyAid have been supporting carers in other ways by running a Facebook group where therapists have been doing self help videos, they also sent out care packages and I have also joined their book club where they are buying Dr Chatterjee books for carers. This has really helped me during this difficult time. What TherapyAid is doing is a little gesture but to unpaid carers it is a big thing to have someone caring about us. I personally can’t thank Jackie and her team enough for what they are doing."


Carers from 8 can benefit from our treatments - please help us to help them

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