Theatre for Two

by Ioana Curelea in London, England, United Kingdom

Theatre for Two

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Our aim is to bring back live performance within the context of a covid-safe self contained pop up theatre venue. Help us make it happen!

by Ioana Curelea in London, England, United Kingdom


What is it?

Long story short...

A new interactive storytelling experience about unexpected relationships featuring four new micro-plays that does not happen on zoom.

the full picture...

What would you do if you were stuck with someone unexpectedly, stranded on your own desert island, for months or more?

Within the context of a safely designed, self-contained space, a meeting of an actor and one – or two – audience members will take place. Inspired by our own experiences of intense and isolated relationships during lockdown – unexpectedly spending 24 hours of every day with the same person for longer than anyone could have anticipated – this will take a light, funny and human look at unlikely relationships that have forged, fragmented or mutated during this strange time.

Theatre For Two will feature four newly commissioned micro-plays by some of the most exciting up-and-coming theatrical talent; Macadie Amoroso (Blue Beneath My Skin, Bunker Theatre), Tabby Lamb (SINCE U BEEN GONE, Vaults), Gabriella Leon (BBC’s Casualty) and Ryan Lane (Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute, Soho Theatre/ Vaults). With the help of a scripted, semi-improvised and interactive storytelling experience, we will breathe life into these narratives in surprising and unexpected ways, delivering a multitude of situational occurrences, of peering through a window into a snapshot of someone else’s experience, cradled between the delightfully comic and the excruciating familiar, between the endearingly simple and the deeply unsettling.

Designer Ioana Curelea has created a COVID-secure, self-contained pop up performance space that we plan to tour to venues - both dedicated performance spaces and local hubs - across London and beyond. There will be space for 1 performer and 2 audience members in the intimate performance unit, separated by a screen to ensure safety.

Why are we doing it?

This project came from an urge to find inventive ways to rediscover live performance within the confines of social distancing guidelines, and as a comedic way of reflecting and exploring the strange times we are living through. 

Theatre for two is our answer to the clear and present need to discover safe ways of experiencing live storytelling and reactivating community and performance spaces. Its aim is also to intrigue and provoke in a playful way and potentially remind the audience that they are not alone, that the space between us is not as vast as it may seem.

Who are we?

Theatre For Two is being produced by We Are Kilter, an award-winning emerging theatre company. Kilter’s work has a delightfully absurd comic sensibility, perfect for tackling storytelling in an extraordinary set of circumstances. The team are practically-minded makers –makers of experiences, of stories and of spaces, with a range of experience of arts operations as well as theatre-making.

★★★★★ "Moments of sheer brilliance. This may be the most powerful thing I've ever seen one woman do." Ed Fringe Review for Bit of Sunshine

★★★★ "Enormously funny. An exceptional and joyous production." Boyz Magazine for Mating in Captivity

★★★★ "An excellent, outrageous comedy with an outstanding cast. Masterfully directed by Ed Theakston" Theatre Boxfor Mating in Captivity

"Brilliant and inventive." Jeremy Mortimer, BBC Radio for The Others

Four new plays written by

   Tabby Lamb (SINCE U BEEN GONE, High Tide)

   Macadie Amoroso (Blue Beneath My Skin, Bunker Theatre)

   Ryan Lane (Let Me Play The Lion Too, Barbican)

   Gabriella Leon (BBC’s Casualty)


Directed by Ed Theakston (Mating in Captivity, King’s Head)

Designed by Ioana Curelea (Told by an Idiot’s Stan and Charlie, Wilton’s Music Hall and UK Tour)

 Production Manager  Zara Janmohamed (We Anchor In Hope, Bunker Theatre)

How can you help us?

By pledging as much as you can spare to reach our £750 goal so we can cover costs which include set, costume, transport and most importantly  paying everyone involved union rates. We believe that especially during these strange, uncertain, coronavirus riddled times it is imperative that we, as an industry, do everything within our power to support each other and continue promoting the performing arts as a vital part of our community and cultural landscape.

We’ve booked a couple of great venues, had our writers develop some brilliant  scripts and have already done a couple of days of development on the production so really, we’re almost set to go.

In return  for your generosity, as well as our undying gratitude, for every donation over £5 you will get a shout-out on all our social media platforms. For £10 a special thank you indented for the rest of eternity on our company website. For £30 a poster signed by our writers. For £50 a ticket (pair) to one of our microplays. For £70 a small scale model-box of the set or a ticket (pair) to one of our microplays. For £100 a ticket (pair) to the full cycle of microplays.

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