The Wrath Within Mercy - Short Film

by Pavun Rull in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Apocalyptic Drama/Thriller Short Film with themes of morality, adaption, manipulation and the issues/struggles of survival.

by Pavun Rull in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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 Do you sacrifice morality for survival, taking an absolute and full measure by eliminating a potential risk through committing murder?


Do you accept the burden of risk, lowering your survival chances for the sake of keeping your morality and building the foundations of the future?

One Cabin, Five Characters, and One decision.



 A mysterious threat now looms over the world, leaving little survivors and extinguishing any laws and ways of the previous life. Within it, a small group of four based in a cabin are adapting to their new way of life in the very early days of this post-apocalyptic world. As two Survivors of the group are attacked during a food run by other survivors, they manage to capture and bring back one of the attackers (Dwight) to their cabin as a hostage. The group is now left with options and a decision on whether to spare or kill the attacker. This decision is affected by the morals and values of each individual in the group in which characters' morality and personalities are tested.

At the time of the decision-making, the entire group is now all truly faced with their first test in morality and their adaption to this new lawless world. Simultaneously, the struggles and issues of masculinity are displayed through the clashing of mentalities between the two desirous leaders. And so, regardless of the result from the debate, the conflict only deepens and then transforms into the extent of how far either is willing to go to ensure that their mindset prevails.


We are four Film Production students creating a film for our final year's dissertation project. However, this description of us and the project is ultimately just a minor aspect of our entire goal. More than anything, we are a group of four extremely driven and desiring filmmakers, and we're committed to being as ambitious as we can possibly in our art, through the medium of storytelling.

- We want to tell a story that engages the viewer. And not just while watching the film, but afterward as well. it's about the after effect!

- We believe that not only can storytelling tell fascinating narratives, but it can also be a form of communication; from the filmmaker to the viewer. 

- Ideas, concepts, and feelings can be presented or symbolized for viewers to process through their own unique perspectives. 

We are truly motivated to develop this ambitious project where we hope to tackle the complicated themes of morality, adaption, manipulation and the issues/struggles surrounding masculinity within the desiring of leadership roles, all throughout an engaging story.




Where is the Money going? 

When disputing our budget, most will be invested in creating the set design and also to fund the props in order to create an immersive set that fits a post- apocalyptic world.  This varies from hazard suits to the wooden planks barricading the walls of the windows. All of these elements will be used to create information about this apocalyptic world that the characters are living in.In terms of the location of a cabin, if one cabin isn't suitable for it's interior we will then distribute the expenses in order to find another location for the interior setting. This will then affect the travel and other expenses in order to cater for our cast and crew. We also will be disputing the film to multiple film festivals such as the Norwich Film Festival, London Film Festival and many more. 



                                                            Haaris Chaudhry - Director & Editor 

1675872431_haaris_photo.jpgHaaris Chaudhry is a student at Brunel University studying Film Productions (BA) in his third and final year. Above all else, his central ambition is to persistently follow his specific passion within the film industry, and that is to always tell truly human and authentic stories, while tackling complicated themes. Storytelling has always been a genuine enthusiasm of his since a very young age, and he has spent much of his life expressing this enthusiasm as a hobby through many different mediums that include poetry, short stories, novellas, and screenplays. However, since beginning his journey as a Film Productions student at Brunel University, he’s now been granted the opportunity to convert his passion from a hobby into a career. Over the past several years, he has developed and expanded his proficiency in handling high-end equipment, including camera, sound, and lighting gear. This further includes operating professional software’s such as Adobe Premiere and Ableton Live for the use of editing and film scoring respectively.

                                                       Pavun Rull - Producer & Cinematographer  

1675778317_pp.jpgPavun is currently studying Film Production with Theatre BA. Pavun will put his organization and timekeeping skills to pay attention to the final details of ‘The Wraith Within Mercy’ and to allow the process of filming to run smoothly. Pavun has taken upon roles in directing, cinematographer, producer, and editor on various projects. Pavun is currently writing a screenplay for two other films and working as an assistant director. Therefore understands the different perspectives on pre, post, and production.

                                                             Louis Thomson - Sound Engineer

1675778342_lllll.jpg Louis has previous experience in involving himself in Act2Cam, BFI Film Academy, NFTS Craft Skills and a  year at Arts University Bournmouth. Louis is looking Into a career in producing

                                                             Tanmay Tushar - Assistant Director

                                                              Tanmay Tushar is a final year Film Production and Theatre student at Brunel 1675775843_tt_new.jpgUniversity, London. He has been actively involved in creating, directing, filming and acting in short films, film art, music videos, ads and plays, along with acquiring various film certifications.He has also coordinated, curated and worked at film festivals such as BFI London Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and Film Junction Film Festival.

Directors Statement & Our Website 

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Director’s Note:

Personally, the concept of morality has always been a keen interest of mine, and I am very excited to welcome the opportunity in attempting to take on the subject and tackle it. This is a slightly ambitious project for a student short film, however the team and I have a great deal of belief and confidence, both in ourselves and in being able to ultimately tell an engaging story and challenge our viewers.

My interest in the concept of morality stems from my general interest in people. How people would react and change in certain scenarios; things people would and wouldn’t do, why they do the things they do etc. And so, I naturally developed a curiosity in things like psychology and philosophy.

But specifically, and in regard to the initial concept of The Wrath Within Mercy, I’d also developed another curiosity; religion. And so, I will end my director’s note with two quotes from religious texts, stemming two different religions, which ignited my interest and played a part in the early stages of my writing process:

              “Verily, My Mercy prevailed over My Wrath.” (Al-A`raf 7:156)

      Hadith: The Meadows of the Righteous (Section 1: The Book of Miscellany)

                     “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13

          New International Version Bible (Passage: Favouritism Forbidden)


We like to thank you for taking your time in having a look at the details of our project and hope you can support us by sharing this page (The more people who know the faster we can make this film for you!). We hope to keep in touch and will be giving our updates throughout the journey of this project, please check out our website (link above ).

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