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by The Royal Standard in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd March 2017 we successfully raised £3,665 with 94 supporters in 35 days

We want to build a new workshop, library and project space within The Royal Standard to serve the greater creative community.

by The Royal Standard in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much for helping us reach our initial target!

The more money we raise, the more we can do. This extra target will allow us to continue our plans to make TRS reach more people by hosting more workshops and events. This will also enable us to improve on what we have already acheived by creating more paid opportunities within TRS, more residency opportunities and begin planning a satellite project space.

Once again, thank you. All donations will be integral to the development of The Royal Standard. To keep up to date with how your contribution has impacted the artistic community please email us on [email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list, or come for a guided tour.

What we want to do

We want to make our home as useful and as beneficial as possible for the artists that work here, the greater artist community and the general public.

We aim to do this by making our resources more accessible, and by creating new ones that are missing in the city.

This includes expanding our workshop facilities to ensure that artists can continue to make work, whilst providing a space for them to share their skills with others. We will also continue our development of a project space which can be used by studio members and visiting artists to TRS. This will offer a testing ground for experimental projects, research-rich events and symposiums.

As an artist-led space, we have a large amount of books, magazines and research materials that we would like to make available to the public. To make this possible, it is our goal to develop a TRS library which would house an archive of historical publications, books and magazines that would continue to grow and expand over time.

The Royal Standard’s facilities are hugely important to the cultural sector in Liverpool, and the greater North-West. Our aim is to make public our resources as a means to promote learning and education within the arts.

We believe that places like TRS are becoming increasingly vital in a climate where artist-led initiatives are becoming harder and harder to sustain. As a resource and platform for artist development in the city, TRS provides a place for creativity to flourish, expand and contribute to Liverpool’s cultural importance.

We are keen to continue our growth and remain at the heart of Liverpool’s vibrant artistic landscape. Your contribution will help us make sure that TRS remains a creative resource that is open to the public, and free to all.

How we will use your money

We have recently moved from our previous home in Northern Liverpool due to rising costs in the area and expensive overheads in an ill-equipped building. Since the move we have come under unforeseen financial strain whilst settling in. This is mainly due to incurring costs throughout the relocation period, but also to the huge pressure on the team of voluntary directors to apply for funding.

Your generous donations will help us continue our work on the building by developing a workshop space, library and project space that can be used by studio members and the larger creative community. These vital funds will develop The Royal Standard as a creative space for people to use as a way to making our resources more accessible, which in turn will help us open up The Royal Standard to people who want to engage with contemporary art.

TRS have also already committed to spending time and money on our gallery. This will ensure that the exhibitions that take place here remain innovative and exciting, whilst encouraging research based activities. We are also expanding our exhibition programme and working with external partners such as School of the Damned, Bluecoat, Liverpool Biennial, The Double Negative and Liverpool John Moores University, to ensure our public programme is diverse and accessible.

As a thank you for your contributions we're offering a wide range of great rewards, from conversations with directors and studio members, to limited edition prints from Liverpool Biennial, limited edition embroidered t-shirts, and ‘Gettin’ the Heart Ready’ pin badges by artists Jemma Egan and Mike Carney.

Who we are

We are The Royal Standard, an artist-led studio complex and gallery space in Liverpool. Founded in 2006 by a group of graduates, we have just celebrated our 10th birthday and have worked with over 300 artists, showcasing work in over 75 exhibitions and events. We house 45 artists within our studio complex, and continue to support smaller project spaces and collectives, as well as a large gallery space.

As an organisation we have a residency programme in place for students, graduates and our studio members here at The Royal Standard. We offer support by securing well paid opportunities for artists; setting up writing residencies, as well as practice based residencies and exhibition opportunities. Through this activity, we are able provide a vital conduit for artists to progress from graduate to mid-career level and above.

Now that we are located in a more dynamic part of the city, we are keen to welcome new audiences and connect with the local community. With your generous donations, we will build a resource and library area for people to use as a way to making TRS more accessible.

We are in the middle of programming a workshop series, which will develop artist practice in the city and provides us with an opportunity to invite local and national collectives and communities to participate. We have programmed these workshops for the next three months, but we want to make this a permanent feature at TRS.

If you would like to find out more about us then please visit our website or find us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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£5 Reward

Twitter: TRS has over 5000 followers - donate £5 and we'll big you up!

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Instagram: TRS has over 1700 followers - donate £5 and we will show an image of your work via our Instagram feed.

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Listen to 'Yung Reen and Maggie Matić's Top Ten Tunes To Get You Gassed' playlist whenever you want! This stunning playlist was custom made for our inaugural auction at our new home.

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Bag and bundle! Get a limited edition TRS tote bag and a selection of our TRS designed zines and publications.

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Hot off the press print! A beautiful limited edition print produced by TRS directors to celebrate the official launch in our new home within the old Cain's Brewery!

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£25 Reward

GHOSTIE! A Rob Chavasse limited edition print commissioned by Liverpool Biennial during TRS' Summer Programme 2014.

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£25 Reward

Frames of Reference: A Sam Smith limited edition print commissioned by Liverpool Biennial during TRS' Summer Programme 2014.

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£30 Reward

A stunning limited edition embroidered T-Shirt designed by Jemma Egan and Mike Carney from 'Gettin' the Heart Ready'.

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£35 Reward

Art date with your favourite current Director or Studio member; may it be a crit with a pint, a studio visit with a coffee or a tour around one of our shows.

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£45 Reward

An invite to attend a meal cooked by Food Sketz, in our newly built and furbished social space. This reward will also include a tour of TRS, along with a day of workshops and critical discussion.

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£50 Reward

Bag, badge and studio tour bundle! Get a limited edition TRS tote and badge by Jemma Egan and Mike Carney from our retrospective show Gettin' the Heart Ready, and be one of the first to see our new artist studios with an exclusive tour from the directors

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THE WORKS! Get a limited edition TRS tote and badge, a selection of vintage TRS zines and publications, a selection of limited edition prints from TRS, a t-shirt and be one of the first to see our new artist studios with an exclusive tour from the directors, followed by a pie and a pint at our favourite pub!

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Have a handcrafted placard made with your name on which will sit pride of place in our new library!

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Ever dreamt of having your own workshop? Have the next best thing; name our new workshop and visit whenever you like.

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Be forever immortalised at TRS! Pledge £500 to us and name our new project space!

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Pin badge by Jemma Egan and Mike Carney from our 2016 retrospective show 'Gettin' the Heart Ready'.

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