The Mindful Box: Wellbeing with Faith in Mind

by Inspirited Minds in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The Mindful Box: Wellbeing with Faith in Mind

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The Mindful Box is a specially crafted box with various items to guide your self care and wellbeing journey with faith in mind.

by Inspirited Minds in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 17th December 2021 we'd raised £10,242 with 99 supporters in 58 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The Mindful Box currently is not friendly for those that are visually impaired, therefore we aim to design items that are more inclusive, including (but not limited to): 

  • Braille copies of all the resources and text 
  • Image based wellbeing card decks 

We also want to create The Mindful Journal which is a comprehensive and holistic journal that has been 2 years in the making, and is packed with activities and ideas that can be used as an additional guide to wellbeing with faith in mind. 

Additionally, we have plans to develop The Mindful Box so that it can be used for individuals with different struggles i.e. boxes dedicated for OCD, Eating Disorders, PTSD and so on. 

Finally, we want this to be available for all those struggling internationally!

Who we are

We are a faith-based, grassroots mental health charity that launched in 2014, with the aim to raise awareness, combat stigmas and provide professional, non-judgemental, confidential support to those with mental health illnesses.


Many Muslims find it difficult to seek help as they feel they would not be understood by someone who did not share their faith or culture, thus many choose to remain quiet and not seek help. Additionally, the fear of stigma, shame, misinformation and language barriers are obstacles that prevent many from accessing the support they really need.  

We are here to change this and prioritise mental wellbeing.

What we do 

Our vision and values are communicated in a number of different ways so that we can reach as many in need as possible. Our services include: 

  • Faith-based and culturally-sensitive counselling (financial support is available)
  • Imams & Community Leader mental health training 
  • Regular workshops/webinars around mental health and wellbeing 
  • Monthly podcasts with exclusive guests, including mental health experts and individuals with lived experiences
  • A weekly newsletter with knowledge and advice around various topics 
  • Independent research into the needs of the Muslim community
  • Unique resources such as booklets and infographics from a faith-based perspective (jargon-free and easy to access)


What we Hope to Do 

The Mindful Box is a project that has been 3 years in the making. Our dedicated team have picked up and paused the project many times over the years due to a lack of capacity and funding. However, we have reached the end of the beginning! 

Whilst the meticulous planning, designing, redesigning and launch has been an incredible journey, we are already thinking about "What's next?" Before we get to making new revisions and editions of the box (we have a backlog of amazing ideas!) we need your help in making the first Mindful Box a tremendous success!

What is The Mindful Box?

"A holistic and game-changing box that really pushes you to nurture your relationship with yourself and give your wellbeing a chance to thrive." - One of Our Supporters.

The Mindful Box is a specially crafted box that comes with various gift items to guide you on your journey to self-care and wellbeing, with faith in mind. The box has been designed with your future self in mind, as it can be repurposed, added to and grow with you.


The items have been delicately and faithfully selected with the hustle and bustle of daily life, and all the obstacles, and "no time for things" in mind. In each box, we hope to include:

  • A thematic 12 month Self-Care Action Calendar, in which each month follows a unique theme intersecting spirituality and mental wellbeing




  • A personal copy of our Positive Islamic Affirmations booklet and 2 exclusively designed Mindful Box bookmarks





  • Mint seeds for you to plant and nurture, with accompanying instructions



  • Nourishing Ajwa dates and Zam Zam water (provided by our humble partners)


  • Your copy of the Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) mini-booklet
  • A warm and comfortable pair of socks



You can purchase this box for yourself, a loved one, or a colleague - knowing that your pennies are going straight back into the project itself! 

As a grassroots organisation, we try to keep all of our projects as self-sustainable and eco-friendly as possible! Additionally, we have tried to keep costs low so that the act of purchasing the box itself is a mindful one.


Exclusive Rewards to Achieve our Vision

For our £250 Pledge, you get to choose to increase your impact and give back to the world by selecting a community centre, refuge, prison or any other organisation to send our resources to - FREE OF CHARGE! 

For our £65 Pledge, you can also receive a copy of all of our newly published booklets, such as:

  • Positive Islamic Affirmations (already part of The Mindful Box)
  • Anxiety and Depression - An Inspirited Minds Guidebook
  • A Muslim's Toolkit on Empathy


You can find more rewards on the right-hand side panel of this page.

It's Much More than a Box 

Although the box itself has many benefits, the impact it will have on the wider community and the conversations it will invite to create is massive. 

By creating The Mindful Box, we are: 

  • Encouraging individuals to take care of themselves with faith in mind
  • Normalising the need to look after yourself and your wellbeing
  • Creating curious conversations around around mental health and wellbeing by gifting a mix of faith-based and everyday items


Future versions of The Mindful Box (remember the backlog of ideas?) will include many innovative ideas and guidance that will take this concept above and beyond. 

You can be our trailblazer, knock the first domino over and join in this journey of prioritising your mental health and wellbeing!



This project offered rewards

£65 or more

The Mindful Box + 2 Bonus Inspirited Minds Booklet

You will be sent one of the first ever Mindful Boxes, and as a bonus you will also receive 2 newly created and published Inspirited Minds Booklets: namely 'A Muslim's Toolkit to Empathy' and 'Anxiety and Depression: An Inspirited Minds Guidebook' so that you can give and be given too. The remainder of your donation will be pumped back into developing the project!

£20 or more

Special (Virtual) Thank You

You will receive a specially designed virtual thank you card and help us launch The Mindful Box!

£35 or more

Selected Mindful Box Gift Items

You will receive a few selected items from our The Mindful Box including: Exclusively designed Bookmarks, the Positive Islamic Affirmations booklet, the 365-day Self-Care Action Calendar and much more. The remainder of your donation will go back into developing the project!

£100 or more

Present + Future Versions of the Mindful Box

You will be sent our first ever Mindful Box, and be the first to receive future versions of it!

£250 or more

Helping Your Own and the Future of Others!

You will be sent a Mindful Box, be the first to receive future versions of it AND you get to choose a community centre, hospital, prison or school to receive our booklets, leaflets and other resources - completely free of charge!

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