The Phoenix Arts Club’s 10 Year Survival Plan

by Phoenix Arts Club in London, England, United Kingdom

The Phoenix Arts Club’s 10 Year Survival Plan

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Help us GUARANTEE we can serve YOU and our COMMUNITY for the next TEN years keeping The Phoenix the best THEATRE bar/restaurant in the World

by Phoenix Arts Club in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th September 2020 we'd raised £85,522 with 157 supporters in 70 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The "You Give Something" - "We Give Something Back" Campaign to secure us for the next ten years...

The Phoenix Arts Club has been a home for creatives for over thirty years. Based in the original rehearsal rooms of the Phoenix Theatre, in the heart of London's Theatre district, it is a cave of wonders, filled with theatrical history spanning hundreds of years, from signed and authenticated show posters and works of art to many a stage prop, even a magic lamp.

The Phoenix provides the arts community with a wealth of vital resources, from a free-to-use daytime workspace with free tea, coffee and wi-fi; to a safe LGBT+ space, recognised by Camden Council; to a "home" for cast and crew to enjoy post-curtain-call conversations 'til the early hours. A world-renowned artistic programme spanning over six-hundred performances a year introduces tens of thousands of visitors to the magic of cabaret, comedy and entertainment; and provides hundreds of artists and technicians with paid work.  


But the last four months have been detrimental for this independently owned and operated (one of the last independents in London!) grassroots venue, threatening both its future and the future of the dedicated community that relies on it for professional growth. 

Despite receiving no government funding or subsidy, it has continued to provide paid work to over one-hundred artists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the introduction of its online cabarets. Behind the scenes, the Phoenix Team has volunteered their time to assist performers in adapting to the digital shift, providing free video editing, home studio set-ups, and even covering the cost of broadband upgrades.


And so, this Crowdfunder campaign has been launched to help secure its future for the NEXT TEN YEARS, helping it achieve a number of elements including: becoming a CIC (community interest company), building on its artistic programming (600 shows a year), and providing much-needed research and development to meet changing technology and performance space need so it can continue its vital community work.  

With this funding, The Phoenix Club can remain a vital springboard for up-and-coming musical theatre, comedy, cabaret, authors, and musicians alike. It will allow the venue to continue providing heavily discounted rental and marketing support for shows and rehearsals and expand its community outreach programme with the introduction of workshops, talks, showcases, and networking events. Furthermore, it will allow for existing charitable partnerships to be reignited, and new charitable partnerships formed. In addition, it will enable the Phoenix to ringfence a fund so its hundreds of in-house performers maintain above equity rates where government regulation during the COVID-19 pandemic reduces the venue's turnover because of reduction in venue capacity.

So to the amazing things we can offer you... and we do hope you like them...

When the Phoenix Team met to decide what rewards it might offer in return for your kind generosity, they reflected on the many stories that are regularly discussed at the bar and in the news. From that time the Arctic Monkeys were accidentally turned away from their own after-party, Tim Minchin playing at the piano with a bottle of wine in hand, to the discovery that the Phoenix was once Laurence Olivier's rehearsal rooms. Those Phoenix stories inspired us to create a work of art very close to our hearts.

Introducing, "Are you on the list?", featuring over twenty caricatures of famous Phoenix faces, each queued up outside The Phoenix Arts Club. Can you name them? Hand-drawn by one of the world's leading artists Mark Reeve, award-winning political cartoonist for the world's primary broadsheets, Spitting Image and illustrator for D.C. Comics.


We will be listing just one-hundred-fifty numbered prints of this exclusive art piece, printed to A2 size on fine art paper. In addition, ten professional framed prints will be made available, with those contributors invited to an unveiling at The Phoenix Arts Club with drinks and canapés, where Mark Reeve will meet and hand-sign the piece.

But that's not all, a wealth of additional rewards are also available in return for your kind generosity, including:

A bumper download of all The Saturday Supershow Season 1, our digital cabaret that ran for four months during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

One-hundred limited edition Phoenix Arts Club Show Jackets, proudly displaying our revised logo and crest.


One-hundred limited edition "The Phoenix Celebrity Blinds (we have them behind the bar!)" Jigsaw Puzzle with presentation box.  Can you guess all of the famous people who have visited The Phoenix?


Get YOUR '10x8' On The Wall


AND many, many more exclusive experiences, treats and "once in a lifetime" experiences ALL to your RIGHT.  

Have a look - and we do hope you might be able to find something we can offer you, to help us - so we can be here for the next ten years.

Thank you x


This project offered rewards

£20 or more

Bumper Download Of The Saturday Supershow Season 1

Four months of the BEST Cabaret, Camp and Comedy featuring over 100 performances. All of the Saturday Supershow Live streams recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic in one bumper digital download.

£60 or more

The Phoenix Celebrity Blinds 1,000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Your very own 1,000 piece "Phoenix Celebrity Blinds" jigsaw puzzle, featuring all the starry faces and signatures that feature on our blinds behind the bar. Can you name them all? Can you finish the Puzzle, it's hard!? AAAGGHHH!! Presented in a Phoenix Arts Club branded box, this is some seriously exclusive merch.

