The Hideaway - Support for New Community Cafe

by The Hideaway in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The Hideaway - Support for New Community Cafe

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To create a unique environment that allows you to experience the South Coasts' most dog-friendly, community-based, multifactorial cafe.

by The Hideaway in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 21st December 2023 we'd raised £780 with 13 supporters in 49 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The Hideaway Southsea is a family run, unique premises, that offers a range of foods and beverages, as well as services for both dogs and humans. 'A hideaway' refers to a comfortable place where you can go to relax in a peaceful environment, which is exactly what we are offering; an inviting and friendly cafe in the regeneration area of Highland Road.


Our mission is to create a welcoming environment that is inclusive of everyone. We are key advocates for those living with mental health conditions, disabilities, social struggles and loneliness, therefore we strive to be a place that encourages everyone to come along, meet our friendly staff, and open themselves to new connections and hobbies. We have already built a solid rapport with those that have visited us, and hope we can continue to do this with even more of you.

1698875017_img_6463.jpgEliminating feelings of isolation and loneliness is a main focus of ours. To help achieve this, we are looking to start regular community classes and support groups, from crochet and book clubs, to exercise classes and parent & baby get-togethers, as well as of course a good old coffee morning and a natter! Whether you have just completed your morning run, are on your way to or from work, just passing by, or even travelling from afar, we will be here to serve you up a fantastic selection of food and drinks (along with some cuddles for your dog, given permission).

Our back room is perfectly suited for any small businesses that wish to host their own workshops, whether that be a children's craft day, pottery or painting class, exercise group, or even a Christmas wreath-making session! We would also like to offer live music and quiz nights, supper clubs, birthday parties and many more exciting events.

1698874924_01_.jpgAnd for our furry friends... well where do we start! Separate rooms within our cafe will aim to offer services such as dog grooming and photography, as well as the back room that can be used as a training room or play area. We provide towels to dry your dogs off after they've been out for walkies in this unpredictable English weather, as well as blankets for them to relax and cosy-up on, whilst you enjoy our service. But let's not forget the dog menu - serving up a variety of treats and mini meals to satisfy their taste buds and engage them in new and exciting ways. We will be collaborating further with other local small businesses to create a well-rounded little shop area, where you can pick up goodies for your dog, or even something for yourself or your friends (because everyone deserves a treat, right?!).

So why do we need your help?

1698875130_59269720-af09-4e58-96c6-797ba7b2693e.jpgWe have taken on a premises that needed to be fully revamped. It was a completely blank canvas that required a huge transformation, from installing a commercial kitchen, bar/counter top area, outside seating, tables, chairs, high chairs, sofas, shelves, fridge/freezers, a coffee machine and equipment, and also decorating, to help make the space aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for all of you, our lovely customers. We also needed to install security systems, improve our toilet facilities to make them more accessible, and undertake essential plumbing and electrical works. Along with this and our high-speed WiFi, our cafe makes for the perfect remote working environment, as well as a homely atmosphere, to relax and unwind in.

Funding would be 1698875497_screenshot_2023-11-01_at_21.51.29.pngused to refurbish the empty side rooms into a dog grooming salon and a photography studio, but also to enhance our kitchen and front-of-house facilities with more equipment (which in return will mean improved menus and services for you). The outside awnings/sun-blinds also need refurbishing. They are a lovely original feature from the Bon Marche shop days (dating back several decades ago!) and it would be great to keep them in place, but with a new lease of life. The awnings are a key feature in keeping the premises cooler in the Summer, and to add a touch of vintage appeal.

Having the support of you means the world to us, and will help us to grow from a new start-up business, to a staple within the Portsmouth community, proving that a little idea can go a long way and become a big reality. 

Our set target is to cover the costs of the above described, however should we raise beyond this, then we can further enhance our facilities by investing in more and better stock and equipment, allowing us the opportunity to offer more community classes and activities. Furthermore, we could speed-track our future plans and look to provide a soft play area for your children (and even one for dogs!). 

A range of rewards will be offered as a huge thank you for assisting us to achieve our goals.

A massive thank you in advance for your support in our new start-up business and adventure. We can't wait to see you at The Hideaway Southsea and welcome you through our doors.

1698875576_screenshot_2023-11-01_at_21.52.51.png1698875742_02.jpgChloe, The Hideaway Team & Family x1698875893_screenshot_2023-11-01_at_21.58.07.png1698875816_screenshot_2023-11-01_at_21.56.50.png


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