The Wolf and the Lamb

by Sara Hussein in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Wolf and the Lamb

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Our story and our vision

by Sara Hussein in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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                The Story & Our Vision    



        In a space of desperation, an abused teenage girl makes a gruesome                   choice as a way to take back her power and regain her voice.

The Wolf and the Lamb is inspired by the Grimms’ Brothers classic tale “Little Red riding hood” but tells the story of Sophie and The Huntsman, with themes of overcoming abuse and female empowerment, culminating in a dark twist. We have taken this simple narrative and modernised it from beyond the killing of the wolf to express the dark tale of Sophie's life. 

We started this project for our MA in Film and Television at Falmouth University however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to halt production midway and put the project on hold. We are now back in pre-production eager to complete this journey and film. 

              Our aim & your support  

This project hopes to explore the horror genre with the voice of women at the forefront. We aim to delve into the characters of Sophie and The Huntsman with a unique twist, through minimal dialogue, intriguing visuals, alluring sound and a set fit for any classic horror film, that will resonate with you, the audience.

In order to complete this project we would really appreciate your help in raising money to make the film to our best ability :)

                      Meet the Crew  

                                 Director: Darienne


As Director, I am looking forward to creating a film that so obviously uplifts the voices of women and youth the team of filmmakers partnered with me on this project are all brilliant, and I am excited to use my creative vision to bring a beautiful and feministic piece of art to life on screen.

                      Director of Photography: Sara  


I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to flourish my cinematography skills for this project. Stepping into the role of Director of Photography will be exhilarating and tough but I relish in the challenge to create captivating shots for The Wolf and the Lamb. I also look forward to reuniting with and tackling the Arri Alexa camera and produce a moving film for our audience with strong visual aesthetics worthy of any cinema screen.

                            Sound Designer: Emma


As Sound Designer, my main challenge will be to create ambient and immersive sound, in order for you to be fully invested in the movie. The tension coming from the audio is an integral part of it. Sound is something I haven’t had many occasions to explore, coming from a more visual background. However, with the range of possibilities this film has to offer, this will be a good experience to learn and improve, which will hopefully broaden my horizons.

                                    Editor: Rohini   


As Editor, I'm anticipating working closely with the director and considering her vision for The Wolf and the Lamb; to achieve the strongest connection visually and emotionally. I am looking forward to working with an all-female crew, an attainment in itself. I wish to pull off this project thoughtfully for the audience.

                          Production Manager: Oyin


Hi! My name is Oyin, recently graduated media and communications student at Aberystwyth university, I will be the production manger for this project.

                  Production Budget


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