The Summer Project for Rising Artists

by The Cut in Halesworth, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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From Emerging to Extraordinary: The Summer Project is for Rising Artists. Enabling talent to thrive. Making Space to Create.

by The Cut in Halesworth, Suffolk, United Kingdom

From Emerging to Extraordinary: 

The Summer Project for Rising Artists

Calling all champions of creativity! The Cut, a vibrant Art Centre in Halesworth, Suffolk, is on a mission. We are an arts charity running a new, exciting, independant arts project. With your support, we’re launching The Summer Project, a transformative residency programme to sustain the progress of talented individuals.  For our first 9 day residency in July 2024, 45 emerging artists drawn from our local community will be joined by national and international participants. These will be mentored by experienced artists on the topics Environment, Identity, Migration and Sustainable Structures. All artists will be invited to take advantage of our evening lecture and music programme, the residency will conclude with an exhibition at The Cut and a publication.


Why The Summer Project 

The Summer Project empowers emerging artists.  Our programme provides artists the support, opportunities and guidance needed to thrive. 

Imagine a space to be immersed in creativity alongside boundary challenging artists. These are the artists who will now share their knowledge, and invaluable experiences through a residency of collaborative workshops, one-on-one sessions, shared studio space and a supportive community. They'll help equip young and emerging artists with the skills, networks, and confidence needed to thrive in our evolving creative environment.

+ We are offering 10 Free Bursary places to low-wage and/or underrepresented artists.

Join us & make a difference! #Art @summerproject24 @thecutartscentre

The timetable for The Summer Project :

Summer Project Residency                                         July 15th – July 24th 2024

Summer Project Exhibition                                         August 6th – Sept 24th 2024

Summer Project Publication                                       December 2024

Development for future work and outreach             October 2024 - October 2025

Your support will help us achieve the above and more!

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

Here's your opportunity to be a part of this exciting creative journey :

  • Donate: Every donation, big or small, directly invests in the future of talented emerging artists.
  • Spread the Word: Share our project with your friends, your network on social media, email, or word of mouth! Inspire others to join our mission and become champions of artistic growth.
  • A Space For You: Do you have a passion for marketing, event planning, or something else valuable? Volunteer your expertise and help us deliver a new exceptional programme for these artists and the community.

Meet Some of Our Creative Mentors


Emily Godden

Emily is a multi-faceted creative leader. As founder and director of Virtually There Studio CIC, she merges her academic background, artistic vision, and technological expertise to craft immersive storytelling experiences for social justice causes. Emily will be mentoring on the Summer Project.



Image by Ejatu Shaw

Lewis Dalton Gilbert:

"I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, engaging in discussions, and learning from others about how they are currently navigating the ever-changing art landscape. I am eager to see what can be done to help diversify the ways in which we work for the better.”

Lewis is the Associate Curator for New Art Centre, where he previously served as creative director. He’s coordinated and produced exhibitions and projects for White Cube and Frieze. In 2021, he curated the Hackney Windrush Art Commissions with Thomas J Price and Veronica Ryan OBE, for which Ryan won the Turner Prize. Lewis will be working with us to curate our end of residency exhibition as well as appearing as a guest speaker for our lecture programme.

@lewisdaltongilbert @vibecalledtech

Bruce McLean:

Bruce has been in the vanguard of multidisciplinary art since 1970 and has been a prominent figure in contemporary art since.  His artistic journey began at the Glasgow School of Art (1961-1963) and continued at Saint Martin's School of Art in London (1963-1966). 

Bruce McLean’s exhibition at the Cut from 5th September to 14th October 2023 included examples of his extraordinary range of art activity over the last 60 years. For many years Bruce was a friend and collaborator with the artist and writer Mel Gooding who died in 2021 and this exhibition was in part a celebration of their incisive and often humorous interaction..

 It is serendipitous that this exhibition acted as a prelude to The Summer Project residency at The Cut in 2024 promoting multiform art activity of which Bruce has been in the vanguard. His impressive career includes a Head of Graduate Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.  He’s been recognised by major institutions around the world, including the Tate Gallery in London, Arnolfini in Bristol, and the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford.

Website :



Invisible Flock:

Invisible Flock isn't a single artist, but a remarkable collective of award-winning artists.  Their studios reside at the prestigious Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Wellcome Collection in London. Here, they spearhead the innovative Land Body Ecologies project.

Invisible Flock doesn't simply create art; they cultivate it through extensive research. Their work aims to bring forth alternative perspectives, often unheard voices from around the world.  This multifaceted collective isn't confined to a single artistic medium.  They actively infiltrate various sectors, seeking to spark creative change in ecology, politics, healthcare, and society as a whole.  At the core of their practice lies the belief that everything is adaptable and can be reshaped for a better future. long-term collaborations.  

