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We’re raising funds for The Wave Project in Bristol, a charity fostering a brighter future for young people facing mental health challenges.

by Duna Films in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 31st October 2023 we'd raised £6,361 with 127 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

JOIN US: Empowering More Young Minds with Surf Therapy 

Alongside the launch of our new short film ‘Seb: A Surf Therapy Journey,’ we are raising funds for the incredible charity, The Wave Project Bristol.

The Wave Project, is an award-winning and evidence based charity that harnesses the power of surfing as an effective form of alternative therapy. In four years the Bristol branch has trained 113 volunteers and supported 131 local children who were struggling with their mental health. Each surf therapy course consists of 6 weekly sessions, each around 2 hours in length, where young people are partnered one-to-one with a volunteer surf mentor, who is there to support them physically and emotionally. There is a growing Wave Project family of young people, mentors, and coaches who all rely on donations to continue their work.  

The project also provides continued engagement and surf therapy through their surf club, which is offered after the 6-week therapy course. This is a growing community of young people and families who enjoy the waves with surf mentors each week.

Surfing is a proven method to help young minds overcome mental health challenges and discover their confidence. Through the immersive experience of riding the waves, accompanied by dedicated mentors, young individuals find solace, build resilience and confidence.

“When I get into the water it is actually relieving in a way, you don’t realise how much stress you’re having until you stop having that stress, and you’re like, 'Wow, that was a lot of stress',” says Seb, the charismatic 12-year-old with ADHD and Autism who features in the film.





There is an alarming increase in mental health issues among young people, highlighting the urgent need for accessible and non-medical therapies to alleviate their suffering. The current healthcare system is struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for support, resulting in excessively long waiting lists. By the time children finally receive help, it can often be too late, with their conditions having worsened over time.

He'll just say, ‘I'm not coping. I don't understand my brain. I just want to be normal like other people,’ and that's really hard as a parent when you're trying to do everything you possibly can to enable them and facilitate them and still they feel like that. And there isn't a lot of help out there unless you really fight for it and you really push for it, and even then, waiting lists are so ridiculously long,”says Seb's mum Naomi. 

In this critical scenario, surf therapy emerges as a much-needed solution that has the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of many kids, and their parents, while they wait for support. Surf therapy has the capacity to intervene at an earlier stage, helping children before their mental health concerns become overwhelming.


“When I see him just heading out there on his surfboard and just this little smile where you can see that he suddenly feels free. It sits so comfortably in him and he's not being judged and he's not having to fit into any boxes. He's just himself,” says Seb's mum Naomi.




Your support will directly help The Wave Project expand their reach, enabling them to provide even more transformative experiences to those in need. By supporting this Crowdfunder campaign, and sharing this documentary online, you will become an integral part of changing lives and creating a brighter future for countless young individuals.

Seb's mum Naomi has noticed a significant change in Seb since he completed the course, “There's definitely been a shift and a change within himself, he definitely feels more confident about a lot of things. And hasn't been as quick to rubbish himself. And I think a lot of that is because of the encouragement and the support he had going through The Wave Project, definitely.”

Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of countless young people by helping us generate funds that will fuel The Wave Project's mission:


Every contribution, big or small, can make a significant impact. Together, let us empower more young minds, just like Seb, by providing crucial assistance to The Wave Project. By joining forces, we can amplify their outreach and extend a helping hand to more children in need of mental health support.


Pack of five “Mr Mole: From Me to You” Postcards:


High Quality Surf Print by Wilson Alexandre:

Green wave:


Two Surfer Girls:


Painting ‘Solo Storm Surfer’ 50x40cm oil on canvas:


Bespoke Bristol Duck Project T-shirts: 



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£10 or more

Pack of five Postcards of “Mr Mole"

[See image on overview page] Dorset-based artist Judy Thompson paints cheerful watercolours of animals, book characters and the beautiful Dorset countryside. Perfect for a birthday card! Judy’s work can also be found on Instagram @judethompy

£12 or more

Online Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session with Eliza Hamer

Join us for a fundraising yoga class on Monday 30th October! This dynamic practice moving with the breath will take you through a series of asanas (poses) focussing on strength and grounding to de-stress, open the heart and clear the mind. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, Eliza will guide you through a sequence designed to increase strength, flexibility, and mindfulness

£30 or more

High Quality Surf Print

[See image on overview page] Wilson Alexandre is a Brazillian artist, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. A self taught artist and a keen surfer, Wilsons passion for the sea, nature, and for vibrant colours are all evident in his work. He has dedicated his entire life to art and has worked on various art projects in around the world. His work typically involves painting with acrylic paint applied with spatulas. Instagram: @surfartwilson

£35 or more

Bristol Duck Project long sleeved T-shirt

[See image on overview page] The Bristol Duck Project has partnered with The Wave Project to create premium, custom-designed cotton long-sleeve screen printed T-shirts. This joint effort is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and highlighting the incredible impacts of surf therapy. You can follow The Bristol Duck Project on Instagram @thebristolduckproject.

£40 or more

Foraging and Herbal Tea Workshop in Dorset

Lily Colfox, a holistic practitioner rooted in Dorset, collects herbs from hedgerows, fields and veg gardens to create seasonal teas. The process of collecting and drying the herbs as well as learning about the medicinal properties is all part of the experience. She invites you on a herbal journey starting with a foraging walk in the Dorset Countryside, and ending with a workshop to make your favourite brew.

£300 or more


This donation option is designed for the true givers! As a token of our gratitude, we'll include a special T-shirt, a Surf Print and postcards with your generous contribution. By supporting The Wave Project, you become a true legend, aiding us in welcoming more young individuals onto the 6-week therapy course. Your generous contribution also plays a pivotal role in training new volunteers who are essential to our mission!

£25 or more

A Mid-Week 60min Photography Session at The Wave

Phil Williams is a lifelong surfer with over four decades of riding the waves. For the past 30 years, Phil has been a committed volunteer with The Wave Project in Bristol. As an experienced surf photographer, he beautifully captures the essence of the sport, freezing those moments in the water for all to appreciate. Phil will capture you surfing your best wave during this joint photography session. You can follow Phil on Instagram @philsurfboy

£50 or more

Surfing Session at The Wave Gift Voucher

Redeem your voucher - Choose your preferred surf session and add it to your basket. At the checkout, add the gift voucher code into the gift voucher redemption code box and click the plus button to apply the discount. Complete the purchase - get ready to surf!

£75 or more

Adaptive Yoga Class with Stephen Lightbrown

A unique 1-2-1 online yoga session with qualified yoga teacher and para surfer - Stephen Lightbown. Stephen represented England at the World Para Surf Championships, he is a well known Bristol Poet and yoga teacher. This bespoke 60 min session via Zoom will guide you through a calming practice to reconnect with your body and its hidden potential. Stephen’s work can also be found on Instagram @spokeandpencil.

£100 or more

Saltrock Waterproof Changing Robe

Grab yourself a Four Seasons - Waterproof Changing Robe in medium - Red/Blue

£250 or more

‘Solo Storm Surfer’ Oil on Canvas 50x40cm

[See image on overview page] Jools Parsons is a lifelong surfer and ocean lover. He is a well seasoned surf coach at The Wave, and a well-known local artist. He expresses his love for surfing through art, which he has been doing for 30 years. His paintings feature in private collections and have been exhibited in galleries in Cornwall, The Cotswolds and Scotland. Instagram @joolsparsons_art

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