The Smart Villages Foundation

RCN 1145689, Abingdon

The charity concentrates on projects promoting integrated rural development in developing countries - in particular to harness innovative technologies (such as off-grid sustainable energy and ICT) to act as catalysts to create local services and productive uses that generate sustainable social and economic impacts for the local communities.

The Smart Villages Foundation helps poor rural communities in the developing world to achieve their own development priorities by working in partnership with communities to understand their priorities, and then developing a tailored sustainable long-term solution specific to their needs and capacity to manage the systems themselves, and provides training and ongoing support to them as they use the systems and achieve their goals.

Whether this involves building a school, providing electricity, clean water, access to good quality healthcare, improving local agricultural efficiency and profits, learning entrepreneurship skills and starting up local businesses, or a combination of all of these, we work with local partners, existing technologies and help develop new technologies to be able to meet the holistic needs and priorities of communities, wherever they are based.