£70 or more

Become A Cabaret Host Masterclass

Want to become London's next big host? Learn from the best in the biz at our 'become a cabaret host' masterclass! You'll spend a couple of hours in the company of new friends as you learn from one of London's Top Cabaret Hosts how to keep audiences in their hundreds entertained! "What do I say? How do you introduce acts? What about audience interaction?" All of this, and more will be revealed at this exclusive industry-leading Masterclass

£70 or more

Become A Burlesque Star Masterclass

"Momma, I was born for the stage!" Learn from the best in the biz at our 'become a burlesque star' masterclass! You'll spend a couple of hours in the company of new friends as you learn from one of the world's leading burlesque stars how to gather your inner confidence. Useful in the bedroom, even more on the stage!, they'll teach you how to slay an audience of one or hundreds!

£70 or more

Become A Magician Masterclass

What's that up your sleeve? Learn from the best in the biz at our 'become a Magician' masterclass! Spend a couple of hours in the company of new friends as you learn the basics from a Member of the "Inner" Magic Circle, the top tier of the premier magic society in the fascinating world of sleight of hand and illusion. This Masterclass will have you producing soft toy rabbits out of a hat in no time.

£70 or more

Learn How To Be A TV Presenter Masterclass

Want to present factual, comedy or news programmes? Hope to make your fortune on YouTube? Need tips and tricks on reading from Autocue? Learn from the best in the biz at our 'Learn how to be a TV Presenter' masterclass! Spend a couple of hours in the company of new friends as you learn the basics of TV Presenting from Colin Savage, Executive Producer at the BBC, who trained hundreds of presenters and the whole C4 Paralympic Presentation Team.

£75 or more

Have YOUR '10x8' On The Wall

New headshots and nowhere to put them? Want to show off your mug in front of every Casting Director, Producer and Director in London? Now's your chance! Impress your friends by becoming part of The Phoenix Arts Club's iconic wall of 10x8 photos. You never know who is looking at you!

£120 or more

Phoenix Arts Club Show "Cast" Jacket

Always wanted to be part of the SHOW? Walk the streets in your very own Phoenix Arts Club Show "CAST" Jacket, featuring our newly revised logo and Phoenix crest. The jacket comes in Phoenix colours, with a very swish silver innerlining. It's padded, waterproof, windproof, has two front pockets, and even a concealed hood. Available in a variety of fittings and sizes. Ethically and sustainably sourced, and printed in the United Kingdom

£150 or more

Put your NAME on a Phoenix Arts Club Seat!

Play your part in the future of The Phoenix Arts Club by naming a seat in the venue! Have your name, or a name of a loved one, engraved on a brass plaque and fitted to one of our luxury red velvet chairs. You'll even be able to reserve your named seat when you book (where possible).

£150 or more

"Are you on the List?" Limited Edition Print

Buy an ORIGINAL! For £150, you can secure a strictly Limited Edition, numbered print of "Are you on the list?" by Illustrator Mark Reeve, featuring twenty famous faces that have visited The Phoenix Arts Club. Celebrating some of The Phoenix's best stories, from the time The Arctic Monkeys were mistakenly turned away to Tim Minchin playing an impromptu set at the piano. Printed on A2 high-quality art paper and only 150 in the World.

£500 or more

Put On Your Own Cabaret!

Have you ever wanted to be on the West End stage? Does someone in your family deserve their big break? Perform at The Phoenix Arts Club in your very own showcase. Perfect for musical theatre performers who want to entertain fans, friends and family. For £500 we'll cover the venue hire, tech and marketing fees for your show. Perfect for solo shows or for multi-line-up showcases.

£500 or more

Your own original Musical Theatre song

Are you a singer who would like their own exclusive song? Award-winning Musical Director and Orchestrator Greg Arrowsmith will write you an original song for your portfolio. You can provide the lyrics, or we can help you out, and then expect a West End Musical Theatre exclusive in return - your very own song! What vocal showreel or casting director could resist that?

£1,000 or more

"Are you on the List? " HAND SIGNED & Invitation

For £1,000, you can secure a hand-signed and numbered print of "Are you on the List?" by Illustrator Mark Reeve, celebrating over twenty famous faces that have visited The Phoenix Arts Club. Purchasers will be invited to an EXCLUSIVE unveiling at The Phoenix Arts of the Artwork with canapés and drinks. You'll have the chance to meet Mark Reeve and have him hand sign your artwork personally. Professionally framed and only 20 available.

£1,000 or more

Have YOUR Theatre Poster Displayed On Our Wall

This one is for all the Theatre Producers! Seriously, please forward this to Sonia, Cameron, David, Daniella, and Bill. For £1,000, we will frame and display YOUR show poster on The Phoenix Arts Club wall for thousands a week to see. We know how much you pay AKA & Dewynters to put up posters on buses and at out of town train stations. This is cheap for West End Real Estate...

£5,000 or more

Record Your Own Musical Theatre Album!

Ever wanted to record your own Musical Theatre album? You bring your gorgeous voice and ten song suggestions, and we'll sort out the rest! We'll provide two days recording with engineer and mastering, West End legend Greg Arrowsmith as musical director and pianist, a photographer, marketing & PR plan. We'll even sort all the bits and bobs behind the scenes to get your (soon to be) platinum-selling album out into the world to stream and download

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