The Friendly Eco - Bristol Cloth Nappy Shop

by Freya Buckley-Stait in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

The Friendly Eco - Bristol Cloth Nappy Shop
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On 24th January 2020 we successfully raised £3,186 with 71 supporters in 84 days

To open Bristol's first cloth nappy and eco parenting shop to enable families to shop local and give cloth a go.

by Freya Buckley-Stait in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you so much for your support! The extra money from our stretch target will allow us to stock a better selection of sustainable goods in our shop.

Hiya! I'm Freya, mum to 7 month old Finley, who has been in cloth nappies since the day he was born. I teamed up with Kate, mum to 2 year old Tom, after we realized there was nowhere to buy a range of cloth nappies locally in Bristol or the surrounding areas. We realized that a lot of parents don't use cloth nappies simply because they don't know about them, and many that do end up giving up as they can't get the support that they need. We want to give parents a place for all things cloth related, offering a smooth start into cloth nappies.

Myself and my partner Joe decided to cloth nappy Finley after realizing just how many disposables go into landfill within the first 3 years of a child's life - it's around 5,000 disposables per child! Kate and her partner Chris began at just 3 weeks old for similar reasons - not to mention the cost savings! We were very fortunate that we had the opportunity to give cloth nappies a go and also found all the support that we needed to continue them with joy.

Sadly a lot of parents don't know that cloth nappies are an option or they don't know where to go when they need advice. Old-fashioned stereotypes of terry squares, safety pins and wool pants are long gone. We need to give modern cloth nappies a home in Bristol.

So What's The Plan?

We want to show people the fun, eco-friendly, and most importantly EASY world of cloth nappies! We plan on doing this by bringing a local cloth nappy shop to Bristol and giving parents a place to browse, buy and get friendly advice on cloth nappies. There currently isn't a single dedicated cloth nappy shop in Bristol, despite the thousands of Bristol parents active on various cloth nappy groups across social media. The Friendly Eco would be the only of it's kind in not just Bristol but the surrounding areas too, providing local parents with access to everything they need right on their doorstep.

We are also teaming up with Bristol Cloth Nappy Library to offer the best impartial support that we can, with the hopes of becoming a venue for their various classes. This will allow parents to trial what works for them before buying and understand the ins-and-outs of cloth bumming!

Products we would like to stock:

On top of a large selection of cloth nappies, we will also stock ethical clothing from bright and colourful scandi brands which are perfect for kids and adults alike. And there will be a section for other eco parenting products such as cloth wipes, shampoo bars, reusable sanitary products, wet bags, sustainable wooden toys and wax food wraps (to name just a few!).

Some of the brands we hope to stock include:

  • Tots Bots
  • Bambino Mio
  • Close Pop In
  • Little Lamb
  • Cheeky Wipes
  • Little Green Radicals
  • Duns Sweden
  • Maxomorra
  • Local WAHM (work at home mum) brands
  • And more...

What will the money raised be used for?

Money raised during crowdfunding will go towards the many initial startup costs of the shop, such as the first few months rent, stock, a till system and shop fittings to name just a few.

By having a few months rent upfront, we can focus on keeping our prices competitive whilst we are still finding our feet. Stock is our biggest expense, at around £6,500 to fill our shelves with a good selection of various nappy prints, types and brands. The rest of the money will be used for shop fittings, a till system, a comfy baby feeding area, and all of the little things in-between that we need to open the perfect shop.

How can you help?

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a city to start a cloth nappy shop! Which is why we need your help to open The Friendly Eco Bristol by donating here on crowdfunder and sharing this page on social media so that all of your friends can join in too!

Thank you, and hopefully we will see you in our shop very soon!


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Cloth Wipes Set + Shopping Bag

A set of cloth wipes to expand your stash and a shopping bag too!

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Chocolate Lover

For less than the cost of the average meal deal, you can have a bar of slavery-free, deliciously chocolate-y chocolate from Tony's Chocolonely (50g)

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Logo Reusable Shopping Bag

A limited edition cotton tote bag with our logo printed on it using eco-friendly inks.

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Party Kit Rental Token + Shopping Bag

2 vouchers to use towards party kit rental at anytime of the year and a limited edition shopping bag. Party kit rental will include tableware for 30 and reusable party decorations.

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Metal Straw Set + Shopping Bag

3x Metal reusable straws set and a limited edition shopping tote bag.

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Beeswax Wrap Set + Shopping Bag

A set of beeswax food wraps to reduce your plastic waste in the kitchen. And a limited edition shopping bag as well!

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Vegan Wax Wrap Set + Shopping Bag

Vegan Wax Wrap set + a limited edition reusable shopping bag.

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Christmas Peg Doll Set

A hand-painted set of 4 peg dolls, delivered before Christmas! Painted with EN71 regulation paints and using sustainable wood, measuring 6cm each. Picture in 'updates' section and on our social media. (Not CE tested, therefore not recommended for under 3's)

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Cloth Nappy + Shopping Bag

Cloth nappy of your choice from our shop's selection and a shopping bag.

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25% Off One Shop + Cloth Nappy + Shopping Bag

1 voucher for 25% off a shop with us (it doesn't have to be your first, you could save it until your second or third if you'd like!) A cloth nappy of your choice (stocked in our shop) and a limited edition shopping bag.

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10% Off First 6 Month + Cloth Nappy + Shopping Bag

A voucher for 10% off all of your purchases for the first 6 months from opening. And a cloth nappy of your choice (stocked in shop) and a limited edition shopping bag to hold all of that shopping in!

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10 Party Kit Rental + Cloth Nappy + Shopping bag

10x Party Kit Rental Vouchers valid for 5 years. And a cloth nappy of your choice (stocked in shop) and a limited edition shopping bag.

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Cloth Nappy Selection + Shopping Bag

2x cloth nappy of your choice from our shop collection, 1x set of cloth wipes, 1x wet bag and a shopping bag to store it all in!

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20% Off 6 Months + Nappy Selection + Shopping Bag

A voucher for 20% off all of your purchases your first 6 months from opening, and 2 cloth nappies of your choice (stocked in our shop), a set of cloth wipes, a wet bag and a limited edition shopping bag for your shopping!

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20% Off For Life + Nappy Selection + Shopping Bag

20% off for life! And 2 cloth nappies of your choice (stocked in our shop), a set of cloth wipes, a wet bag. And a shopping bag to hold everything of course.

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Super Duper Fabulous Supporter!

20% off for life at The Friendly Eco, nappy selection (including 2x nappies, cloth wipes set and wet bag), metal straw set, wax wrap set (beeswax or vegan), 10x party kit rental tokens and 5 cotton tote bags for you and friends. And you get to be the special guest who cuts the ribbon at our grand opening!

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