The Battle of Greenwich

by The Battle of Greenwich Official Film in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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To give people a truly comedic mockumentary inspired by The Office and What We Do In The Shadows.

by The Battle of Greenwich Official Film in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Two rival LARP (Live Action Role Play) societies clash in a petty feud to keep their spot in Greenwich Park. However just as it seems the battle is decided, things take a mysterious turn...


When two rival LARP societies clash over their shared training area in Greenwich Park it is decided enough is enough. This park is only big enough for one of them. The solution? an all or nothing quest to retrieve a "magical orb". It really is just a normal day in Greenwich Park.

However, just as the battle is drawing to a close, event's take a mysterious turn for our LARPers. Is it enough to bring them both together?


The Battle of Greenwich is a comedy mockumentary inspired heavily by similar comedies such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, and What We Do in The Shadows. It focuses on interesting characters in unusual situations in which plenty of quick witted hijinks ensue, all while filmed down the lens of a documentary crew.



Mockumentary is a genre that is under-represented in film despite being exceedingly popular, and some of the best comedy on screen, whenever it's made.
LARPing is a relatively unknown past time, which features many conventions which to outsiders can looks strange and hilarious.

By joining together the best form of screen comedy with a hobby which naturally contains many comedic conventions, this is an obvious recipe for hilarity, while raising awareness of LARPing as a hobby and accurately representing it.



Director - Max Aaron | Director/Producer of the Multi-award winning 'A Night In'

Producer  - Alice Oliviera 

Director of Photography - Ed Byrant  

Assistant Director - Jemima Sunley

Writers - Chris Bamford and Daniel Bozkorowajnyj


Chris Bamford as Lynx Stormthunder  | Erik Richard Farron as Brian Highwater

Jordan Abrams as Max Dunford  | Ruby Hyde is Endol Shadowsneak

Darnell Thompson as Trevor Willow  | Whitney Thomas as Ash Blossom

Jess Rowley as Lila Shield


Our goal is to raise £6000 so that we can give this film everything it deserves to be brought to life. This includes:

  • Professional, industry standard camera, sound and lighting equipment.
  • High quality props and costumes for our fantastical characters.
  • Music and VFX to add just that extra level of quality.
  • The festival run, so our film can be shown to the world!
  • Everything we need to keep the production COVID safe. Yes, it's still out there.


We are aware that this is a tight budget, but we are an experienced team who have had to work with less. Reaching our goal of £6000 will bring our film to a whole extra level over what any of us have made before, and we need your help to get it there.


What's that? Helping us make a great film isn't incentive enough?
Well fear not, for donating to our film has an exciting variety of rewards such as:

  • An associate, or even executive producer credit
  • A variety of props/LARPing equipment from the film, used for real by the characters!
  • An exclusive Q&A with the cast and crew
  • Behind the scenes goodies
  • Tickets to the red carpet London cinema premier
  • Much much more!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£200 or more

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A True LARPer!

Actual LARPing gear from the film! Props such as swords, shields, daggers sorcerer’s and a selection of 'spells' (magical beanbags) and a digital copy of the film

£10 or more


Receive a thank you for your donation in the credits as well as on IMDB!

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Receive a special thank you credit and a poster

£50 or more

Black Knight

Thank you credit, signed copy of script, signed poster and a digital copy of the film

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Dragon slayer

Receive exclusive behind the scenes content, a thank you credit, signed copy of the script, film poster and a digital copy of the film

£250 or more


Receive an associate producer credit and a private link of the film before anyone else, receive behind the scenes content, signed script, signed film poster and a digital copy of the film.

£500 or more

The Sorcerer Supreme

Receive a wholesome Executive producer credit, an invitation to the red carpet premier (limited number of tickets) or virtual premier, zoom call with the creative team, behind the scenes content, signed script, film poster digital copy of the film and a zoom call with the creative team.

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