The Reintroduction Hub

by Sarah Dove in Hersham, England, United Kingdom

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Supporting Behaviour, managing mental health and improving opportunities for children with an effective return to school management platform

by Sarah Dove in Hersham, England, United Kingdom

Given the significant and unparalleled impact Covid19 has had on the British education system, we acknowledge that designing and executing the 'right' return for the diverse range of pupils that it serves will be no mean feat. 

However, with expertise, experience, research and sophisticated information architecture, the Reintroduction hub will provide every pupil, parent and teacher with a individualised strategy, toolkit and communication platform that will provide the maximum chance of success.

Whether it's understanding behaviour, supporting complex needs, catching up on the curriculum or tackling specific issues such as bereavement or trauma, the Reintroduction Hub utilises a variety of research, psychological theories, education expertise and the unique Phoenix Frameworks that measure a variety of emotions and personalise recommendations and support based on that.

The project has been designed by Phoenix Education Consultancy and a unique reintroduction hub team. At an estimated 3 year cost of £1,223,000, this will provide ongoing mental support, educational advice and resources for transitional pupils that will continue to be effected by this prolonged absence from school.

We are using a variety of avenues to secure the funding required to begin and sustain this project and hope people will be kind enough to support us if they are able. 

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