The healthy horse project

by Admin Team in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The healthy horse project


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To bring our communities together, help solve a big problem with the horses in our area. Feel a sense of belonging and tackle mental health

by Admin Team in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

We are a voluntary group dedicated to improving and eventually solving the well-known, but never dealt with issue of the traveling communities' methods and their practice of caring for their horses.We have teamed up with the community to work on this problem. Our aim is to manage and ensure the wellbeing of these horses.We have spoken to the traveling community and they would like to accept our help with the knowledge that they will be giving back to the community and helping to reduce the stigma that surrounds them.The travelers will be giving back to the community by providing underprivileged families and individuals the opportunity to step in to the world of horses and discover the love they have to offer and importantly a chance to get out and meet new people a chance to rebuild confidence and improved mental health.Travelers have a wealth of information and history for us to explore, that perhaps has been dismissed due to misunderstanding of their cultural practices.The healthy horse project's goal is to make a change! And to make that change we need to unite. Our community and the traveler community.Through this unity and collaboration, we can ensure that these horses receive the care, attention, veterinary support, farrier visits and essentials they need.

 Benefits of the project....The healthy horse project will support individuals to focus on positive activities within the community. Work towards self-goals while solving an ongoing issue that is very problematic in our area. Supporting a cause. Feeling a Sense purpose. It provides outside exercise. A sense of belonging within the community. I also believe from personal experience that it can alleviate  depression and anxiety. Horse therapy for both the human and the horse works. I believe the project can work towards educating both communities. Working towards forming relationships within segregated  communities which otherwise wouldn’t be possible. The Heathy Horse Project encourages learning and teaching each other new skills via workshops

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