The School, Warwickshire

by The School, Warwickshire in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

The School, Warwickshire


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We are raising funds to renovate the grounds of a dilapidated farmhouse for the purpose of a practical schooling organisation to be created.

by The School, Warwickshire in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We intend to set up these practical schools of learning all over the United Kingdom, with one in every county nationwide within a three year period.

Within five years we intend to have a School in every single town and within ten years we aim to have revolutionized the Schooling system.

We intend to succeed, and with an army of thousands behind us already there is no stopping those that are pure of heart.

Hi everyone, thanks for coming to the crowdfunding for The School, Warwickshire.

Some of you here will probably know me personally or have seen what I'm creating for the benefit of the future generations. For those that do not, here is a little to describe myself and what I'm trying to achieve..

My name is Thomas Hickin, I'm a 35 year old builder from Leamington Spa. I run a free group for children and parents called The Tribe, every single Sunday,  in different woods and forests in the Warwickshire area. I teach real life skills such as cooking on open fires, building shelters, dowsing for water, and archery, as well as holding sports days where parents can race and bond with their children alongside others..

In my very limited spare time,  as well as being a 50/50 father of a 2 year old, I help people with their anxiety and depression for free, teaching them to reprogram their own minds so they can function and succeed. 

Just this week I've helped stop someone committing suicide and turned their mindset around from the advice I've given, which is most probably the biggest accolade I could hold inside my heart.

I'm trying so so hard to make a difference in the world now structuring a School that teaches practical skills and engages students from the autistic spectrum, those who have been kicked out of state school and those who are being homeschooled, missing out on the socialising aspect of state education. 

We will be teaching mechanics, building, restoration, renovation, forestry, foraging, how to grow food, how to deal with finances, guided meditation, spirituality, kinesiology, art, mindfulness and wellbeing alongside a whole host of other life skills.

This is without a shadow of doubt the biggest challenge I have ever taken on and have a huge team of support behind me but little to no funding, hence the crowdfunding and the fundraising event organised.

I have got the fundraising event date set in stone for the 17th October in Leamington Spa, with the flyers and posters going out everywhere online as we speak.

Im searching for kind souls with pure hearts to be able to help this vision become a reality. I need as many people as possible to donate to the cause so we can make a positive difference to society. 

The money will be used to renovate the farmhouse we have our eyes set upon and structure the grounds it lies in for teaching the first 30 children to be accepted into The School. 

If you can help or know anyone that would be able to, I'd be very very grateful as I'm doing this from the purest heart for the future generations. 

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