Invisible Flock will be presenting on our lecture programme.

Instagram: @invisibleflock Facebook: @invisibleflock Twitter: @invisibleflock


Meet Some of Our Participating Artists!

Jay Lee


A Mom, a Nomad, and an Artist

Jay Lee’s art weaves together reflective and prospective nostalgia, essence of nomadism, and deeply personal journey from early motherhood. Spanning from Seoul to various cities and natural landscapes across the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and now the UK her work melds urban vibrancy with natural serenity.

' I'm excited to meet mentors (especially in my theme - Desmond Brett, K.Yoland, Emily Godden) and peers to exchange ideas and get inspired to develop a strong piece for the exhibition or my future works.'

Brad Rumble


My work is multidisciplinary, working in traditional mediums, sculpture, painting and mold-making, through to new media, VR/AR/XR, coding, tech and AI. The themes I explore with these mediums are psychology, consciousness, identity, philosophy and sociology. The ambition behind these themes is to identify a focal point of balance between oppositional forces both in the individual and with the crowd. 

I am very excited about the free bursary place, as an artist from a lower socioeconomic background the prospects of being able to practice my craft were slim. That makes this opportunity even more exciting, as I wouldn't have been able to take part otherwise.

Natalie Whitney


Nat is an audio-visual participatory artist working with creative technologies to construct interactive, sensory objects and spaces that invite curiosity and play. They believe play and co-creative spaces are incredibly important and that creative technologies are powerful tools for inquiry, learning and collaboration.

I am looking forward to sharing a space in Suffolk with artists from such a wide range of practices and excited by the possible creative outcomes of collaborations.

Bonobithi Biswas


The thematic focus of my practice is the South Asian historic-cultural landscape and understanding the fragmentation and layers of post-colonial identity of the developing world. I am interested in psychogeography in the context of migration and diaspora, delving into perceptions of belonging and its causations in various migrant communities.

I am excited to participate in The Summer Project as its themes of identity and migration align perfectly with my current work. I am looking forward to the lecture series, seminar and direct guidance from the artist mentors working at the forefront of this field, to further develop my ongoing project.

The Cut: Igniting Creativity for 20 Years


The Cut is a rural Arts Charity known for fostering a vibrant artistic landscape in Halesworth and beyond. Our aim is to bring together a diverse creative workforce by creating space for underrepresented artists and new ideas. We believe art is a transformative force, empowering artists, musicians, and performers to not just survive, but to thrive and redefine what's possible. Now, as we embark on a new chapter, The Cut needs your help to support the next wave of artistic potential.

What We’re Doing

The Summer Project is just the start. Our intention is to fuel artistic growth and creativity in Halesworth and beyond. Here's how we'll achieve it:

  • Empowering Creative Catalysts: We'll support musicians, artists, and performers as they become creative placemakers, leading workshops, performances, and exhibitions that spark creativity within our local, regional, national and international  community.
  • Building a Stronger Future: We'll invest in our team, enabling us to produce even more impactful projects and forge valuable partnerships across the creative sector.
  • Breaking Down Barriers: We believe art should be for everyone. We'll be developing partnerships with educators, organisations, and thought leaders to make creative opportunities, performances and exhibitions accessible, regardless of background or ability.
  • Celebrating All Voices: We are committed to supporting underrepresented artists and bringing together voices from diverse backgrounds and creative practices from visual art and music to creative technology and performance, we continue to champion diverse forms of creative practice. We'll showcase how these different voices can come together and inspire each other.
  • Fostering Collaboration & Leadership: We'll equip artists with the skills they need to collaborate effectively and lead artistic initiatives.
  • Making Space to Create: We'll create opportunities and resources, empowering anyone to explore and release their own creative potential.

Every penny raised beyond our goal fuels a powerful vision: empowering artists as creative placemakers, and your contribution becomes an investment in the future of our region. Picture vibrant community spaces across our region, brimming with artistic energy. This is about creating connections and igniting a cultural landscape.

We'll join forces with creative communities in the East of England  – we will attract and work with visitors, both new and familiar. The influx of visitors translates into a thriving local economy, generating resources that sustain our diverse community activities. It's a virtuous cycle fueled by artistic expression.

- Support Us in Making a Difference - Help us make all this happen!


Here are a few examples of just some of our fantastic rewards you can get your hands on - as a thank you for supporting us! You can read about them in more detail in the rewards section.

