The Washing Up

by katemccoy in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st November 2017 we successfully raised £2,320 with 63 supporters in 28 days

To create a new performance with artists in addiction recovery, about the every day and the extraordinary - with songs and tea towels.

by katemccoy in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With an extra £1000 on top of the £2000 raised already we can bring in guest artists to work with us and develop our performance. Thanks for your support.

Who are we?

I am Kate McCoy and I am a performance maker who has been creating plays with people for over twenty years. These have been shown in prisons, theatres, hospitals, car parks and tents and use the starting point of every day life to ask questions,  connect people, and share laughter. I am so so happy to be working with The Cascade Drama Collective, a group of artists in recovery from addictions who include skilled performers, playwrights, singers, songwriters, designers and musicians. Nou Ra will be writing two new songs and John Everett will be designing and building our set.  The Collective’s most recent performance gained a 4 star review in Brighton Fringe 2017.

What is The Washing Up?

We want to create an immersive multi genre piece that explores how the simple act of washing up can open a window into our lives through shared, common experiences.

In our current turbulent times of  polarised opinions it can feel hard to have conversations where different views are tolerated. We feel that the washing up is an activity that everyone can relate to and express an opinion about safely, and that if we scratch the surface creatively we will find stories of power struggles, family dynamics, childhood memories and more.  


Why is it important?

Addictions costs the UK 18.8 billion pounds per year, £300 per person and 75% of people  undergoing treatment experience relapse. The importance of creativity and community in recovery cannot be stressed enough. We want to give opportunities to artists in recovery, create a brilliant new show that will reduce stigma, and give audiences an opportunity to feel part of a vibrant and inclusive community.


Who else is involved?

We have a great producer, Lou Rogers, and a  range of exciting artists lined up to work with us to ensure that our performance is as brilliant as it can be. They are Naomi Alexander, founder and director of Brighton People's TheatreBecky Edmunds, video artist and documentary film maker, Simon Magnus, founder and director of Root Experience,  Tanushka Marah, founder and director of Windmill Young Actors and Scott Smith, musician and composer. For rehearsals and performance, we are working with: Cascade Creative Recovery, speakers' corner, Rosehill Arts and Brighton Youth Centre. We also have a Project Mentor, Robyn Kemp, who is a social pedagogy expert. Our crowdunder video was created by Katy Pendlebury and we are very grateful to her.

Why do we need your help?

We have applied to The  Arts Council to fund the research and development of The Washing Up. If we are successful in our bid then the money raised from Crowdfunder will act as match funding and will be used to fund research into the washing up habits and stories of a hundred people,  go towards building a portable working sink that we will use as a central prop and employ a voice and movement director.

If we are unsuccessful with the Arts Council bid, we are still determined to make the project happen on a smaller scale and with £2000  we can create a  performance in March 2018 hosted by speakers' corner. The money will be used to hold rehearsals and create  a set/costumes and  publicity materials.

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