The Secret of Change

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

We did it
On 1st December 2015 we successfully raised £7,019 with 84 supporters in 28 days

We're raising funds for our documentary series about Sustainable & Resilient Communities in UK and North America - The Secret Of Change.

by ZoeMoyden in Bristol

Why you can still Donate to The Secret Of Change 

We have been delighted at the levels of support we have recieved for The Secret Of Change so far. Unfortunately, our crowdfunding efforts fell short of our minumum target of £13,000. We need another £5,981 to complete the documentary in the way we would like. This is why we are inviting anyone who has not yet contributed to visit The Secret Of Change homepage where you and still donate

This is a completely non-profit production and our minimum £13,000 target will enable us to complete the documentary but will still fall a long way short of covering costs. In order to do this we would need to hit our upper target of £18,000 so you can see why we still need your help!

But hey, we knew it would be tough when we took it on and don't regret it for a second, we have loved every minute of making this series and if we can just raise enough to get it finished and share what we've discovered with the world it would be a HUGE success! 


12  Things You Need To Know

About The Secret of Change and it's Crowdfunder

1. The Secret of Change is a six part web series. It follows Zoe and Chris’ journey as they explore the positive steps communities in Western North America are taking towards a more resilient and localized future.

2. We are looking to raise 13,000 pounds for The Secret of Change. This will cover some costs and go towards contributors fees.

3. The Secret of Change will be published online for free. Each episode will be around 15 minutes.

4. The Secret of Change is based on a movement called TransitionThe Transition Movement has now spread to over 40 countries and is continuing to grow.

5. We’ve spoken with and filmed hundreds of people across the UK, Canada and USA. They all share the same aim: to build resilient communities

6. The Secret of Change is also about Chris and Zoe’s journey as new filmmakers.

7. The Secret of Change has two main aims. First, to raise awareness of the effect grassroots movements can have and second, to help those who are involved feel like they are part of a wider movement.

8. Until now, The Secret of Change has been completely self funded.

9. All of our filming has now been completed and we are ready to start the edit.  

10. We are collaborating with some very talented people who are excited to be involved with The Secret of Change.

11. Chris and Zoe have contributed 100s of hours to research, filming, editing & promotion of The Secret of Change already.     

 12. There are Perks! In return for your Secret of Change donation, we’re offering exclusive access to content, Skype sessions, social media shout outs and much more.

Watch the Official Teaser for The Secret of Change Here


So how much are we looking for and where will it go? 


What have people said about The Secret of Change so far? 

“The Secret of Change is very timely. It’s inspiring, not only by connecting the organizations together but by example. What Chris and Zoe are doing is very grassroots, they don’t have a lot of resources behind them, but they do have commitment and inspiration." - Bill Darnell, Member of Vernon in Transition & Founding Member of Greenpeace.


'The Secret of Change' will be an amazing insight into what Transition groups on both sides of the Atlantic are doing, and just what we, as people living in communities, can achieve.  This film will be a powerful and inspirational road trip through the evolving Transition movement, please help it to get made!" -  Rob Hopkins, Founder of Transition


 Supporting "The Secret of Change" has truly been a once in a lifetime experience. Documenting successful Transition projects challenges people to collectively meet the needs of communities they live in. - Jill Webber, Chuckanut Transition

"I think it’s great, Chris and Zoe are engaging their passion, it’s obvious they’re making this film because they want to be doing it. They’re delving into very interesting aspects of Transition and I’m really looking forward to watching it!" -Ross Moster, Founder of Village Vancouver Transition Society


Knowing we are part of a broad and growing movement of people who share a common cause is The Secret of Change. Support this film and help others realise they are part of a powerful and growing global network.” - Ciaran Mundy, Founder of the Bristol Pound



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Mt St Helens: A mention on our weekly campaign update on social media to say a huge thankyou for your contribution.

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Three Sisters: Big love to you will go out in a personalised message on social media AND we will send you a digital frame from the documentary.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

DVD Copy of The Secret of Change Series Available to UK, Canada and USA

£25 or more

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£25 Reward

*NEW* Mount Williamson: Premiere Day Access Perk Invitation to the Premiere of the Series, which includes reception, Q&A with Chris and Zoe and screening of full series in Bristol, UK, plus a copy of the series on DVD. LIMITED EDITION 100

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

Mt Hood: Your chance to ask us anything! 20 minute skype chat where you can ask us about filming, which Transition projects visited, or even how we decided to make documentary in the first place.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

*NEW* Mount Jefferson: Soundtrack Access Access to Digital Download of The Secret of Change Original Soundtrack and The Secret of Change Series on DVD UNLIMITED

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Mt Columbia: Want to find out more about the documentary process? Pick this perk to send your Secret of Change questions to Chris and Zoe to be included in an Online Q&A Interview session, plus access to teaser material, limited edition digital frame and personalised message.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

Mt Shasta: The educational package: An educational bundle for local film group viewings, schools and colleges. This includes a PDF educational pack, digital download of the complete series, a Skype Q&A with Chris and Zoe, access to teaser material, limited edition digital frame and personalised message.

£400 or more

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£400 Reward

Mt Adams: The On Stage Package: We will come and speak at your event or conference, be members on a panel or hold a mini-workshop or seminar at your event in the UK. You will also receive a digital download, access to teaser material and PDF Educational Pack.

£500 or more

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Mt Rainier: The Project Package: Have a project worth talking about? With this perk you will get a feature for your project or organisation on OWL Positive Broadcasting as well as a mention in the Secret of Change Credits. All this plus DVD Copy of the complete series and invitation to Premiere in UK OR a Skype session with Chris and Zoe.

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

Mt Whitney: THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PACKAGE: With this perk you get a special mention in the credits of each episode as Executive Producer, DVD copy of the complete series, invitation to the Premiere (in the UK) OR Skype session with Chris & Zoe, 10 limited edition digital frames and access to teaser material.

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