2022 Chattel House Series l Silkscreen edition 50, by artist Mary Webb


2022 Chattel House Print II Silkscreen edition 50, by artist Mary Webb


 ‘Breaking News’ G4 screenprint, by artist Tony Casement


A-B Plans, Painted Landscape, by artist Kasia Posen


A-B Plans (2) Paper on Wood, artwork by artist Kasia Posen


'Constucted Painting' artwork by artist Jack Crampton


Creek at Beaumont, 2022 acrylic on paper, by artist Simon Carter


Bruce McLean Limited Edition Signed Poster



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£30 or more

The Summer Project Publication

A signed edition of our Summer Project Publication, signed by our artist mentors

£20 or more

Thank you

Every amount however small really helps thank you

£30 or more

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A-B Plans, Painted Landscape

A print from The Undercroft Exhibition in Norwich last summer. This artwork by Kasia Posen plays with scale, objects and the imagination. Digital Photo print on 400 x 314mm Edition 1- 5 of 20. This artwork plays with scale, objects and the imagination.

£30 or more

0 of 5 claimed

A-B Plans (2) Paper on Wood

A print from The Undercroft Exhibition in Norwich last summer. This artwork looks at the relationship between objects, light and the stories that we create. Digital Photo print on 400 x 314mm Edition 1- 5 of 20

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Tickets to The Summer Project Lecture Programme

Join us for our 7 nights of lectures and live music. Our fantastic speakers , including the iconic Bruce McLean, thought provoking presentations by K Yoland, Des Brett, Oscar Santillan of Studio Antimundo and Invisible Flock + more! Front Row seats.

£150 or more

0 of 10 claimed

A ‘Golden Ticket’ for a Private Tour and Meal

You'll gain an an insiders view of The Summer Project Exhibition - guided by the project leads Kasia Posen,Tony Casement,an artist mentor and one of the exhibiting artists. Conversation will continue to flow with a meal and glass of wine. Exhibition dates run August 6th - September 24th 2024.

£150 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Breaking News Screen Print

Tony Casement has worked variously in painting, installation, ceramic,print and book formats. ‘Breaking News’ G4 screen print 30cm x 30cm Edition of 50 screen prints. This is one of 5 standalone prints that are also presented below as a box set edition.

£200 or more

0 of 17 claimed

Bruce McLean Limited Edition Signed Post

Bruce McLean Bruce designed the poster for his show at The Cut based on a long running image ‘A Scone Off A Plate’ published by Knife Edge Press with Mel Gooding. The scone image appears in a number of paintings and prints over time. Ni Gooding printed this limited edition on a 300gsm Norfolk cartridge 59x84cms ,edition size 50. Signed by the artist

£225 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Jack Crampton 'Constructed Painting'

An original piece by the artist Jack Crampton. Retaining an interest in constructivist tenets, the artist engages in a playful examination of serendipity. Acrylic on board 41 x 38cm untitled constructed painting.

£300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Simon Carter, Creek at Beaumont, 2022

The language Simon uses in his paintings grows directly from the drawn marks he makes in response to walking the coastal landscape. Creek at Beaumont, 2022, Acrylic on paper, 48 x 42cm

£500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Support one of our Bursary Artists!

Sponsor an emerging artist in The Summer Project. Cover their programme fees and help them thrive! You'll receive: - Guided tour of the residency - Exclusive access to lectures - Signed Summer Project publication. Become a patron & propel artistic talent forward! #TheCutInvests

£600 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Mary Webb, 2022 Chattel House Print

Mary has made prints and paintings over her 60 year career. Her meeting with Sonia Delaunay in 1964 was an inspirational moment and she has been exploring abstraction ever since. Studying with Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore at Newcastle University, she is collected widely and is represented by Hales Gallery London. 2022 Chattel House Series ll screenprint ed 50 30 x 30cm 2022 Chattel House Series l Silkscreen ed 50 30 x 30cm

£700 or more

0 of 1 claimed

‘Breaking News’ Edition Box Set

Box set of 5 prints 30cm x 30 cm by Tony Casement ‘Breaking News’ Edition of 50 G1,G2,G3,G4,G5.

£20 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Bruce McLean Limited Edition Signed Poster

Bruce McLean Bruce designed the poster for his show at The Cut based on a long running image ‘A Scone Off A Plate’ published by Knife Edge Press with Mel Gooding. The scone image appears in a number of paintings and prints over time. Ni Gooding printed this limited edition on a 300gsm Norfolk cartridge 59x84cms ,edition size 50. Signed by the artist

£150 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Breaking News Screen Print

‘Breaking News’ G4 is an orignial Tony Casement Screen Print 30cm x 30cm ‘Breaking News’ G4 is one of an edition of 50 screen prints printed on 290gsm paper by Ni and Ben Gooding of Cut editions. This is one of 5 standalone prints that are also presented below as a boxset edition.

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